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31st December 2002 Happy New Year and best wishes from myself at JSU - especially to Mr. John Squire, let's hope things really take off in 2003. Really looking forward to the gig in February, can't wait. More updates to come after the Christmas period including more articles for my Ancient Articles section.

24th December 2002 Merry Christmas to you all from JSU. Thanks for all the support and visitors in my first few months. All to the best for 2003, lets hope it's a good one.

20th December 2002 Another JS gig cancelled for next year, 3rd Feb 2003 at the Manchester Ritz, but fear not - tickets are valid for the 2nd Feb or a refund is offered. On the upside, according to Mersey two dates have been announced in Japan - 19th February Club Quattro, Osaka & 20th February Liquid Room, Tokyo.

19th December 2002 I've typed up and uploaded three more classic Roses articles for my Ancient Articles section.

18th December 2002 John Squire Liverpool 12/11/2002 live tracks added to my tracks section/database.

18th December 2002 New date is added for next year's tour, Wednesday 5th Feb 2003 - Sheffield Leadmill. Also, some good news for some people who have yet to purchase their tickets as prices have been dropped on some dates to £15! And for those of us that have got ours... d'oh! See the Gigs section for all ammended prices and dates.

14th December 2002 Right, well this really is the last image change (for my site) for the time being. As you can see, I've updated the menubar (to the left) to fit in with the new colour/font scheme.

10th December 2002 New track available for download - She Bangs The Drums live, performed by John Squire at Liverpool University 12/11/2002, available in my MP3 section.

9th December 2002 BRAND NEW section added today, Ancient Articles, featuring articles from before the launch of this site (all the way back to 1985, in fact). It launches with only 6 articles but I've got loads to post up over the coming weeks. Access it through Articles or by clicking here.

8th December 2002 Site update - Not too much new this weekend but I have now updated most of the site with the new look. Remaining pages with 'old style' will be updated soon.

4th December 2002 I've been a bit bored at work today, so I've been messing around with my site's base font face, colour, etc. on the home and news pages. What do you think? does it look better or worse? Let me know and I'll change the rest of my site accordingly. e-mail, forum, or guestbook.

4th December 2002 And here is Q Magazine's (overdue) review of Ian Brown's Remixes Of The Spheres, click here for the article.

4th December 2002 The Stone Roses self-titled debut album, of course made it into Q's (reader-voted) 100 greatest albums ever, click here for the full article.

3rd December 2002 Despite all the rumour-mongering going about the various Stone Roses forums, no track (title or listing) has yet been confirmed as the second single off of 'Time Changes Everything', although the gossips' favourite is '15 Days'. Details of the 2nd single release to be confirmed as soon as the information is made available.

3rd December 2002 Squire Live pic finally posted for the below gig review. Apologies for the delay but I've been really busy at work recently and not had much spare time. I've got a couple of Q articles to post over the next couple of days those.

27th November 2002 NME finally gets round to publishing a review of John Squire's Liverpool University gig and it's a very good write up actually.

26th November 2002 Rumours as to which track will be the second off of Squire's solo album ('Time Changes Everything') have been flying about. One visitor to IAWS forum (1love1heart1soul), claims that there was a new video of '15 Days' available to download in the video section. '15 Days' seems more like an album track than a possible single to me. Another track rumoured is title-track 'Time Changes Everything'. Details to be confirmed as and when they arise.

24th November 2002 Just uploaded NME's review od 'Remixes Of The Spheres'. I've also added te pictures to Q's Cash For Questions interview with John Squire, see Articles section for that one.

24th November 2002 Massive news today... It's Mr John Squire's birthday, so all charge your glasses and make a toast to the finest guitarist of our generation.

23rd November 2002 As promised, I've typed up and uploaded the Q review of 'The Very Best Of The Stone Roses', also expect NME's review of 'Remixes Of The Spheres' to be posted tomorrow.

22nd November 2002 Apologies for the lack of news updates recently, I'm off work with a snotty cold. I've got a couple of reviews to post in a couple of days. Head over to This Is The Daybreak now though, because Mr McAuley has just posted his first batch of live pics on his forum.

21st November 2002 Apologies to anyone who experienced problems last night regarding the Chat Room. I had a couple of probs, when I logged on at 7.15pm, the new chat room that I set up did not seem to exist, so I had to quickly reinstate the old bravenet one. Luckily though, I managed to set up a(another!!!) new room and all went well.

