Ian Brown

Band - Ian Brown Solo

Life Span - 1998+

Line Up(s)

1998 (UMB)
Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Harmonica - Ian Brown
Guitar - Aziz Ibrahim
Bass - Sylvian Richardson Jnr / Mani
Drums - Simon Moore
Percussion - Inder Goldfinger

1999-2000 (GG)
Vocals - Ian Brown
Guitar - Aziz Ibrahim
Bass - Sylvian Richardson Jnr
Keyboards - Dave McCracken / Tim Wills
Drums - Dave McCracken / Si Wolstencroft / Ian Brown
Percussion - Inder Goldfinger

2001-2003 (MOTS)
Vocals - Ian Brown
Guitar - Francis Dunnery / Dave Colquhoun
Bass - Matt Pegg / Dave McCracken
Keyboards - Dave McCracken / Tim Wills
Drums - Dave McCracken / Robert 'Maxi' Maxfield
Percussion - Inder Goldfinger

Vocals - Ian Brown
Guitar - Steve Davidson / Aziz Ibrahim (on LP)
Bass - Fraser Clark
Keyboards - Tim Wills
Drums - Dave McCracken (On LP)/ Robert 'Maxi' Maxfield
Percussion - Inder Goldfinger
Guest Trumpet - Tim Hutton
Guest Guitar - Noel Gallagher
Guest DJ - James Lavelle

Albums - 'Unfinished Monkey Business', 'Golden Greats', 'Music Of The Spheres', 'Solarized'.

Best Known Tracks - 'My Star', 'Corpses', 'Can't See Me', 'Love Like A Fountain', 'Dolphins Were Monkeys', 'F.E.A.R.', 'Whispers', 'Keep What Ya Got', 'Time Is My Everything', 'Solarized'.

Official Website - www.ianbrown.co.uk

Other Info - After finally closing the book on The Stone Roses, shortly after their darkest hour at the Reading Festival of 1996 Ian Brown considered selling Roses bootlegs (and even hinted at an interest in horticulture).



Ex-Stone Roses front man, Ian Brown has just completed his fourth studio album 'Solarized' which was released September 2004. Brown also recently played his first full Roses set-list in nearly a decade at the Claremont Landscape Gardens, Esher, Surrey.

Basic Discography


TitlePublisherFormatCat No.Release DateCover
Unfinished Monkey BusinessPolydorUK CD539 565-202/02/1998
Golden GreatsPolydorUK CD543 141-208/11/1999
Music Of The SpheresPolydorUK CD589 126-201/10/2001
SolarizedFiction / PolydorUK CD986 777-213/09/2004


TitlePublisherFormatCat No.Release DateCover
My StarPolydorUK CD571 987-212/01/1998
CorpsesPolydorUK CD569 655-209/03/1998
Can't See MePolydorUK CD 1044 045-208/06/1998
Can't See MePolydorUK CD 2044 047-208/06/1998
Love Like A FountainPolydorUK CD 1561 516-225/10/1999
Love Like A FountainPolydorUK CD 2561 517-225/10/1999
Dolphins Were MonkeysPolydorUK CD 1561 637-207/02/2000
Dolphins Were MonkeysPolydorUK CD 2561 638-207/02/2000
Golden GazePolydorUK CD 1561 844-205/06/2000
Golden GazePolydorUK CD 2561 845-205/06/2000
F.E.A.R.PolydorUK CD587 284-217/09/2001
WhispersPolydorUK CD570 538-211/02/2002
Keep What Ya GotFiction / PolydorUK CD986 828-413/09/2004
Time Is My EverythingFiction / PolydorUK CD986 996-017/01/2005


TitlePublisherFormatCat No.Release DateCover
Remix Of The SpheresPolydorUK CD065 927-204/11/2002
Planet GroovePlanet GrooveCDPLANETCD0326/03/2001
Under The InfluenceDMCCDUTICD00208/09/2003

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Tracks samples

Ian Brown - My Star

Ian Brown - Time Is My Everything

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