The Mill

Band - The Mill

Life Span - Early 1980s

Line Up(s)

Keyboards - Clint Boon
Bass - Gary 'Mani' Mounfield
Drums - Chris Goodwin

Albums - None

Best Known Tracks - N/A

Official Website - N/A

Pictures - None

Other Info - Apparently the band recorded material on a regular basis, "I might even release it one day" Clint Boon said, according to John Robb's book 'The Stone Roses And The Resurrection Of British Pop'. Mani joined The Waterfront as did Chris Goodwin but only for about 3 rehearsals but would then go onto join Andy Couzens in his group The High and eventually end up with Electronic. Clint Boon would, of course, go on to form Inspiral Carpets, then The Clint Boon Experience before reuniting (with the 'Carpets) them for a tour. Other associated names - T'Mill, T'Challa Grid