The Seahorses

Band - The Seahorses

Life Span - 1996-1999

Line Up(s)

Vocals / Acoustic guitar - Chris Helme
Guitar - John Squire
Bass - Stuart Fletcher
Drums - Andy Watts

Other drummers
Toby Drummond
Mark Heaney

Albums - 'Do It Yourself', 'Minus Blue'/'Motorcade' (not released, but did appear in the form of '2nd Album Recordings', though this was not the final tracklist).

Best Known Tracks - 'Love Is The Law', 'Blinded By The Sun', 'Love Me And Leave Me', 'You Can Talk To Me'.

Official Website - N/A

Other Info - After the band split, Chris Helme went off to persue a solo career. Stuart Fletcher teamed up with Paul Banks (Ex-Shed Seven) to form The Rising which later became The Yards. Andy Watts, went on to form the much undiscovered Mozer.

Basic Discography


TitlePublisherFormatCat No.Release DateCover
Love Is The LawGeffenCDGFSTD 2224328/04/1997
Blinded By The SunGeffenCDGFSTD 2226614/07/1997
Love Me And Leave MeGeffenCDGFSTD 2228229/09/1997
You Can Talk To MeGeffenCDGFSTD 2229701/12/1997


TitlePublisherFormatCat No.Release DateCover
Do It YourselfGeffenCDGED 2513426/05/1997

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Tracks samples

The Seahorses - Love Is The Law

The Seahorses - 700 Horses

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The Seahorses - Love Is The Law

The Seahorses - Do It Yourself

The Seahorses - Blinded By The Sun

The Seahorses - Love Me And Leave Me

The Seahorses - You Can Talk To Me