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31st December 2004 New Manchester Online article added revealing Squire's latest comments about the trouble that the band went through recording Second Coming, and more specifically, of Ian Brown. Thanks to regular Capecod for the heads up on this story. Click here for the full article.

25th December 2004 Well, Christmas is upon us! I'd just like to take the opportunity of thanking everyone for all the visits, support and contributions over the last 2 and a bit years! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. I can't wait to hear some Squire related news, which I'll bring to your attention the second I spot something! and, I would love to dig out some more Squire rarieties next year as well, was a good year for that in 2004. Finally, lets hope 2005 is another Rosey year for us all.

24th December 2004 Here you go then, here (just in time for Christmas) is the second of two Oasis Ft John Squire performances from Knebworth 11/08/1996, 'I Am The Walrus'. Enjoy. Click here to view the video.

11th December 2004 As mentioned earlier in the week, I've built a special Second Coming - 10th Anniversary mini-site to commemorate 10 years since the release of the phenomenal second album from The Stone Roses (released 5th December 1994). I've still got a few things to do but there's plenty to listen to and watch, some wallpapers, etc., I hope it's suitably nostalgic! Click here to visit the site.

9th December 2004 As promised (on JSU Forums) here is the first of two Oasis Ft John Squire performances from Knebworth 11/08/1996, 'Champagne Supernova'. Hopefully I will have the second, 'I Am The Walrus' up soon. Click here to view the video.

8th December 2004 John throws the rumour of John 'dropping himself from own label' into doubt with a mailing to the fans, thanking them for their support and stating "we hope to bring you news of further releases in the New Year". They also announce that John has sold over 800 of his limited edition prints so far and demand is high for Xmas. To buy one of the prints, visit John Squire

7th December 2004 As the full details of the next Ian Brown single, 'Time Is My Everything' are revealed (released 17th January 2005), the surprise track to make it on to the listing is a new version of The Stone Roses classic 'Where Angels Play' (which Ian Brown played live on Later With Jools Holland recently). Previously the track only made it onto a Stone Roses release after Silvertone bundled a rough version of it onto the 1991 single release of 'I Wanna Be Adored'.

5th December 2004 So here it is, ten years since the release of Second Comimg, the, then, long awaited second album from The Stone Roses. This was the album that changed by life and set me on the Rosey path and so to commemorate this day, I will be commissioning a special Second Coming 10th Anniversary mini-site, packed with SC goodness, I only properly started it 2 days ago, so it's not quite ready for you today but I let you know as soon as it's open.

4th December 2004 JSU receives a new Stone Roses promo. It's been a while since the last official Stone Roses release so here's the details... It's entitled 'The Stone Roses 19-track BMG Publisher's Promo' and features one of the most bizarre Stone Roses tracklistings ever ("12 tracks by The Stone Roses... plus 7 remixes") and comments nicely packaged with some interesting (inaccurate) notes and a bit of a stab at successors to the Roses' riches, Geffen. Click here for full details.

24th November 2004 Happy 42nd Birthday, Mr. John Squire. Well let's hope that whatever John's up to musically, he has a top day today. Lets see how things pan out and give best wishes to the man who gave us 'The Stone Roses', 'Second Coming', 'Do It Yourself', 'Time Changes Everything' and 'Marshall's House'! Let's hope he brings his Exhibiton (with soundtrack) back to the UK in 2005 as well.

22nd November 2004 I have recently got my hands on a very rare CD, that I wasn't even sure existed and some interesting info about The Rising, the band that Stuart Fletcher (ex-Seahorses) and Paul Banks (ex-Shed Seven) along with drummer Maxi (Audioweb) and vocalist David McKellar formed in 1999/2000 inbetween The Seahorses and The Yards.

The untitled promo CD consists of 5 tracks, 'All My Life', 'Feeling Alright', 'Lies Spread', 'Full Of Holes' and 'Find Your Level' and maintains a fairly high Verve/Ashcroft/Shed Seven/Seahorses vibe throughout. Click here for a larger picture. Full info on the band will be up on my Family Tree when I finish the latest update. I have also added The Rising to my Tracks Database.

