The High

Band - The High

Life Span - 1989-1992

Line Up(s)

Vocals - John Matthews
Guitar - Andy Couzens
Bass - Simon Davies
Drums - Chris Goodwin

Albums - 'Somewhere Soon', 'Hype' (Unreleased)

Best Known Tracks - 'Box Set Go', 'Take Your Time', 'More'

Official Website - N/A

Other Info - Lead guitarist Andy Couzens was one of the founding Stone Roses in the 1984-1986 line-up. Couzens is credited as three-way joint songwriter for all the tracks on the Garage Flower LP (1996 Compilation) bar the tracks that made it onto The Stone Roses debut LP (and Sally Cinnamon 1987 12"). Chris Goodwin was also no stranger to The Stone Roses, having been the drummer for The Waterfront (The Fireside Chaps).

Apparently a few of The High's early songs including 'Up & Down' were written during Andy's time in the Roses. Andy had taken the music for 'Up & Down' to John Squire and played it but Andy reports that he didn't like it. Andy Couzens and drummer Chris Goodwin also played with the reformed Buzzcocks for a while and appear on the credits for the Martin Hannett produced 'Tomorrow's Sunset' 12" (THIN 003) and Chris Goodwin drums on most of the tracks of the 'Steve Diggle & Flag Of Convenience: Best Of - Secret Public Years 1981-89'.

Vocalist John Matthews was originally in a band called Turning Blue. After The High disbanded he joined Black September (replacing their singer Geoff Read who appeared on their first LP 'Black September') and provides vocals on their second LP 'You Can Do Anything If You Set Your Mind To It' (2004). Apparently John teamed up with Andy Couzens again for a project called One Summer, they played a few gigs and recorded some demos.

Tracks samples

The High - Box Set Go

The High - Take Your Time

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The High - Somewhere Soon