Set list

Ian Brown
Newcastle Academy
Monday 21st November 2005

01.I Wanna Be Adored
02.Made Of Stone
03.All Ablaze
04.Dolphins Were Monkeys
06.Set My Baby Free* (Gig hautled)

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Setlist provided by Venkman

*The set was interrupted and the gig haulted during 'Set My Baby Free' as there were safety concerns over a section of the floor that had started to collapse. Click to read the BBC News report.

Additional info from visitor Simon... "Not much of 'Whispers' was actually played. The song was started but only 20 secs was performed before Ian halted the song to have a go at a couple of knobs in the crowd causing agro. The band then went straight into 'Set My Baby Free' (2 min) before the gig was stopped again by the dance floor problem."

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