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31st December 2003 Happy New Year, all the best for 2004. Roll on the gigs!

29th December 2003 I finally got my hands on 'Marshall's House' and here for your reading pleasure is JSU's review of the new album. Click here for the full review.

28th December 2003 'Marshall's House' is now available for pre-order from and for the cheapest price yet.

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28th December 2003 New John Squire interview added. It's a fairly brief interview but padded with info, quite interesting. Find it here.

25th December 2003 Merry Christmas to all from JSU! Open your xmas pressie, just some downloads from my JSU cd that you may have missed. They're hosted by Yahoo so I'm not sure how the bandwidth works. Enjoy. More to come.

24th December 2003 I've re-presented my Tracks section and added all the new John Squire tracks, Gus Gus Vs Ian Brown, etc. Making a total of over 800 tracks in my database!!!

23rd December 2003 Marshall's House is now available for preorder from, both the UK and JAP CDs.

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23rd December 2003 Who said the official site would only get one update per album release??? Well, there's some new 'stuff' to download including a smart Joe Louis advert and loads of TCE posters/ads/etc. (all in PDF format).

22nd December 2003 Well the new album is not out for a month and a half, but I've already got a first review for you and it comes courtesy of JSU visitor Simon (ElephantSR), apparently owning a CD-R copy of the album! Click here for his review.

19th December 2003 New poll added, I know, first one in months but hey, it's a nice simple one for you.

18th December 2003 I've updated my Pre-order/Buy it section in antipation of the new 2004 album, if you are going to buy the album/single you can order it through my site. I will of course announce when the releases are available.

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17th December 2003 Here as promised, the new Official Forum it's back up and running for the forthcoming 2nd album.

16th December 2003 I've updated my discography to include all the new single and album details.

16th December 2003 The most impressive feature on the new Official Website is the interactive gallery. Outstanding, walk round the virtual exhibition and look at the original John Squire pieces, a lot of which you've never seen in their true form.

16th December 2003 And it's open... the new Official Website that is. Not so much a complete redesign but it looks very nice and well presented (I prefer the last one though! I'm sure it'll grow on me). It's packed with all the important stuff... John Squire's new artwork for the covers and all the artwork that was previously only available in last year's tour guide. We are also promised a brand new forum/message board soon.

13th December 2003 New website coming soon, that's all you're seeing from the official site. It looks that we may well see some updates for the first time in months! Keep your eyes on

12th December 2003 John Squire's second studio album named 'Marshall's House' is set for release in the UK 9th February 2004. The debut single from the album 'Room In Brooklyn' is to be released a week beforehand (02/02/2004). For the full info, click here.

11th December 2003 Mani is to join Ocean Colour Scene (for at least one gig anyway). It was confirmed by OCS that bass player Damon Minchella has officially left the band for good after missing their last four gigs. OCS are to support Stereophonics at Cardiff Millenium Stadium (20/12/2003) and Mani will be playing the gig. A full-time replacement is yet to be named.

8th December 2003 I've uploaded a new Seahorses track to my MP3 section. I've had it for a few years but it was previously too big to upload. It's actually two songs played live, one into the other, so I've split them. They're from the post-DIY tour/pre-2nd recordings at Ashton 30/03/1998. The two songs are 'City In The Sky' and 'Tombraid', the whole track is about 9-10 mins long and sounds great together, I believe that this may be the only recording available of the track 'City In The Sky'. Tell me what you think.

29th November 2003 I've updated my Discography section, adding a load more items including a rare TSR EURO CD, TCE UK CD with PRESS RELEASE, TSR S KOREA LP, IB FEAR AUS PROMO, GUS GUS Vs IB CD, 12", etc. Click here for the full additions list.

28th November 2003 I received a wallpaper contribution from Portuguese fan Paulo Vicente. A superb simple, yet stylish number. Thanks to him for creating and emailing. Download it by clicking the thumb below or from my Downloads page.

28th November 2003 Confusing news for fans of Reni's The Rub. According with Channel 4's Teletext service (Page 351). It informs that The Rub are on the bill for the forthcoming Make Peace Not War gig.
But sadly, as proved by a post on the IAWS forum, this is a different The Rub, whose stylings are a 'Political Blend of Hip Hop and Song'. Sounds interesting, but a bit far from Reni's musical workings.