21st November 2004 No third solo album???. John Squire appears in Manchester United fanzine 'United We Stand' and finally gives us a glimpse of what he is used to at the moment. John reveals to the mag that he is mainly painting, playing guitar and bringing up kids at the moment. He is recording new music but apparently it's intended as a soundtrack to his forthcoming Japanese Exhibition (March 2005). He also told the magazine that he has dropped himself from his own label as he does not sell enough records so there will be no 3rd solo album... I'm sure that if that is true it does not mean we will not see him return to the scene in some form or other.

Also, he, like Ian Brown is going back to the 'not in this lifetime' answer to the inevitable "what about a Stone Roses reunion" question, which is a shame. Thanks to JSU regular capecod for the info. I am trying to locate a full copy of this article to put up on the site, if you have it and are able to please send scans or transcripts of it to (in full if possible).

18th November 2004 The Raid have entered into Xfms 'Rock School' competition with their cool cover of Franz Ferdinand's 'Michael'. Feel free to VOTE for this SUPERB NEW BAND. Click here to get the list of entrants, the scroll down until you find The Raid - 'Michael' to hear their track! It's my gal's niece's band and I for one think it's an awesome cover.

16th November 2004 Ian Brown's performance of 'Where Angels Play' from the Later With Jools Holland show has been added to the site. Click here to watch the performance.

15th November 2004 JSU Exclusive. I've finally uploaded the full Marshall's House tour gig (which I am 99% sure is the Glasgow Academy, 25th March 2004 gig). This, I believe is the only recording made from the short 2nd album tour and although the quality is not the greatest, it's a unique chance to hear Marshall's House songs performed live. I've also knocked up some artwork incase you wish to print it out. Click here to go to the tracks. Feel free to discuss your views of it on the Forum.

13th November 2004 JSU Exclusive. As promised, the new, full video footage of John Squire performing 'Fools Gold' at the Fuji Festival 2003 Is now up on the site. Find it here in the audio/video (mp3) section, or directly by clicking the image below.

13th November 2004 Ian Brown was on Later With Jools Holland last night and performed 3 songs, album opener 'Longsight M13'. forthcoming single 'Time Is My Everything' and the Stone Roses classic, 'Where Angels Play'. He was also interviewed by Jools Holland (and shown the same The Live Show footage that John Squire had been played when he was on the show, back when he was in The Seahorses). Ian Brown's backing band also led the shows signature circle of introduction with a Love Bug vibe, Click here to watch a clip of the introductions.

12th November 2004 All change again at JSU. I've recently enlisted the services of a new web host with 4 times the file storage and all the bandwidth I'll ever need and for even less than I've been paying, which is nice. This should not affect you or the site at all, except for the fact that it will allow me to upload even more material than I have been. Whilst I will try to keep inconvenience to a minimum, please bear with me over the next few files as I transfer the site over to the new host. If you could report any brokes links/missing pages to me at then that would be infinitely helpful. The new domain that I've set up with this host is though at the moment, only a fraction of the site is hosted there.

11th November 2004 Another JSU Exclusive. This time it's John Squire performing the classic Stone Roses track 'Fools Gold' at the Fuji Rock Festival 2003. Hopefully the full video will be up on the site soon, until then enjoy the best screencaps I got from it. Click Here for 50+ screencaps of the performance.

10th November 2004 JSU Exclusive. The new, full video footage of John Squire performing 'Time Changes Everything' at the T In The Park 2003 Is now up on the site. Find it here in the audio/video (mp3) section, or directly by clicking the image below.

7th November 2004 Andy Watts played the last of 3 warm-up shows last night in preparation for his two support slots with the John Butler Trio next week. Andy gave another perfect performance and was even joined by ex-Mozer guitarist, Paul Dawson. Click Here to read the full review.

5th November 2004 JSU Exclusive. John Squire (solo!) performing the track 'Time Changes Everything' at the T In The Park 2003 festival. I will get the full video up on the site soon, until then enjoy the best screencaps I got from it. Thanks to JSU regular Breaker for loaning me his video containing this rare gem of a Squire solo performance! Click Here for 60+ screencaps of the performance.

31st October 2004 6 pictures of John Squire at the Fuji Rock Festival 2003 have been added to my Pictures page. I found them on a Japanese MTV website, they are not of him performing but I'm pretty sure that they haven't appeared anywhere else (on UK sites).

28th October 2004 Andy Watts will be performing 3 smaller warm-up dates prior to supporting the The John Butler Trio. Andy plays The 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, London, WC2 (Nov 1, 6) Tel: 020 7209 2160 and The Ivy House, 40 Stuart Road, London SE15 (Nov 5) Tel: 020 7732 0222.