17th November 2002 Just added loads more stuff to my Discography, including new 'Non Discography / Promo Items' sectoms for The Stone Roses and Ian Brown solo. Also, in order for me to produce the most complete discography on the 'net, if you have something that is not pictured in any of my discographies, then please email me with a picture of it and details such as cat no, release date, etc. and when I upload it, I'll credit you as the source.

16th November 2002 For those of you that have not yet discovered it, Mick from Elephant Stoned has made available a 2 1/2 minute sample of John Squire's live performance of 'Tightrope'.

14th November 2002 Just a quick note to say that I've sorted out a new chat room with another host, it looks quite a bit nicer and is more advanced, check it out now to see how it looks, scheduled chats are back next and every Wednesday from 7.30pm (GMT) onwards.

14th November 2002 Apologies to all who tried to get onto chat last night, unfortunantly, the people who host the chatroom were upgrading their service and the room was closed for most of the night. This was unavoidable but hopefully we will be able to do it next week. I'm also looking into some different/better providers to increase the quality of the room, now it is a regular feature - I'll keep you informed.

13th November 2002 The Stone Roses made it into the NME's 100 Greatest Singles, no. 6, infact. Of course the single was 'Fools Gold'. To read the article and the full 100 singles click here.

13th November 2002 Site Update - Just given my other new section - Articles a bit of a face lift, making it more user-friendly and more pleasent to the eye, enjoy.

12th November 2002 Site Update - Just added a new section MP3s, access it through my Downloads section, or my clicking here.

12th November 2002 This Is The Daybreak forum user, StringThing (Mark Strange) has written and posted a complete review of last night's King Tut gig in Glasgow, to read the full reivew, click here.

12th November 2002 John Squire performed his debut solo gig last night at Glasgow's King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. As speculated the ex-Stone Rose guitarist performed several Roses tracks including 'Waterfall' which he debuted live on Xfm previously. To read the NME article regarding the gig, click here.

10th November 2002 The Very Best Of The Stone Roses entered the UK Top 40 albums at number 19 (and at number 3 in the indie charts) and Ian Brown's 'Remixes Of The Spheres' crawled in at number 87. Not a bad result for either considering the state of today's charts.

8th November 2002 Just a quick note to that that I've got my second remix effort up on Bedroom Remixers - 'So Young (Headlight Bunny Mix)' - Check it out!! I really think that it's a top idea for a site! If you've ever messed around with a Roses track then send it to Mick and get it posted.

8th November 2002 According to Elephant Stoned - Ian Brown are Mani have collaborated on a track for the new U.N.K.L.E. album that is currently being recorded. We are (of course) encouraged not to read too much into it, with regard to all the reformation rumours flying about at the moment.

8th November 2002 Ian Brown has made it onto three releases in the last 2 weeks - his own 'Remixes Of The Spheres', 'The Very Best Of The Stone Roses' and 'Forever Delayed'. Yes, it would seem that the Manics have included Ian's remix of 'Let Robeson Sing' (which is excellent) in the tracklisting of their 'best of' (CD2 Ltd Edn). Ian Brown is currently preparing to tour with the Manics in December.

7th November 2002 Last night's chat, was again a success and very entertaining and left me late for work this morning!! We have around 20-25 peeps in between 7.30pm and 12.00am and 11 people chatting at one point. Anyway, expect to find Wednesday nights 7.30pm onwards a regular feature on this site - with all welcome. Looking forward to next week, especially if we get someone in who attended the Squire gigs (next Monday and/or Tuesday).

6th November 2002 NME reviews 'The Very Best Of The Stone Roses', strange though, they seem to have forgotten to include the fact that the tracks were remastered!. Find the full review here.

6th November 2002 If you are online tonight from 7.30pm then feel free to come and join me for my second scheduled chat, last week was a bit of a giggle, so I'm hosting another one. All are welcome, just click on 'Squire Live Chat', pick a name and c'mon in!

4th November 2002 After a quiet, lazy weekend off of site design, just thought I'd post a quick note first thing - The Very Best Of The Stone Roses and Ian Brown - Remix Of The Spheres are both out today on multi-formats, go buy.