24th November 2003 Happy birthday Johnny Squire, 41 today!!!

23rd November 2003 According to a source for the NME, Squire is currently completing his 2nd studio album which will hit the shops 'early' 2004. After hearing the 2 new tracks of summer 2003 ('Summertime' and 'Satellite') I can't wait to hear the rest of the album, I hope studio versions of these tracks made it onto the tracklisting.

6th November 2003 Also, this is a quiet time for all Roses fans and all Roses sites, email me and tell me what you want to keep you interested, whether it be more unreleased/live tracks/competitions/features, etc.

5th November 2003 After taking my longest (well earnt) break since I started this site, I'm back and thanks to a guestbook entry from a regular 'Chris D', my love for the Roses has been reaffirmed. So for I've uploaded two brand new spanking Squire tracks (to my mp3 section for any of you who've not yet heard them, from his T-In-The-Park 2003 performance, 'Satellites' and 'Summertime', enjoy, feel free to give your feedback on these two tracks through the normal mediums, tell me how you think the 2nd album will shape up. Thanks for all the great feedback from the 1st Anniversary CD by the way!!!

10th September 2003 Just to let everyone who requested a copy of the JSU IS 1 CD know that it is now complete, sadly I had a delay with a possible contributor. I will start despatching the CD from tomorrow.

1st September 2003 JSU is 1!! A year since I officially launched JSU, to mark this occasion and to thank you all for your support/interest, I've decided to produce a FREE CD for as many of you as I can. I am just putting the finishing touches to it now it should be ready for despatch shortly. You will want this CD(ROM), I've gone through my own personal cassette and vinyl collection and grabbed a couple of rare interviews to mp3, live tracks as well as some other stuff not currently scheduled for my site, presented in html, a special, offline, cut-down version of JSU. To request a copy please visit here. Enjoy. (CD is only available to UK due to postage costs and may be limited if demand exceeds availability).

28th August 2003 More reformation news - according to the 6Music website Mani is 'plotting a Roses reunion'...

'A Stone Roses reunion could be on the cards, according to their bassist Mani.

He's been a full-time member of Primal Scream for their last two albums, but says he'd be allowed time off to get his old band back together - and make a new album.

Talking at the Reading festival, he told 6 Music there's no reason why it can't happen as he's still friends with Ian, John and Reni.

Mani said: "We won't completely rule it out. I never fell out with any of them... We're all grown men now, we've got hairs under our arms, we should be able to put those differences aside.

The Scream would be happy to release me for six months or a year... I would like it to happen, because I don't like the way it finished."'

28th August 2003 15th September sees the release of the Ian Brown - 'Under The Influence' release. The album is a collection of tracks picked by Brown himself based on his 'inspirations' and 'all time loves' and will be released on CD and vinyl and features 16 tracks. Full track-listing to follow.

28th August 2003 Ian Brown has just completed a remix for Gus Gus track "Desire". The mix of "Desire" isn't scheduled for release until late summer. Ian also brought in Inder and Maxi and engineer Roger Lyons to help with the mix. The remix also features added vocals from Ian, like he did for his previous remix effort for the Manic's "Let Robeson Sing".

15th August 2003 Well, we're halfway through August and not a lot to report on the Roses this month, so far. Squire has released his Jap only live EP - see my discography section for full details. I've updated my Discography section, changing the font slightly and puting all bands on the one page, making this the BIGGEST DISCOGRAPHY presented on one page on the WEB! I've also added a load more items including the Live EP, TSR MD, TSR TAIWAN CD, etc. Click here for the full additions list.

27th July 2003 COMPETITION UPDATE!!! Well, the compo's ended and I've decided the winner with some help from my mates! The clear winner is FOTS with her piece 'Revolutionary Zeal'. Nice one!!! In 2nd place was Higgie's 'Beauty', 3rd was WAXL F's two Ian's (yellow background) and joint 4th was WAXL F's two Ian Faces and Jamie TSS 'IOW 2003'. Thanks for all the entries.