27th October 2004 Stone Roses - Ian Brown and Mani were reunited onstage for the recent Manchester Apollo gig. The NME gives full info of the gig in this week's magazine. Click here to read the full article.

26th October 2004 Go Home Productions are set to release their lastest 'mash-up' 'Processed Waterfall' on 8th November as a Limited Edition one-sided white label 12" on Half Inch Recordings. This track is a mix of the classic Stone Roses track 'Waterfall' and Kasabian's latest single 'Processed Beats' and from the 30 second clip, it's not sounding too bad at all. This comes from the people that brought you 'If My Girl Was Stoned', an Aayliah/Roses Mix back from October 2002. Visit Go Home Productions for more details.

24th October 2004 On the strength of Andy Watts' acoustic performance at The Ivy House, Andy has secured two support slots with The John Butler Trio. He is set to appear at The Academy 3, Manchester (10th Nov) and Shepherds Bush Empire, London (11th Nov). For tickets call 0161 832 1111 for the Academy 3 and visit for Shepherd's Bush.

23rd October 2004 U.N.K.L.E.'s lastest single 'R.E.I.G.N.' (featuring Ian Brown) which is released 15th November is now available to pre-order.

22nd October 2004 Regulars to JSU / JSU Forums might remember the discovery of a mystery John Squire piece of artwork. I could not find many details of it, nor guarantee it's authenticity... until I just happened to be watching the Music Box interview preceeding the 'Elephant Stone' performance (again) which was included on the recent The Stone Roses The DVD and noticed that it was the backdrop that John and Ian were interviewed in front of. Click Here for the full details and screen caps on JSU Gallery.

21st October 2004 Andy Watts performed a superb acoustic set in the candle-lit backroom of The Ivy House last night. He performed 9 songs in total, including previous Mozer tracks 'Believe', 'Mr Good News' and title-track from his forth-coming debut LP 'A World Of Hearts Right Here'. Click Here to read the full review.

19th October 2004 NME Online gives details on last night's Manchester Apollo gig, as well as providing the set-list for the evening. Click here to read the full article.

11th October 2004 This month's Record Collector provides an indepth delve into the world of The Stone Roses bootlegs, providing detailed analysis of the famous gigs that they are remembered for. Click here to read the full article.

11th October 2004 Zoo Weekly interviews Ian Brown about his recent work with Noel, football, George Best and Roses reunion chances. Click here to read the full article.

11th October 2004 I'm pleased to announce that Whispers has received a new domain, you can now find this site at, another one of my sites to get the same treatment is my new Definitive Stone Roses Discography which you can now find at

8th October 2004 Another big overhaul for my Discography, which now becomes The Definitive Stone Roses Discography, the largest on the 'net featuring all off-shoot artists' own back catalogues as well as every release from The Stone Roses. Each artist, now has its own colour-scheme attempting to match a significant release, The Stone Roses one copies the reverse of their 'The Stone Roses' debut, whilst the Seahorses' get a 'You Can Talk To Me' look. Click here to explore the Discography.

There's still work to go with total rescans and updates planned for The Stone Roses, The Seahorses, Primal Scream and The Shining discographies over the coming months.

7th October 2004 Things are moving on for Ex-Seahorses drummer Andy Watts who has spent recent years as frontman/songwriter of Mozer (pictured below), also providing guitars. During their time together, Mozer produced two fine EPs 'Believe' and 'By My Side' which were sadly much undiscovered. Well, sadly Mozer are no more, but Andy Watts is currently in the process of recording a solo album, entitled 'The World Of Hearts Right Here'. The album started off with a collection of 40 songs, all penned by Andy. Andy told JSU, "it is me playing everything (vox, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, perc, etc.) as I wanted to simplify the music, and it feels like the time is right for once..."

Andy Watts plays an intimate acoustic gig at The Ivy House, 40 Stuart Road, London, SE15 3BE (Oct 20).

6th October 2004 The Yards have a busy month of gigging ahead of them, announcing a full October tour. They play The Minster, York (Oct 15), The Buffalo Bar, London (Oct 21), Central Stn, Wrexham (Oct 23), The Bullingdon Arms, Oxford (Oct 24), The Barfly, Liverpool (Oct 25), The Cooperage, Newcastle upon Tyne (Oct 26) and The Circulation, Burnley (Oct 30). Click here for the full info and ticket prices/info.