1st November 2002 Well another month begins, it's getting dangerously close to Christmas now, only about 40 shopping days left (until I start my xmas shopping!). Expect a new poll in a day or two plus I'll archive the results for October. I'll also try and add some more items to my Discography and upload a new batch of mp3s and also display them in the downloads section as well (so you don't have to search through the tracks). I'll also post my monthly stats - as I did last month. As a final note, I recommend that you go and check out the new look 'The Squire Site', it's looking funky.

31st October 2002 My first scheduled chat was quite a success last night (considering it was a footie night!) We had around 20 people in last night and the chat lasted from 7.30pm until when I left it at 12.20am, practically asleep! Thanks to all that came, it was amusing chatting to you all. Hope to see you all next time, Wednesday 6th November (from 7.30pm), anyone else who didn't attend last night is also more than welcome!

30th October 2002 NME names The Stone Roses as 'the coolest band ever' in their latest issue (out today). The Issues features a two-page spread and ties-in with the NME's coolest people in music feature. The Roses article itself is not indepth at all, more of a pleasant reminder of how things were and how they fit into music history.

29th October 2002 Just a reminder - if you're online tomorrow night and bored then come and join me in my chatroom 'Squire Live Chat' for my first scheduled chat. I'll be on from 7.30pm, so feel free to come join me to talk Squire and Roses. If it goes well, I may schedule another chat for next week. Just click on 'Squire Live Chat', pick a name and then click 'Chat'.

27th October 2002 John Squire's debut single 'Joe Louis' was released this week, but, sadly it seems that the single failed to chart - beaten away from the Top 40 by the likes of Groove Armada, Sushi?, Hell Is For Heroes and The Polyphonic Spree. Not the best of news for Squire but I'm sure that things will pick up as I think some of the reasons it didn't chart well were because the album was released before the single and that 'Joe Louis' possibly was not the strongest track he could have released as a debut single, I believe 'Shine A Little Light' or 'Transatlantic Near Death Experience' would've had a better chance of charting.

27th October 2002 Site Update : More items added to discography and descriptions added. Another batch of mp3s uploaded to my Tracks section - more to come.

24th October 2002 The official John Squire site has announced 3 tour dates for November, lucky for the people who live near Glasgow, Liverpool and Birmingham. See my Tour Dates section for details.

24th October 2002 The first bit of news is great, last night, according to my site stats, I had my 10,000th visit (in just under 2 months!) That really is excellent, thanks go out to everyone for all this support and interest!

24th October 2002 New link added to my links page and you've got to check this one out. Bedroom Remixers, it's run by Mick from Elephant Stoned and features a load of unofficial mixes created by us of the Roses community. I've just got mine added up there - Rosa Headlight Bunny Mix!

23rd October 2002 Just a bit more tinkering with the site layout today, thanks to a bit of help from Gary from Mersey Paradise I think it looks loads better. I've also updated my Family Tree (again thanks to Mersey Paradise for some more info).

22nd October 2002 And as I'm sure you must have noticed (on your way here), I've redesigned my homepage and the layout of my site, what d'you think of it? let me know at the usual address

21st October 2002 According to a post on the official forum (by user RosscoL), Ian Brown performed 'Waterfall' at a gig in Belfast over the weekend. Although Brown still remains adamant that the Roses will not reform, you can't help thinking that this is a positive sign. Check out this short review by a member of the audioence, posted on IAWS.

20th October 2002 Just updated my tracks section to include all 3rd generation Stone Roses offspring bands such as The Shining, The Yards and Mozer. I've also tidied up the Key and added an alphabet shortcut bar to the top of the page. Click here. I've also created a Stone Roses 'Family Tree' which I've added a link to at the bottom of the (tracks) page.

20th October 2002 Just updated my links page. I now have 30 links! Forums links have been added for Official, Mersey Paradise, IAWS and TSS. Other new links added are for The Yards (Ft. Ex-Seahorses Chris Helme and Stuart Fletcher and Ex-Shed Seven Paul Banks) and Mozer (Ft. Ex-Seahorse Andy Watts).

19th October 2002 After looking around the 'net, I've discovered that there are plenty of Squire forums knocking about but a distinct lack of Squire Chatrooms. So, as a trial, I've launched my own. It's only a bravenet one so it's quite basic but I've already been chatting with a few people on there. Click here to take a look.

18th October 2002 It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of my updated Discography section (v2.0). There's still things to do, it's only 90% finished but it was taking too long and I just wanted to get it live. The John Squire and Seahorses sections are almost totally complete and The Stone Roses section is nearly there (a lot of the CDs and Box Sets are still missing full details - but they'll be up soon). Check it out here.

