Band - Mozer

Life Span - 1999-2004

Line Up(s)

Vocals / programming / guitars - Andy Watts
Guitar - Paul Dawson
Bass / backing vocals - Dobbo
Drums - Kev Paver

Albums - None.

Best Known Tracks - 'By My Side', 'Believe'.

Official Website -

Other Info - Much underdiscovered, and very underrated! Mozer sadly fell apart in 2004 but Andy Watts has remained busy writing about 40 songs for his next solo project, 8 of which he is currently in the studio recording.

Andy Watts played a number of gigs over the end of 2004, and was even joined on-stage by fellow ex-Mozer guitarist Paul Dawson (at his gig at the 12 Bar Cafe in November 2004) and Paul Dawson gave his first solo performance at The Ivy House in December 2004.