1st October 2004 New article added, it's from July but I'm putting it on the news page and it was new to me and I don't think many would have read it. John Squire's former home in Chorlton was up for sale again in July and Manchester Online had a word with the (then) current vendor, who originally bought the property from Squire. Click here to read the full article.

1st October 2004 Mani pushes a Stone Roses reunion (again). According to today, Mani said that he wants to record new material with Ian Brown during an interview on Sky One's Tim Lovejoy And The Allstars (29th Sept). Mani and the rest of Primal Scream are currently working on their next album. Click here to read the full article.

21st September 2004 It's taken best part of three months and many headaches for me... but here's my massively upgraded Ian Brown Discography including full scans and info for all albums, singles, promos, imports and other items that I've found information for. Click here to view the Discography. It looks much better viewed from the Whispers frameset (as it's all red! - will fix this eventually.)

19th September 2004 JSU reviews Rising Times's forthcoming EP 'All The Way' which is released on the 8th November on CD and 7". Thanks to them for sending me an advance copy, which I highly recommend to all. Click here read the full review.

19th September 2004 Ian Brown's 4th Studio album 'Solarized' enters the UK Top 40 albums chart this week at Number 7.

14th September 2004 JSU reviews Ian Brown's 4th Studio album 'Solarized' which was released yesterday on Fiction. Click here read the full review.

13th September 2004 John Squire is providing the artwork (a previously unseen piece) for a Manchester compilation Ten From Ten. The compilation features a 'new canon of bands' from Manchester and is to be released 1st November 2004 on CD and limited 12" vinyl. Steve 'Adj' Atherton is one of the minds behind this idea to push some of Manchester's new talents into the public's reach. Click here to read the full press release (and larger cover picture).

13th September 2004 Ian Brown's much anticipated fourth studio album 'Solarized' is released today on Fiction on CD and LP. Click here to order SOLARIZED.

8th September 2004 JSU reviews last night's performance by The Yards at The Metro in Oxford Street, London. I managed to get some nice pics as well as a set-list and a signed CD! Click here to look at all that.

1st September 2004 Two years ago to the day, I properly opened JSU (John Squire - The Unofficial Site) for the first time. I had no idea then that I'd still be doing it 24 months later, how many visitors I'd recieve and how many hours I'd have to spend staring at my screen forever expanding my little corner of the web. To thanks you for all the visits, as you know, I've been working on a special project, so here it is, several headaches later!! Thanks to all who took the time to contribute to this project, it was essential! Click here to go read Don't Stop.

1st September 2004 JSU reviews 'Independently Blue' the debut solo album of Hayley Hutchinson. Big thanks to Hayley for giving me a listen of her CD. It features guest artists like John Hutchinson (ex-Bowie), Stuart Fletcher & Chris Helme (Yards, ex-Seahorses). Visit Hayley Hutchinson's official site for samples and more info. 'Independently Blue' is out Monday (6th Sept) on HaYLo Media and Hayley plays Fibbers in York this Friday (3rd Sept) with Chris Helme. Click here to read the full review.

30th August 2004 Good news if (like me) you were one of the few people who were unable to watch the 'Room In Brooklyn' promo video on the John Squire official site for some technical reason. I have found a version that you will be able to view. Hop over to JSU Forums for details on how you can view it.

18th August 2004 Mani picks out this generation's 'Stone Roses' in an NME interview with both Mani and his pick of the bunch Kasabian. click here for the full article.

17th August 2004 The Stone Roses & Oasis offered Carling 2005? According to an article on Vince Power (Mean Fiddler promoter) has been talking to them about his dream line-up. 'Reminded of Ian Brown's recent announcement that he'd never reform the band, Power laughed, "That's almost like saying 'How much?' Hopefully he's listening; it might put the idea in his head."' Click here to read the full article.

17th August 2004 Three new articles have been uploaded... two are from regular Breaker, Sunday Mail - John Squire exhitibion & artwork info (01/02/04), Daily Record - John Squire Live, King Tut's Review (08/02/04) and this one from regular Rez NME - Complete Stone Roses to release 'Sun Still Shines' (03/01 issue).