18th October 2002 Congrats to JON FLEMMING, who was the first person to e-mail me with all 4 correct answers to my QuikQuiz Bonus Question. If it's been bugging you then check out the answers here.

17th October 2002 I have just been looking at my achived polls, the first poll that I ran was entitled 'Not that it is likely but which Roses song would you like to see performed by Squire (solo - guitar and vocals)?. Well at least 6 people(who, of the 65 that voted wanted to hear 'Waterfall') have at least heard this 'unlikely' event (thanks to the XFM session) and may well see it - if they have bought their tickets for the 2003 tour. Click here for the archived poll.

16th October 2002 Tracklisting details have now been confirmed for Ian Brown's forthcoming remix album 'Remix Of The Spheres. Click here for the full details. This was originally posted by Natasha on the IAWS forum, check out her Ian Brown site.

16th October 2002 I was a bit bored tonight so I created a quick picture quiz for your entertainment, check it out here.

16th October 2002 NME reviews Squire's debut solo single 'Joe Louis'. Find the review here.

15th October 2002 Just posted the full final details of the debut solo single 'Joe Louis' due out next week, includes all picture sleeves and tracklisting. Find it here.

15th October 2002 According to The Squire Site Squire has confirmed that he has started working on a follow-up to his debut solo album 'Time Changes Everything', details to be posted as and when they arise.

15th October 2002 Ian Brown's new Remix album 'Remix Of The Spheres is to be released on the 4th November (the same day as 'The Very Best Of The Stone Roses'). He's also interviewed in today's The Times, click here for the full transcript, originally typed up by user RosscoL (on the official site). By the sound of it, Brown is not on the reformation bus.

15th October 2002 I cannot believe it. I go out last night and wake up in the morning, only to discover that my site is temporarily down, due to the fact that the 322 unique visitors that stopped by yesterday used/downloaded from me 1.36gb ?!? and successfully used up my monthly bandwidth transfer quota. But fear not, I've just purchased a further 3gb but I will have to monitor it more closely. Happy downloading!

14th October 2002 I just had to reset my counter after it dropped back to 01410 for some unknown reason. Probably down to all the bandwidth that you guys used up yesterday - a massive 800mb!!!

13th October 2002 Since I first posted full details of this November's release of 'The Very Best Of' you must've been asking yourself just how good it could be. And so here for your enjoyment and your judgement is the first track of the album in full. 'I Wanna Be Adored'. Click here. The whole album is great, so buy it 4th November 2002 and get the Roses back into the charts!!!

13th October 2002 And now for your listening pleasure, I managed to record the replay of John Squire's session version of The Stone Roses' Classic 'Waterfall'. Click here.

11th October 2002 Since first reading about the 'Waterfall' track this morning, I've been looking everywhere for it with no success so far. However, I have found a link for the rest of the interview. Click here.

11th October 2002 Those listening to XFM, were treated to a live session by John Squire debuting live Roses material. He performed 'Waterfall', a Roses classic. This has sparked up rumours that John may perform some Roses tracks as well as he own solo material on his debut tour next year.

10th October 2002 I am pleased to announce that I can now confirm the full tracklisting for The Very Best Of including track lengths/versions and credits. Find the full details here.

9th October 2002 Just finished typing up the Q 'Cash for questions' with John Squire, took me 2 hours, enjoy. For the full transcript click here.

7th October 2002 Tour Dates have finally been announced from the Official Site - checkout my TOUR DATES section. Registered users (on the official site) will get priority sales from today and the general public will be offered sales from tomorrow.

4th October 2002 John Squire Official Site mail shots all registered members with Tour Information (at last!). Venues include: Belfast, Dublin, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, London. Dates to be annouced - expect them to be January/February 2003. A external source announces details of the Birmingham and London gigs as 5th and 6th Feb 2003, priced at £17.50 and £18.50 respectively - perhaps a little on the expensive side.

3rd October 2002 I've just uploaded my new TRACKS section. It not only includes all of John Squire's solo songs to date but also songs by THE PATROL and THE WATERFRONT (Pre-Stone Roses groups). The new feature is that you can download songs straight from the list, there are only a handful at the moment but I'll upload some more soon. DOWNLOAD THE WATERFRONT NOW

3rd October 2002 I've just closed the polls for September and posted them in my POLL section. I've also posted a new poll for October.

