The Rising

Band - The Rising

Life Span - Circa 1999/2000

Line Up(s)

Vocals - David McKellar
Lead Guitar - Paul Banks
Bass - Stuart Fletcher
Drums - Robert 'Maxi' Maxfield

Albums - None.

Best Known Tracks - 'All My Life', 'Feeling Alright', 'Lies Spread', 'Full Of Holes' and 'Find Your Level'.

Official Website -

Other Info - The band was formed around 1999/2000 after The Seahorses had called it a day and Stuart Fletcher hooked up with Paul Banks after he had parted company with Shed Seven. Also in the band were Maxi (drums) is from Audioweb, now with Ian Brown and a scottish lad called David McKellar (vocals).

Stuart told JSU: "We played quite a few showcases and a couple of mini-tours (King Tuts, Liverpool Lomax, Monarch London and a few others) My memory is a little hazy. There are only two recordings, the first demo was not available for sale. The songs on the second demo were a lot better as we obviously got better at writing." It is also said that the band changed their name to Money Shot towards the end of their time together.

After The Rising fell apart, Stuart Fletcher and Paul Banks met up with fellow ex-Seahorse Chris Helme and they formed The Yards who are currently touring and recording their debut LP (though Paul Banks has since left The Yards).

Singer David McKellar provides vocals for & helped formed The 88s in February 2003 with Colin Conway (Guitar), Stephen McKellar (Bass/Vox), John Reid (Guitar) and David Stone (Drums/Percussion). They have samples to listen to on their website