15th August 2004 Whoever just visited JSU was my 100,000th visitor!!! Thanks to all for all the visits over the last 2 years. I can't believe I've broken to 100K barrier within 2 years! We've had some busy days recently but not busy enough to break my record of 673 unique visitors in one day. Click here to see the moment of truth!

12th August 2004 NME interviews Ian Brown for the first time in years and asks him all manner of questions regarding the recent Roses set-list, the new album, etc. click here for the full article.

11th August 2004 JSU reviews the new Yards single 'Only Myself To Blame'. The single is released next Monday (16th August) on Global Warming Records. Click here to read the full review.

9th August 2004 Ian Brown single 'Keep What Ya Got' gets first exclusive air-play on the BBC RADIO 1's Evening Session (Monday 9th August) and it's a pretty sound pointer for the album! The single is up for general release Monday 13th September 2004. Even more info and 'Keep What Ya Got' lyrics on JSU Whispers.

3rd August 2004 JSU IS 2 Project... I've created two forms to make your part in this even easier. The first is for submitting your Top 5s / Top 10s, the second is to submit your reviews / views / stories, etc.

1st August 2004 JSU IS 2 Project... Realising that I've got less than a month to go 'til I present it to you, I thought I'd better post a reminder. While this project is a special one-off to tie in with JSU IS 2, I can tell you that it will be a permanent fixture of sorts, so if you want your views/etc to be set in stone for all time then send it in to me by Friday 29th August. As you know, I'm looking for any and all of your reviews of Stone Roses / Ian Brown / John Squire / Seahorses / etc gigs, CDs, all top 5s (10s, 20s, etc) for example my top 5 Roses tunes, my top 5 bass lines, etc. Also looking for your stories, how you got into the Roses, your fav Roses events, etc. Thanks to all who have sent stuff in so far! Please email me any contributions.

31st July 2004 JSU's Family Tree is the next (and hopefully last - except for a few of the Discography items) to get changed over to the new blue look. I've also added most famous record covers and some more info on some of the individual pages. Click here to view the Family Tree.

31st July 2004 Ian Brown 'Solarized', Claremont gig and The Yards forthcoming album tracks all added to Tracks section. Click here to go to the Tracks database.

29th July 2004 As of today, JSU changes its homepage url to so it will be even more easy to find and hopefully will increase the number of visitors further.

29th July 2004 'Solarized', Ian Brown's 4th studio album which is set for release 20th September 2004, is now available to preorder. Click here to preorder.

28th July 2004 For all forum visitors, I'm going to stick with the blue look for the time being, I've gotten used to it now, but keep your comments/suggestions coming. Click here to visit the board, now in its 3rd month with over 40 members and 4000 posts.

27th July 2004 If you were at the Claremont gig, you may have noticed some rather cool t-shirts on sale that featured the words Ian Brown Solarized in lovely Japanese style writing. Solarized is the title of Ian Brown's 4th studio solo album. Click here for the tracklisting.

26th July 2004 As promised, here is the full JSU review of last night's Ian Brown gig at Claremont Landscape Gardens, Esher, Surrey. click here to read the full article. Hopefully I will have some pics in the next few days.

26th July 2004 New poll added will Brownie's full Roses set-list liven up the chances of a Roses reunion?! click here to cast your vote.

26th July 2004 Ian Brown plays full The Stone Roses set-list at Claremont Landscape Gardens, Esher, Surrey. It was a bit of a surprise performance for those in the audience who were expecting to hear plenty of his new material, Brown only played the one new song 'Time Is My Everything' (T.I.M.E.). For the full set-list, click here. Hopefully with pics and a review to come.

21st July 2004 Here is the cover image for the forthcoming The Yards debut single, 'Only Myself To Blame' to be released on the 9th August 2004 on Global Warming Records.

14th July 2004 As part of the update/changeover to the new 'blue-look' JSU, I'm updating and redesigning the discography. Featuring much better quality and many more scans of each individual item, with better navigation and easy to view thumbnails. It will probably take some time to completely change it all over but click here to see the updated John Squire Solo discography which is now complete.

14th July 2004 The Yards, featuring ex-Seahorses Chris Helme & Stuart Fletcher, have set a release date of 27th September 2004 for their debut album 'The Yards'. The provisional tracklisting runs as: 'Forget Your Regrets', 'Get Off My Back', 'The Devil Is Alive And Well And In DC', 'Only Myself To Blame', 'Crime', 'On The Inside', 'Superhuman', 'Pure', 'California', 'Fireflies', 'Up Til Dawn'. Their debut single, 'Only Myself To Blame' is to be released on the 9th August 2004.

