28th January 2006 Issue

'THE STONE ROSES' voted Greatest Album of All Time

Q&A Ian Brown

How do you feel about 'The Stone Roses' being voted the best British album of all time?
"It feels good to get some recognition for what we did because we put a lot into it."

Did you realise The Stone Roses would inspire an entire generation?
"When we came out wearing flares and all that, we didn't know that the crowd was going to dress like us. We just wanted to look different to everybody else. We just didn't expect people to be like us, but we did want kids to form groups as a direct result of seeing us, and they did. I'm glad we had that effect on our own generation."

Do you think The Stone Roses changed the world as well as Britain?
"If you're making records then you've got a chance to talk to a lot of people. I think you can change things. Noel [Gallagher] says that music can't change the world but he loved the Roses and that's what made him want to start a group. So it changed his world. When The Beatles came out, people learnt English from them. People in Japan learnt English off the Roses. That's changing the world."

So now that 'The Stone Roses' is the best British album of all time, how about you reform?
"No. It would be a step back. I can tell you straight up, I've got no inclination to reform the Roses."

How about if John Squire phoned up, said sorry, and agreed to wear an empty KFC family bucket on his head?
"Maybe he could buy me a big bucket of Kentucky and I'll tell him, 'Why do you need to do that?' I never fell out with him. He just phoned me up left the group. And you're talking nine years ago. I've got a son of nine-and-a-half years now who was a tiny baby when he left. A lot's gone on."

You cameod in a Harry Potter film. Would you make a good wizard?
"I am a wizard. I'm a romantic wizard. They saw me as that and said, 'Here's a cameo role for you.' So I took it."

Tell us one Ian Brown fact that after all these years we still don't know.
"I never sing with money in my pocket. That's my only superstition."

Have you flogged any of your Stone Roses back catalogue off on eBay?
"I gave my pound shirt away ages ago. I wish I'd kept it. I could have eBayed it for charity. But I'll keep the rest until I really need to sell it."

Q&A John Squire

How do you feel about 'The Stone Roses' being the Number One British album of all time?
"It means a lot to me. I still think about those times a lot. Do I still listen to it? Nah, I haven't listened to it since the day it was mastered."

Does it bother you that people remember you more for the Roses than anything you've done subsequently?
"Obviously I'd rather that wasn't the case, but if I really cared about what people thought I'd get the Roses back together and get on the oldies circuit."

Do you still see the others?
"I bumped into Reni at an Arthur Lee gig, I see him now and again. We're friends. Mani's godfather to all three of my kids."

And what about Ian?
"Well, it's all very well him saying he's still got the same number and I should call him, but if the kid keeps slagging me off..."

Do you foresee a time when you'll get on?
"Yeah, why not? I'd like to be friends again."