John Squire
Liverpool University
Tuesday 12th November 2002

Sound quality
Performance quality

Duration: 71:03
Source: Mixing desk?
Stereo/Mono: Stereo

Recorded Set-list
01.I Am The Resurrection (Instrumental Outro)
02.I Miss You
03.Shine A Little Light
04.Transatlantic Near Death Experience
05.All I Really Want
06.She Bangs The Drums
07.Joe Louis
08.15 Days
10.Strange Feeling
11.Welcome To The Valley
12.Time Changes Everything

Unique features
Second ever gig by the Squire (and much better quality that the existing recording of the first ever gig)... I Am The Resurrection is phenomenal as is the crowd's response! (unique to his 3 warm-up gigs in November 2002). Squire's performance throughout is flawless.

Track to burn: I Am The Resurrection

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