The Patrol

Band - The Patrol

Life Span - 1979-1980

Line Up(s)

Vocals - Andy Couzens
Guitar - John Squire
Bass - Ian Brown
Drums - Si Wolstencroft

Albums - None

Best Known Tracks - 'Jail Of The Assassins', 'Too Many Tonnes'

Official Website - N/A

Other Info - John Squire went on to form The Waterfront, Andy Couzens formed The High, Ian Brown went 'scooter'ing for a bit then joined up with The Waterfront, Si Wolstencroft went on to drum for The Fall and would later drum again with Ian Brown (as part of his solo live band - occasionally).

Tracks samples

The Patrol - Jail Of The Assassins (Live Stockport 1980)

The Patrol - Too Many Tonnes (Live Stockport 1980)