2nd October 2002 The Official Site has just added a new post to its NEWS section. It informs of an exclusive announcement regarding tour dates (to be made on Friday 4th October 2002). By registering, you get priority booking status on Monday.

2nd October 2002 NME reveals details of John Squire 'suicide' shocker! No, he's not dead. Click here for the full details.

2nd October 2002 finally reveals the tracklisting for both 'Joe Louis' CD1 and CD2 - released this month and a record cover is displayed too, click here for all the details.

2nd October 2002 According to the Official Site's HomePage, registered users will receive info on tour dates in the next couple of days! So credit cards at the ready!!!

1st October 2002 Site Update: Thank you for a successful first month, all of your visits have been counted and I am very pleased indeed. Here for you to see is my monthly stats of Unique Visitors per day. My highest count was an amazing 412 unique visitors in one day and my total number of visitors (27/08/02-30/09/02) was a huge 5406. Obviously, this is a lot different from the counter on my homepage - as not all of you visit it as I have advertised different pages on forums throughout the month.

1st October 2002 Voting for the Artwork Competition is NOW CLOSED, I've totted up all the votes and posted the results. Also find the winning pieces turned into downloadable Wallpapers in my downloads section.

30th September 2002 If you can't download the interview they check out this section for the transcription, I'm not sure who first typed it up but it originally appeared on the IAWS forum.

30th September 2002 More evidence points to a Stone Roses reunion at some point in the future as Squire is heard on Virgin Radio last night, "I can't give you a date because I haven't spoken to everyone else but basically I want to reform at some point." It's available for download on The Squire Site although there might be a problem as I've been unable to download it yet.

30th September 2002 Today is the last day to cast your vote on the ARTWORK competition, so if you've not voted yet then get on it. Also, although there does not seem to be all that much happening online to my site - I am currently about 50%-75% of the way through my huge discography update/enhancement, it is a long and tiresome job! More details to be posted soon!

28th September 2002 I've just noticed that has changed the release date of 'Joe Louis' from 14th October to the 21st October, although I haven't heard of any delays in release, no fixed date has yet been announced from the official sources.

26th September 2002 The Official John Squire site has posted the full 4 1/2 minute video of 'Joe Louis' in their video section.

24th September 2002 New supplier found for 'The Very Best Of The Stone Roses' see BUY/PREORDER section for details. I've also moved the first half of September to my archive section, see bottom of this page. I've also had loads of votes so far for the artwork competition, the poll is open until the end of the month!

23rd September 2002 For those of you that have been desperately waiting for the downloadable T-shirt design, they are not both available for download from the official site. You must be registered there to get access to them.

22nd September 2002 Squire's debut solo album 'Time Changes Everything' enters the Radio 1 Album chart at number 17.

22nd September 2002 The ARTWORK competition is now closed and I've set up a poll for you to vote for your favourite piece. I had to do it in 4 batches so only VOTES count - IGNORE THE PERCENTAGES and ONLY VOTE FOR ONE PIECE. Find the poll here.

21st September 2002 Just a reminder - Tomorrow is the last day for submitting your artwork creations before I close the competition and set up a poll for people to vote for their fav piece. So far it's been a great success, better than I'd of hoped - with a huge 32 entries! For more info and all the submittions, check out my ARTWORK section.

20th September 2002 First supplier found for 'The Very Best Of Ths Stone Roses' out 4th November 2002, details are in my BUY/PREORDER section. Site Update - Lyrics section tidyed up with better 'Jump To' system.

20th September 2002 Site update - If you're a winamp user then you might find my lastest download of interest - my own AVS creations, take a look in my DOWNLOAD section for more details.

19th September 2002 New section - LYRICS - my take on the lyrics from all the tracks off 'Time Changes Everything'. Find it here.

19th September 2002 NME reveals details of the forthcoming 'Best Of' album and shows the cover. Find the full transcript here.

18th September 2002 is now taking pre-orders of 'Joe Louis' released 14th October 2002 (still no tracklisting details yet though) BUY/PREORDER section for more details. CD-WOW are also stocking 'Time Changes Everything' for £8.99 (inc p&p) - Please note that it will probably be an Asian import (if you're after the UK version)though as they are based in Hong Kong.

