BBC 6Music 24th May 2005

Roses reunion one short

Mani: "Mr Brown may have different ideas".

A potential Stone Roses reunion is once again the talk of Manchester, following Mani's admission that three-quarters of the band are keen to make a comeback.

The Mancunian legends, whose debut album was voted the greatest of all time by 6 Music listeners, have been the subject of intense speculation ever since Kylie pulled out of Glastonbury, with rumours circulating that they could reform to fill the vacant headline slot.

Mani's scotched such reckless talk, possibly mindful of the band's disastrous appearance at Reading in 1995, but refused to rule out the possibility of a reunion tour.

He said: "Last time I saw John we had a talk about it and it's something we wouldn't rule out, but I think Mr Brown may have completely different ideas about it.

"They're two grown men now, y'know what I mean, so hopefully they'll have a natter and see what comes of it.

"It's something I'd like to do - close the book properly. There's still a lot of fans out there would like to see it. It's something that's not at the forefront of me mind, but totally not a million miles away from it either.

"Me, John and Reni went to see Arthur Lee and Love in Manchester about a month ago and it's the first time John and Reni have met since about '94/'95 - got on like it was just yesterday they'd seen each other."

Reni, who was once described by producer John Leckie as the most talented musician he'd ever worked with, is one potential stumbling block. He's been staying determinedly out of the public eye ever since the band imploded and may be reluctant to give up his privacy.

But the biggest bar to any potential comeback would appear to be the ongoing feud between John Squire and Ian Brown. The guitarist described his former lead singer as a "tuneless knob" earlier this year.

King Monkey replied with a few choice words of his own when interviewed by 6 Music, telling us "He must be bitter that he's got to watch me steaming forward... it must be killing the kid.

"All I know is that when he was stood next to me he had pure success. Since we've been apart he's had nothing."

With Squire reportedly keen on a reconciliation, and an online petition begging the band to get back together, it's impossible to rule out a reunion, but it still seems highly unlikely. The resurrection may have to wait.

Andrew Purcell

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