13th July 2004 The Guardian publishes a brief article explaining how The Stone Roses classic debut album 'The Stone Roses' made it back to number 9 in the UK's Top 40 album's chart last Sunday, its highest position ever. Click here for the full article.

9th July 2004 I've added a new batch of albums/singles to my Lyrics section including the classic The Stone Roses and Second Coming albums, Garage Flower, all tracks from The Seahorses singles and some rare live Seahorses tracks. Click here to view them all. Expect more soon.

30th June 2004 JSU is looking for fans' reviews of gigs, CDs, Bootlegs, Roses memories, first time you heard the music, Top 5/10s etc any Stone Roses / Seahorses / Ian Brown / John Squire, etc. Any photos you've taken over the years, and of course more artwork. I don't want to give too much away at this time because I need to put a lot more thought into it but I can confirm that it will be for a special giveaway for JSU is 2, so the more you contribute, the better it will be! Please email me any contributions.

29th June 2004 Hop over to JSU Forums, already well into its 2nd month. We have 31 registered members and over 3,000 posts. Register now and gain access to a members-only area of JSU which features exclusive tracks, info, games, etc. Click here to visit the message boards.

28th June 2004 The Stone Roses The DVD was released today and thankfully it's a little better than the original VHS video release of The Complete Stone Roses (1995), for a start, it features the classic (only fully recorded official gig) Blackpool '89 with 5.1 enhanced sound and restored audio and there's also the full Radipo feature, Ian & John (non) interview and extented home video footage (20:17 as opposed to the 5:17's worth that featured on the enhanced 10th Anniversary CD - 1999). Click here for the full tracklisting and pics with my discography entry.

Buy The Stone Roses The DVD

24th June 2004 The Yards, featuring ex-Seahorses Chris Helme & Stuart Fletcher, have recorded a new version of 'Only Myself To Blame' (which featured on their 2003 internet-only EP, 'The Devil Is Alive And Well And In DC') and they're planning to release it as their debut single on the 9th August 2004 with the album following a month later. The single is backed by 'California' and 'Moonbeams' (the latter featuring on the Jap version of their EP).

23rd June 2004 Unless you are a bit blind or this is your first visit, no doubt you have noticed that I've redesigned JSU. I felt that after my recent efforts, JSU Whispers and JSU Seahorses JSU was starting to look a bit old and unstylish. I'll be changing the rest of the pages to the new look over the next week or so. I've also updated my John Squire Biography to bring it up to date and include more recent events and I've also rescaned all the pics to brighten it up. Any comments to the usual address

22nd June 2004 Get over to JSU Whispers for all the latest Ian Brown news, the site is now being run exclusively to my JSU site.

21st June 2004 Pre-order the new The Very Best Of The Stone Roses DVD (released next Monday) through JSU, it's packed with features and enhanced sound, etc.

18th June 2004 Three new excellent Ian Brown T-shirts have been commissioned and are for sale now. To go straight to click the left picture below, to have a more detailed look at the three designs, click the T-shirts picture.

15th June 2004 I've uploaded a huge batch of Media Articles, including Cool's Gold - huge feature Stone Roses coolest band of all time, John Squire tour adverts, John Squire debuts 'Waterfall', Ian Brown Monkey protests, TCE first details, The Shining - biographies/interviews, news about John Squire's Skunk Works, Chris Helme first live review and many more and even more to come soon! Click on either of the two buttons below to see them all.

9th June 2004 Scans and animations of Mani - Primal Scream's excellent performance of 'Movin' On Up' as featured on the new Cool Britannia Later with Jools Holland DVD that was released on Monday. That's currently available to view on JSU Forums.

9th June 2004 Mick Knaggs (from Elephant Stoned) has uploaded a clip of Ian Brown in the new Harry Potter film, Click here to view, if by any chanc you can't see it, I've created a hacked-down version that's currently available to view on JSU Forums.

4th June 2004 JSU WHISPERS is now open!! Here's my little tribute to Ian Brown to give him some more support for his upcoming album and tours, etc... I've still got loads of articles and music to put up but there should be enough for you to get on with for now. As usual all and any feedback (and any broken links, etc) will be gratefully received. Enjoy.