20th July 2003 Just to confirm the names of the two tracks that Squire debuted at the festivals... 'Summertime' and 'Satellites'. 'Satellites' was named on the DesignerMagazine site, which also gave this brief review: "You can't really mention John Squire without thinking of Ian Brown. Despite the fact that Squire's album "Time Changes Everything" surpasses every single solo release from Brown, when it comes to the old Roses songs played today such as "Made In Stone", "How Do You Sleep?", "Tightrope" and "Fools Gold" it seems wrong with Squire on lead vocals. On his solo tracks "I Miss You", "Satellites" and "Time Changes Everything" the Dylan-esque tones suit the songs perfectly, but without Brown on vocals Squire's vocals are always going to seem like a poor relation. Whether the Roses will reform is one of constant speculation, but it was interesting to note that the only day of Move that Mani wasn't ligging in the backstage area was on the day that Squire performed. "

18th July 2003 The Live EP, which is only to be available in JAPAN, is to be released next week and is now available for preorder from at 9(!) less than offered on EIL.COM. A friendly JSU fan on the IAWS forum has given a tracklisting, although this has not been confirmed.

17th July 2003 I have just launched another site, making a total of four JSU sites that I am currently maintaining. This site, entitled 'The Discography' is simply a discography site and features catalogues for INDIE/ALT/MADCHESTER/ETC bands and artists such as The Stone Roses and related, The Charlatans, Oasis, Blur, The Music, The Bluetones and many more. I will update as often as humanly possible!!

14th July 2003 John Squire airs two new tracks, one of which entitled 'Summertime' at T-In-The-Park, the NME reveals : "Mid set, an unshaven and freshly-bearded John Squire delights the audience by playing The Roses' 'How Do You Sleep', but ruins it all by trying to sing in a pitch that makes grown men cry. Having said that, he seems to find his voice more on Newy 'Summertime', and - regardless of voice wobbles - the punters lap him up a treat throughout." Setlist for the gig was as follows: 'Driving South', 'Made Of Stone', 'I Miss You', New Song, 'Time Changes Everything', 'How Do You Sleep', 'Summertime', 'Fools Gold' and 'Tightrope'.

11th July 2003 COMPETITION UPDATE!!! Well, I've recieved 10 wallpapers now! If you want to have a chance of WINNING, you need to send your contribution to me by 15th July so less than 5 DAYS left! Check out the Wallpaper Compo page that I've set up for current entries and full info.

5th July 2003 Stone Roses website 'R-COZ' or 'Roses - Collectors Only Zone' has been launched with 11 members and it's already international with members from the UK, Netherlands, USA and Australia. If you would like to apply for membership, please click here.

1st July 2003 I managed to record the BBC 6 Music interview with Andy Watts this evening and have just uploaded it to my mp3 section. The interview was great as was the live acoustic track, 'Mr Good News'.

1st July 2003 JSU can reveal details of an interesting forthcoming Stone Roses website, entitled 'R-COZ' or 'Roses - Collectors Only Zone'. This site will be a member-only site, available to only serious Roses collectors out there. If you would like to apply for membership, please click here. More details to follow.

28th June 2003 New addition to discography, The Very Best Of The Stone Roses Jap Import CD, plenty of info and pics, infact, it's taken me well over an hour to scan it all and upload it. Also look out for other new additions : Time Changes Everything CD Promo, DIY US advanced Promo CD, One Love Jap CD, Turns Into Stone Jap CD, Complete SR US CD, Love Like A Fountain US Promo CD, etc. More coming soon and hopefully I'll get round to adding detail sections for the CDs soon (when I can face it!)

28th June 2003 COMPETITION UPDATE!!! Well, you lazy people, it's been pathetic so far, since Jamie TSS's original entry and compo suggestion, I been sent 0 entries. You're making me look like a fool! So to persuade you, I've added another sweet prize. One Love (JAP IMPORT with OBI strip). Check out the Wallpaper Compo page that I've set up for current entries and full info.

27th June 2003 Certainly not any official Roses news but this did make me smile, The Sun aka have got one of their lady's to pose for a Roses style paint shoot!!! This shoot is entitled "Never Mind The Pollocks", just like the NME shoot. Great.

25th June 2003 Hi, just designed some funky new section logo's, so, instead of just words like 'Discography' at the top of the page, there will soon be pics (for all sections). Click the relevant logo below to take a closer look.

