John Squire
Glasgow Barrowlands
Tuesday 28th January 2003

Sound quality
Performance quality

Duration: CD 1 66:02 CD 2 17:18 Total 83:20
Source: Audience
Stereo/Mono: Mono

Recorded Set-list
01.Driving South
02.Made Of Stone
03.Joe Louis
04.Transatlantic Near Death Experience
05.She Bangs The Drums
06.All I Really Want
07.I Miss You
08.Time Changes Everything
09.Welcome To The Valley
11.How Do You Sleep
12.Fools Gold
Encore.15 Days
Encore.I'm So Bored (With The USA)

Unique features
First gig to open with the classic Roses heavy riffage of 'Driving South'... fantastic version of 'Made Of Stone', slow tempo than SC-era Stone Roses closer to the classic '89 version. Perfect version of 'She Bangs The Drums' and epic 10 min+ version of title track 'Time Changes Everything', fantastic soloing.

John introduces the band after 'Waterfall', followed by "Squi-re! Squi-re! Squi-re!" chanting before he launches into 'How Do You Sleep'.

First performance of 'Fools Gold' too, which comes 2nd only to the definitive Fuji Rock Festival '03 performance. (quite different outro).

Finishes the set with the Clash track 'I'm So Bored (With The USA)'.

Some versions of the bootleg includes bonus track from Radio Clyde session and Xfm.

Track to burn: She Bangs The Drums (2nd - Time Changes Everything, 3rd - Fools Gold)

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