TIME OUT LONDON 25th May - 1st June 2005

LONDON'S 100 Greatest Gigs

No. 080
November 18 1989

Monkeyman loves up Baggy Pally

'I'm hopeful that there'll be a big police presence at Ally Pally,' said Ian Brown in Time Out before this gig. 'That'll make it more of an event.' This was a coming together for the acid house generation in their flares, Reni hats and Kickers. All 7,000 tickets sold out in days. Those who went can't talk about it without getting decidedly misty-eyed.

"It sounded brilliant to us onstage, but there were a lot of negative comments about the sound out front. Perhaps the sound engineer was doing more drugs than the band - he was a mate of ours and he got the time delays mixed up on the speakers. So it was like the crowd got two gigs for the price of one - one that sounded great and another that sounded awful about a second later." John Squire.

The Stone Roses to reform for Glastonbury?

So there we were, coming to the end of our interview with The Stone Roses' guitarist John Squire about the band's classic Alexandra Palace show, as part of our Greatest Gigs feature, when he said something that we really didn't expect...

Are you making any more solo records?

Well, we had twins at the start of the year, so I've had my hands full with them. But, yeah, the plan is to make a ferocious guitar album on my own. And then to put the Roses back together.

Sorry?! You're going to put The Stone Roses back together?

But I thought you weren't getting on with Ian Brown?
Well that remains to be seen.

Wow. You could take the spare headline slot at Glastonbury.
Oh yeah, Kylie's had to pull out, hasn't she?

That would be ten years since The Stone Roses were forced to pull out because of your bike accident.
Oh yeah. Maybe we should then.

And we can print this?
Well it's not really about Ally Pally, but yeah, you can do what you like with it.

This is the first time since Squire quit the band in 1996 that either of the band's main player - Brown and Squire - have shown any desire to reform. Squire's comments come days after he was said to have attended a gig with two other Stone Roses, bassist Mani and drummer Reni and in the same week that Noel Gallagher told Manchester's City Life magazine he thinks it's 'only a matter of time' before The Stone Roses reform. We called Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis with the news...

"John Squire said he's going to get the Roses back together? Wow! You couldn't get bigger Roses fans that me and my dad. After they had to pull out in '95, they played Pilton Village Fete later in the year - and that was one of the best gigs I've ever seen. I'm still doubtful they will reform, but if they did we'd definitely want them to headline - especially ten years after they had to cancel. That would be amazing!"

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