18th September 2002 Not too much to say today - except that like most people, I've had 'Time Changes Everything' on repeat since Monday and I'm really getting into it now - can't wait for some tour details. I'm still updating and expanding my DISCOGRAPHY section, expect it online very soon. I'm also expanding my TRACKS section to incorporate downloadable mp3s - more info to follow.

17th September 2002 Site Update - error regarding the download of the 2 mp3s available from my homepage has now been fixed - Many apologies. 10 more pics available for viewing on ARTWORK section, all care of user 'The Seahorse' - nice job!

16th September 2002 Well, it's Squire Day at last with plenty of copies being bought by us it would seem (from the various forums). We'll have to wait until Sunday to see just how many have been shifted and chart position it receives.

16th September 2002 Track details for the first single 'Joe Louis' (to be released 14th October 2002) are still yet to be confirmed, however, it does now seem that CD2 maybe contain some remixes. More details to follow.

15th September 2002 I've just uploaded the latest batch of artwork and I'm pleased to say it's been a great success so far with 22 submissions. I've set a final date as next Sunday (22nd September noon-ish). I will then set up a poll later that evening and run it until Monday 30th Sept 2002 and announce the final results on Tuesday 1st October, but for now there's still time - so get creating! In ARTWORK as usual.

15th September 2002 Well we didn't break the 2000 hit boundary on my site today but I've decided to post 2 tracks anyway as my site has been down all day (after it went missing for 5-brown-trouser-hours!) thankfully it's back now and the 2 tracks are available from my homepage.

15th September 2002 The Squire community goes mad. As some of you lucky sods got their albums early, the rest of us make a mad rush to the file-sharers, I downloaded Joe Louis and have listened to it constantly. Remember though kids - downloading tracks is fine for this weekend (if you're impatient) but GO BUY THE ALBUM MONDAY. Downloading instead of buying is not cool and it certainly won't help our man Squire get to no.1 or buy some new clothes!

14th September 2002 The full transcript for the John Squire interview with C4's planet sound has been typed up and posted online. Hats off to Dave R for this one. Click here.

14th September 2002 Another review of 'Time Changes Everything' this time it's written by the fools at the Guardian. Click here for the full review.

13th September 2002 Just uploaded the first wave of pictures from you lot for the COMPETITION but still need loads more so get sending them in. ARTWORK for details.

13th September 2002 NME jumps on the the band wagon, quoting Teletext. Click here for the article.

13th September 2002 According to a message posted on the ThisIsTheDaybreak Forum, John Squire is quoted as saying that he thinks a reunion is not as unlikely as was previously said. "I don't want to do a reunion tour because that would be putting matters to rest in the wrong way. If we were to reform, it would have to be to make a new album and do a proper tour with new songs. I believe that will happen one day." An actual Squire quote from p451 Channel 4 Teletext (Planet Sound). EVERYTHING'S COMING UP ROSY ?

13th September 2002 If you were watching last night's Phoenix Nights on Channel 4 then you would have seen the official advert for 'Time Changes Everything'. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. It looked very cool with excellent visuals with pop-up quotes and 'Joe Louis' playing throughout.

13th September 2002 Site Update - I've just updated my PRE-ORDER section to include the latest prices from suppliers (both Amazon and HMV have dropped the price of the std CD to compete with MVC). Also new supplier found who has also made available for PRE-ORDER - the first single off the album JOE LOUIS. They have suggested 14th October 2002 as the release date.

12th September 2002 It's competition time. After discovering and messing around with the new 'Action Painting' feature on the Official Squire site, I've decided to run a fun compo to discover the best budding artists amongst us. Find details here.

11th September 2002 Site Update - Just doing a bit of a spring cleaning with my site and files - more for my benefit than yours, however, you may find that some of the links for files and pictures have changed slightly.

11th September 2002 "Action Painting" section is added to the Official John Squire site - now you can create your own John Squire / Jackson Pollock style masterpiece, access it through the artwork section.

11th September 2002 Here is the short, but full review of 'Time Changes Everything' from retailers MVC - currently ordering the normal CD for £9.99 (+ £1 p&p). Click here.

11th September 2002 As mentioned yesterday, here is the full Q Magazine review of 'Time Changes Everything'. Click here.