24th June 2003 John Squire's record label, North Country Records has made its first signing with Shack. The band who have released previous albums 'Waterpistol' and 'HMS Fable', release their debut NCR release 'Here's The Weather With Tom' on the 11th August 2003. The band also have some dates booked from mid July.

23rd June 2003 Here at JSU, I have the pleasure in announcing to you that I will be supporting The Clone Roses and providing you with all information about them, including current news, band details, upcoming gig dates and their current set-list. Please check out my brand new Clone Roses section and also their Official Site.

23rd June 2003 COMPETITION!!! Right, get your creative hats on. After uploading my wallpapers yesterday, Jamie from TSS saw them and suggested that I ran a competition and got the ball rolling by sending his entry (see below). Obviously I will not be taking part (!)

Rules - All entries must be emailed to me by 15th July 2003. Entries can cover anything Roses based (ie any offspring, your version of cover art or pics of the band playing live, etc, completely up to you. The winner will be picked by myself and my opinion is final! Entries must be of 1024x768 format and sent in as jpg/jpeg.

Prize Yes, this time there is a prize. A nice Ian Brown 'Whispers' Boxset, made up of CD1, DVD and rare (mailing list only) Presentation Box (see pic). Oh, and I will try to upload as many as possible for others to download.

22nd June 2003 It's been a very boring sunday and I've decided it's been too long since I last created any wallpapers for download. So, I've uploaded a batch of 18 wallpapers, all designed in the same style. The thumbs do not really show how good these looks so please check them out. My personal favourite is 'Squire IoW'. Enjoy.

20th June 2003 I've just updated my tracks page (again!) and added a new feature, 'Isolate', which also you to look at one band's trackography at a time, if desired. Enjoy.

19th June 2003 I've just been emailed a great pic of John playing live at Isle Of Wight, looks like the beard's back (not as bad as before though!). Thanks to Tony W for this one!

16th June 2003 Thought it was about time I changed my index (entrance) page, I've gone for a more simpler, yet sleeker looking logo, please check it out if you did not come in that way! Index.

14th June 2003 JSU can reveal that title track 'Time Changes Everything' was intended (at one stage) to be John Squire's second solo single from his debut album. The proposed date of release was the 10th February 2003, just after the nation-wide tour. I have got my hands on the 1 track promo, which at first I believed was a bootleg of some sort, but it contains the radio edit of 'Time Changes Everything' which is 3:41 in length and sounds quite different. The backing vocals have been cranked up, especially on the chorus, the piano has been raised and the guitar slightly lowered. I've uploaded it for your listening pleasure in my mp3 section.

13th June 2003 I've just updated my Lyrics section by adding lyrics for both Joe Louis CDs. I've also redesigned the way you access the page to make future updates easier to navigate.

11th June 2003 According to Ian Brown has been confirmed as the main stage headline act for the Eden Festival 2003 on 9th August. Full the full article click here. Also, according to his official site, Ian Brown is currently recording his fourth studio solo album which at the moment remains untitled and has provisional release date of October 2003. There is also a hint that we may hear some new material but no promises.

8th June 2003 My Tracks section has had an update and now includes all the new live John Squire solo tracks (from the CD boots going about) and all the new Yards stuff.

8th June 2003 I've just painstakingly typed out and uploaded another batch of articles for my Ancient Articles section, enjoy. Plenty more to come when I get another spare few hours!

7th June 2003 News to be confirmed: I have some very exciting info, there is suggested to be an Official Live John Squire release. The downside is that is it only to be sold in Japan, so we'll all have to get ours imported, the release date is provisionally Thursday 24th July 2003 and is favoured to be in EP format and features live material from the Manchester Ritz gig. What this space for more info.

6th June 2003 Tune into BBC 6Music on 12th June 2003 (Next Thursday) between 10pm-11pm to hear an achieved Seahorses concert from Glastonbury 1997. I recommend that you listen in if you have never heard this gig as it is the Seahorses at their best, especially good are the two singles 'Love Is The Law' and 'Blinded By The Sun' and because it's been recorded by the Beeb, the quality is, of course, fantastic.

