JSU Live Review

Brixton Academy, London
Sunday 27th November 2005

After arriving and a quick snoop round the merch desk, we walk in and buy our beers to the sound of the Scratch Perverts who are mid set.

We walk down the front, half expecting Aziz to be up next but it's The Incredible Beatbox Band (represented by a dude in familiar pink tracksuit bottoms) they don't go down well with all the crowd and to be honest it was (I found) only entertaining for a short time and I was relieved when he walked off stage, only to be joined by his two pink-trakkie-bottomed band mates for even more of the same.

Finally after they walked off and the crew had set the stage, Mr Brown walks on, followed by the band; which consisted tonight of Inder Goldfinger (doing what he does better than anyone else), Tim Wills (keys), Maxi (drums), Tim Hutton (mostly on bass) and Steve Davidson on (guitar) to rapturous applause and launching straight into 'I Wanna Be Adored' which is one of the best performances of the song I've heard from him so far, of course, it was the first big sing-a-long of the night.

Next up is 'Made Of Stone' and with the Roses tunes out of the way (for now), it's on with 'The Greatest' setlist starting off with 'Dolphins Were Monkeys' and newly re-introduced 'Set My Baby Free' after which Ian Brown asks if we've got our dancing shoes on and instructs that if you can't dance you've got to do to "shake yer shoulder" (for the first time tonight) before giving a demonstration.

Latest single 'All Ablaze' is met to a more hushed audience; I would've thought that most should've had time by now to learn the words! Ian repeatedly and mysteriously traces a "?" in the air. A massive roar though again as the crowd instantly recognise the heavy electro intro of 'Golden Gaze'. After 'Whispers Ian turns to us and says "Introducing Mr Happy Mondays, Paul Ryder." And he takes over on bass, freeing up Tim Hutton to play trumpet for Solarized tune 'The Sweet Fantastic' which earns a proper sing-a-long from the crowd during the chorus, they go straight into the infectious 'Lovebug' and then Paul Ryder leaves the stage, leaving 'Time Is My Everything' bass-less, not that it's overly noticeable, the song is as memorable tonight as the first time I heard it at Esher, last July.

Hutton moves back to bass and the intro for 'Keep What Ya Got' starts up. Next he starts 'Destiny Or Circumstance' but only a couple of bars in stops the track, light-heartedly says, "excusez-moi" and re-launching a perfect rendition.

For 'Longsight M13' co-writer and long-time collaborator Aziz Ibrahim joins the band onstage with his trademark transparent lime green guitar (with green LED-lit fret board) and finger lasers and it's great to see him onstage with Ian again (infact there's only guitarist that I'd like to see next to him more). "I'm still not seeing any shoulders shaking!" says Ian between tracks. Aziz stays on for two more, first off their classic 'Corpses'; Aziz now regularly adds his own version to his acoustic set with Dalbir Singh of course it's best here with Ian on vocals and adding plenty of that harmonica goodness we all know and love. The other track is the one that started it all - 'My Star', which of course gets a huge reaction from the crowd and another sing-a-long and then the band walk off stage but Ian doesn't seem like he wants to leave yet and tries to get a mass "shoulder shaking" started; instead he's met by a terrace-style chanting of, "Ian Brown! Ian Brown! Ian Brown" but that's not what he's after and he tries his hardest to set them a-shaking!

The band comes back onstage and go straight into the Sex Pistols' classic 'Submission', which is just excellent. This is followed by one of his finer moments in the form of 'F.E.A.R.', Ian says "Good night." And all too soon the band leave the stage again but the audience cheers them to come back non-stop and there's a massive cry when Aziz teases the crowd, moving his laser pointers across the ceiling and sure enough they all come back for a second time, Aziz too (with a guitar with blue-LEDs) and Paul Ryder, again on bass (and Hutton on trumpet) and they play 'Return Of The Fisherman'.

Aziz and Ryder, leave for the last time and the rest of the band launch into the Stone Roses perfect pop tune, 'She Bangs The Drums' much to the crowd's delight, mass bouncing starts front row centre.

The band depart, Ian Brown starts an acapella, "All the rest for Georgie Best" four or so times to the melody of 'Yellow Submarine' deep "Thank You" and gone.


01.I Wanna Be Adored
02.Made Of Stone
03.Dolphins Were Monkeys
04.Set My Baby Free
05.All Ablaze
06.Golden Gaze
(then introduces Mr Happy Mondays - Paul Ryder)
08.The Sweet Fantastic
(Paul Ryder bass / Hutton trumpet)
(Paul Ryder Bass / Hutton trumpet)
10.Time Is My Everything
(Hutton trumpet - no bass)
11.Keep What Ya Got
(Hutton bass)
12.Destiny Or Circumstance
(Stopped 2 or so bars in, restarted)
13.Longsight M13
(Aziz on stage, green guitar)
(Aziz, white guitar)
15.My Star
(Aziz, green guitar)
E2.Return Of The Fisherman
(Aziz guitar with blue lights, P Ryder bass, Hutton trumpet)
E2.She Bangs The Drums
(Hutton bass, no Aziz)
E2.IB Acapella... "All the rest for Georgie Best" four or so times to the melody of
'Yellow Submarine'... deep "Thank You" and gone.

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