10th September 2002 'Time Changes Everything' gets a bad review! Q Magazine (October Issue) out this week reviews John Squire's debut solo album and rates it 2/5. Check back soon for a link to the full review. Don't forget next month's Q Magazine features 'Cash For Questions' with John himself.

10th September 2002 Thanks for visiting my site over the last 24 hours. Since a whoppin' 412 of you (unique visitors !) stopped by yesterday, I've decided to do it again. Push my counter past the 02000 mark by Sunday 15th September and I'll post another special Roses mp3!

9th September 2002 Just a week to go then until Squire's first solo album. HMV still offers the cheapest pre-order I've seen (for those of you that want it before the shops open!) Site Update - I am currently working on extending my discography section with more info and details - keep watching my NEWS section for updates.

8th September 2002 Thank you-giveaway track is now available for download, see the home page for details. Be sure to check back soon for details of other rare Roses tracks. Please e-mail if you have a request for a rare track, or if you have one in your possession and want to share it with the world, then let me know also.

7th September 2002 My site goes over the 1000 hit mark within 7 days of launching it. As a thank you I will be posting a special Roses mp3 on my site for you to download on Monday 9th September for 24 hours.

6th September 2002 Official JS site user quazzy2000 became the envy of 999 other members today as he has won a t-shirt (print). Not just any ordinary design though, a unique Squire-designed one and all he did to deserve this was be the 1000th person to sign up! The rest of us needn't be bitter though and we're told Squire maybe designing other images for us to download and print onto 'fabric paper'.

6th September 2002 An interview with John Squire is posted online, from the Guardian. Click here for the full transcript.

6th September 2002 Those who were lucky enough to have there radio turned to XFM at 6ish last night experienced one of the first airplays of John Squire's 'Joe Louis' (almost definitely confirming it as the first single).

6th September 2002 Site Update: Just a quick one, thanks to you for all the visits in my first week. I've finally uploaded some things for my DOWNLOADS section - 3 wallpapers, startup & shutdown wavs and some icons. I will try and get some more stuff up soon.

5th September 2002 New sample is posted on OFFICIAL SITE but before you get excited, it's nothing that most of us haven't heard before, it's that sample of 'Joe Louis' that we all heard a good 2 weeks ago.

5th September 2002 Site update - new supplier found to preorder 'Time Changes Everything'. Check out the PRE-ORDER section for details (MVC - it's the cheapest yet).

5th September 2002 NME finally reviews 'Time Changes Everything' but don't worry, it's better than you think! Click here for the full review.

4th September 2002 Site Update: Third and final question added for this month in POLL section - Are you planning to buy the 'Best Of' album due out in November?

4th September 2002 HMV Review of 'Time Changes Everything' names 'Joe Louis' as first single. For the review click here.

4th September 2002 Details are revealed for a Best Of The Stone Roses album with tracks chosen by the 4 Roses. For the full tracklisting and more details click here.

3rd September 2002 Site Update: New question added to the POLL page. 3 tracks added to the TRACKS page - Redemption Song, Your Star Will Shine & Good Times (all from the '93-'94 In The Studio Bootleg CD). I've now uploaded the FULL version of my BIOGRAPHY (with pics). PICTURES added as well but hopefully I'll be able to post some Squire solo pics as soon as some become available.

2nd September 2002 If you're after an official Time Changes Everything T-Shirt, have a look here.

1st September 2002 A review of Time Changes Everything is posted on Sounds XP, read it here.

1st September 2002 John Squire - The Unofficial Site goes live for the first time.

30th August 2002 Another three tracks appear online. One is the full version of Joe Louis, and another sounds like it could be Time Changes Everything, all three are pretty poor quality though and should only be viewed as a sneak preview. Find them at

28th August 2002 Time Changes Everything the Limited Double LP also makes an appearance on HMV for preorder, priced at £14.99 (+£3.00 p&p).

25th August 2002 Another page is launched, with the same two tracks that were removed from the other site. Find it at

25th August 2002 Time Changes Everything first appears for pre-order on HMV - CD and Special CD. Priced £13.99 and £15.99 respectively (+£1.00 p&p).

22nd August 2002 Sample track 'Joe Louis' disappears from site.

20th August 2002 New sample track 'Joe Louis' is discovered "Hidden" on website.
Visit to hear a 52 second sample.

18th August 2002 A sample of a track, believed to be 'Time Changes Everything'
(title track from Squire's debut solo album) is posted on a mystery site.
Visit to download the sample.

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