25th May 2003 Just updated my Discography section with a load of new items, including: So Young (Unofficial 7"), JS Live Bootlegs, Jap & German Roses singles, Second Coming (boot) pic disc, US Very Best Of Sampler, Spanish pic book and some other promo items.

23rd May 2003 Well, The Sun writer's are bored again and created another Roses reunion rumour. Claiming that John and Mani were spotted in a Manchester city public house, namely the The Nursey (not entirely unbelievable but...) The Sun would have you believe that 'the lads' have been offered a deal worth MILLIONS by an American label to reform for a tour and an album. That would certainly be 'top stuff'; I'd really love to hear a brand new album from The Stone Roses, especially after they've all gone their own ways and in very different directions. It would be interesting to see how that collaboration would transpire onto a record. The Sun claims that John, Mani and Reni are now all up for it but that it is Brown who is holding out at the moment (well, we knew that, didn't we.... be hard for them to reunite without Brown and Squire making up!). Well, let's hope they're right, but for the moment my credit card is still in my wallet and not paying for Roses tickets.

19th May 2003 If your looking for some more John Squire live material some nice person has posted the whole of the Leeds 2003 gig for you to download. Click here.

6th May 2003 The Official site has just published and confirmed John's Summer Dates for the festivals he will appear at. Let's hope he debuts some new material! For the full info and current ticket prices click here.

5th May 2003 After hearing that Jamie from TSS has hosted a few JSU chats recently and has told me that there is quite a bit of interest, I've decided to re-start my efforts. I've just set up a brand new chatroom with MSN (you have to be a Hotmail/MSN member) but it makes for a much better room with all the features without me having to pay through the nose! Anyone interested in coming along, do so this and every Wednesday from around 8pm. Click here for the link.

3rd May 2003 I've made another track available for you to download in my mp3 Section. For those who haven't heard it yet, John Squire's cover of Clash song "I'm So Bored (With The USA)" from the Glasgow Barrowlands gig (28/01/2003).

2nd May 2003 Just added a new poll for May, been a few months. Just want to know what you think about the site, oh and I'm prepared for the abuse!!! Cheers, Paul.

1st May 2003 Since there has been a lack of interesting release news, etc. recently, I decided to re-design the old site again, I hope you like it and it keeps you interested until a good bit of news turns up! Feedback to the usual address JSU.

25th April 2003 Well, you've done it now! I'm talking to those naughty people who have apparently been abusing John Squire's management and website team. They've now had enough and have closed the official forum until further notice. This will not, however, upset a lot of people as the forum has suffered in the many months it has been since the official site produced any official news of any kind. If you are a regular of the Official Forum (if there's any left) and want to post messages and comments then I suggest that you visit the IAWS forum hosted by Will Odell (access through my links page).

24th April 2003 Hi there folks, just to let you know that this site has not been abandoned. Sadly I got made redundant recently (from my proper job ;-)) and I have therefore been extremely busy, what with job hunting at the moment and have not really had any spare time for JSU and also there has been no decent news to tell you of late anyway! I will try and get some new material, ie downloads, articles, etc. as soon as possible. For now I'm just chilling out with my Roses albums!

2nd April 2003 Just changed the counter on my front page, as I was having problems with my last one. It dropped a few thousand! Oh well, I was getting bored with the old one anyway!

22nd March 2003 I have just completed the Seahorses gigology in my GIGS section and have started to list The Stone Roses gigography which I will complete shortly.

22nd March 2003 Ian Brown and U.N.K.L.E. premiere their new track 'R.E.I.G.N.' at an anti-war benefit, according to the NME. Read the whole article here.

25th February 2003 I have just updated my GIGS page with all the new info and I have also started to list Seahorses gigs, which will hopefully be completed over the next couple of weeks. I will then start adding Stone Roses gigs, to give a complete Gigography for John Squire's career-span.

24th February 2003 My MP3 section is back up and running now, I'll be adding some new tracks over the next month hopefully.

24th February 2003 I have just seen some pics of Squire at the Shinsaibashi Quattro gig (19/02/2003) after being sent the link by Takamori (an international visitor of my site), I was also given the setlist, which I will update in my Gigs section shortly. Top work, thanks very much! Click here to take a look.