3rd June 2004 Ian Brown is indeed in the new Harry Potter film, 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' for about a second, I haven't seen it but here's the picture that appeared in yesterday's NME. Ian Brown makes the most fleeting cameo sitting by himself in a pub called the Leaky Cauldron engrossed in a book entitled 'A Brief History Of Time, by Stephen Hawkings'. Click the pic to enlarge.

2nd June 2004 New Ian Brown mini-site cancelled, new IAN BROWN website JSU WHISPERS coming soon...

28th May 2004 A brand new Seahorses mini-site opens! You said you wanted one, so here it is, a Seahorses mini-site brought to you by JSU. featuring all the Seahorses info from JSU in one handy resource. Also expect an IAN BROWN JSU mini-site soon!!!

21st May 2004 For Sale I need to free up some space in my home, desparately so I've made a list of allsorts that I want to chuck out. I just want to see if anyone's after any of it, most of it is Indie/Alt but there's some offer dodgy CDs as well!), etc. Click here to have a look For Sale.

14th May 2004 JSU Gallery gets a quick update of info, thanks to the online Guardian article - including new artwork 'Run1', whose face 'All I Really Want' is and what the letters 'IJ52' stand for (finally!!). Click here to visit JSU Gallery.

11th May 2004 The Sun's at it again. Less than a week after the 'Squire forming Supergroup with Liam Gallagher and Dhani Harrison', they've got a new one. Apparently Noel Gallagher has collaborated on a track with Ian Brown for his 4th solo studio album (as yet untitled). Noel is responsible for the music, whilst Ian has written the lyrics and of course, provides the vocal. But the NME actually supports this latest rumour. Click here to read the full article.

11th May 2004 JSU Gallery has been updated with all the new John Squire artwork on individual pages with as much information as I've got at the moment. Also added are some more pictures that I was missing. Big thanks to Mick from Elephant Stoned who kindly gave me permission to use some of the pics that he took. Click here to visit JSU Gallery.

9th May 2004 Brand New John Squire artwork is being exhibited at the current Manchester Exhibition. Mick from Elephant Stoned was able to take some fantastic shots of the artwork, some of which were not on display at the recent ICA exhibition. I'm hoping to get some full details of the new pieces for JSU Gallery. Get over to Elephant Stoned to look at all of Mick's photos.

8th May 2004 Brand New and HEAVILY improved JSU message boards! I know I've gone through 2 or 3 forums in the past months but I stumbled across this one and thought it was perfect. I can accept members, run polls, run multi-boards, etc. Hopefully it should improve on my previously lacking forums!!!. Click here to visit the message boards.

7th May 2004 Another new poll added. This time a bit of a visitor survey - Which is your favorite JSU section/site? Click here to cast your vote.

7th May 2004 More classic Stone Roses articles relating to the Reading 1996 festival. Melody Maker & NME reviews with a fair few new pictures and two Select articles that you may not have read before. Check out my Ancient Articles section to find them and other classic reviews, etc.

6th May 2004 Classic Stone Roses article added to Ancient Articles section. The Melody Maker's full-transcript of the Reading '96 press conference. To read the full article click here.

4th May 2004 The NME denies rumours started by The Sun yesterday that John Squire is to form a supergroup along with Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. "A spokesperson for Gallagher vehemently denied the rumours in a statement". "Liam is already in a supergroup called Oasis, and far from taking a break in London". To read the full article click here.

3rd May 2004 According The Sun, John Squire is to form a supergroup along with Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and the late Beatle George Harrison's son - Dhani. Of course many Roses-related rumours have been started by The Sun and so far none of them have come true! However if it is true, it won't be the first time that Squire and Gallagher have collaborated, the duo worked together on The Seahorses' 3rd single 'Love Me And Leave Me'. To read the full article click here.

30th April 2004 New poll added. It's about time Squire released a 2nd single off Marshall's House, if he's going to, which track should it be? click here to cast your vote.

29th April 2004 I have received a copy of the promo CD Lighthouse And Buildings. I have confirmed with Hall Or Nothing (John's Press agents) that this is an official release. Apparently, a limited amount of copies of this promo CD were produced for Anglo Plugging for radio promotions. They did not, however, confirm whether this or any other track would be released as 2nd single off John Squire's album 'Marshall's House'. For full info of the promo CD, click here.