18th February 2003 Unfortunantly, I've had to temporarily close down my MP3 section as one individual is purposely trying to use up all my bandwidth for the month. It will be re-opened once I get home, look up the IP addresses and take suitable action (with the aid of my Tracer program, my car and a baseball bat ;-)!!! ).

15th February 2003 Just updated my discography page. New stuff includes: John Squire 'Joe Louis' Promo CD, JS promo/merchantise items, Seahorses JAP CDs, Stone Roses promo Videos, overseas CDs and 'The Stone Roses' LP GOLD DISC. Enjoy.

10th February 2003 Got a website (new or old) about anything whatever? If you think that visitors to my site will find it of interest then add it to my new Your Links page.

10th February 2003 Apparently, according to yesterday's News Of The World, The Stone Roses have turned down 1,000,000 to reunite and headline this year's Reading Festival. On the upside though, they are planning a comeback, but not until next year. It's up to you to decide how factual the News Of The World is though.

10th February 2003 IAWS forum user PABLO, has found a very interesting little tit-bit on the 'net, Gary 'MANI' Mounfield's entry on FriendsReunited, click here to take a look!

10th February 2003 I was absolutely blown away by the gig at Shepherds Bush Empire on last Thursday. It was definitely the best gig I've been to in a long time. All those doubters out there concerned about John playing Roses tracks seem to have quietened down after seeing the Squire performing a ten minute version of Fools Gold live, outstanding. I didn't take my camera because I didn't want to lose it, so, anyone with any pics of the London gig (in particular) email them to me and I'll post them up. The same goes for anyone who managed to record any of the gig(s).

5th February 2003 Come visit Squire Live Chat (hosted by myself) tonight from approximately 7.30pm onwards, particularily those who going to the Shepherd's Bush gig tomorrow and those who've attended any of the recent gigs.

4th February 2003 Just posted BBC Manchester's live review of the gig at the Ritz, to view it, click here.

4th February 2003 I've just started collecting a list of sources for live pics of the current John Squire tour. To see where all the pics are, click here.

3rd February 2003 Just updated the setlist for Dublin Ambassador(25/01/03) access it through Tour Dates, I'll update the rest once I've confirmed the setlists. Also just updated the list of venues including the two Japanese dates.

2nd February 2003 Hop over to This Is The Daybreak for an excellent exclusive interview with Paul Schroeder (an engineer on the Roses' legendary debut album). Well worth the read.

27th January 2003 John Squire aired on Scottish radio - Clyde FM and played a six track session. He started with Roses track "Driving South", debut single "Joe Louis", "How Do You Sleep", "Time Changes Everything", "I Miss You" and finished with a tribute to Joe Strummer, Clash track "I'm Bored (With The USA)". He also added The Clash track to the Belfast Limelight gig on the 24th.

25th January 2003 A John Squire gig finally sells out. According to an advert in the NME recently, Manchester Ritz has reached capacity.

16th January 2003 According to the NME today, Ian Brown is set to appear in the next Harry Potter movie! Brown signed up for a role after being introduced to the casting agent. "He's going to have a screen test for a speaking part but if that doesn't work out I think he'll be getting a bit part in the movie somewhere or other," a Manc source revealed. Brown is also currently working on his fourth solo studio album, the follow up to the excellent Music Of The Spheres. Release of this material is expected later in the year.

15th January 2003 Special guests have been announced and confirmed for the John Squire tour this month/Feburary. The Basement will be appearing at the following gigs, Belfast (24), Dublin (25), Aberdeen (27), Glasgow (28) and Newcastle (30). Cranebuilders to appear at Aberdeen (27) and Glasgow (28). Minuteman to appear at Newcastle (30) and Leeds (31) and Palo Alto are to appear at Leeds (31), Manchester (3 Feb), Sheffield (5) and London (6). In other tour news - no venue has yet sold out.

2nd January 2003 Well I hope you all had an excellent night out on New Year's Eve and a not-so-bad hang over on New Year's Day, I've had an excellent start to the New Year - yesterday I had my 20,000th visit to my site since launching (way) back in September 2002. Hopefully now the Christmas period is finally behind us, I'll get back to some more regular updates, etc.

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