23rd April 2004 John Squire is to hold his second art exhibition of works from 1988 2004 at the Great Northern, Deansgate, Manchester from Friday May 7th to Sunday May 16th 2004. Admission will cost 3, payable on entrance. The exhibition will be open daily from 11am to 8pm. The exhibition space is situated on the first floor of The Great Northern Warehouse, a Grade 2* listed building now converted into a leisure and entertainment complex in the center of Manchester. For further information and details of how to get to the Great Northern click here.

23rd April 2004 First three Ian Brown albums (Unfinished Monkey Business, Golden Greats & Music Of The Spheres) have been added to my Lyrics section, ready for when the new Ian Brown album is released.

23rd April 2004 New Wallpapers have been added to my Downloads section, this time they've been created by John Squire Official Forum regular 'Breaker'.

2nd April 2004 Lighthouse And Buildings (Portland Head, Cape Elizabeth, Maine) has been named as possible 2nd single off John Squire's album 'Marshall's House'. I can reveal that details of a 1 track promo cd featuring 'Lighthouse & Buildings' on it has been forwarded to JSU, but I've yet to confirm this as a genuine release. The CD-R is described as '2004 UK Northcountry 1-track promo CD-R acetate taken from the album 'Marshalls House', custom picture sleeve with details of John's 'Artworks 1988-2004' art prints sale'.

1st April 2004 JSU Gallery is now open for you to visit. I hope you enjoy it and find it a useful addition to the Stone Roses community. There's still a little bit to do, to add so more info to some sections and I'm hopefully getting some very special artwork in the next few days which I will make available as soon as possible.

24th March 2004 BRAND NEW JSU SITE coming soon. It was meant to be just a new section but it's coming on so well that I've decided to make it a stand-alone site. It will be a website about John Squire's artwork. I'm hoping to release it to everyone on the 1st April 2004 but it may take a little longer. It's looking quite presentable now but I'm thinking of new things everyday and I want it to be as perfect as I can make it for the launch... To really blow your heads off!

16th March 2004 I've just updated the lyrics to Marshall's House and Room In Brooklyn (single) to coincide with the official lyrics sheet that comes with the Japanese version of the CD. In parts it is quite different to what I had worked out. It's all in my Lyrics section.

11th March 2004 Ian Brown is set to play a summer show for the National Trust in the Claremont Landscape Garden in Esher, Surrey on 25th July. The concert will take place in front of a lake in a turf amphitheatre and tickets are priced at 20.

6th March 2004 Just given my Discography section another overhaul, it was starting to take a while to load the whole page as there are now so many items listed. I've given it a brand new front page and listed bands/artists seperately.

2nd March 2004 Ian Brown is apparently in Japan at the moment doing a few shows with collaborators UNKLE ('Be There', 'Reign'). He should return to the studio next month to finish work on his still-untitled fourth studio solo album. The release date for both the new single and album has been pencilled in for late May, with the main tour to follow in June. This is quite different from the January date that is still up on his official site, but hey, we know how these lads like to take their time!

2nd March 2004 New wallpaper added, this time from me, just messing about with some live pics of the Squire. Find it in my downloads section or click on the image below to get it directly.

1st March 2004 A nice John Squire review, how refreshing, courtesy of the Sunday Mirror and their review of the recent ICA gig. Click here for the full article.

28th February 2004 The Official John Squire website has uploaded the full 'Room In Brooklyn' promo video for you to watch and also a Digital Cam walkthrough of the ICA Exhibition. There is more talk that the exhibition will be touring the country after the success of the ICA, no dates are yet confirmed.

22nd February 2004 John Squire misses a Top 40 (albums) entry again. 'Marshall's House' failed to break the Top 40 albums' charts today, only reaching No. 13 in the Indie Charts (albums). It's always a shame when a good album doesn't chart as well as you think it should and the press haven't helped it with a full range of average to poor reviews, still from what I've seen, it has had a good impact on those of us that have purchased it.

21st February 2004 Big thanks to (ex-Seahorse, now Mozer frontman) Andy Watts for sending me a Promo CD of his excellent 'By My Side' EP, fantastic tunes therein! Andy has had time off with the birth of his third child but is planning to do a bit of gigging in the near future, hopefully I'll be able to put up some more info soon. I've added the CD to my discography, to take a look click here. Check out the TITD news page to hear some samples.

20th February 2004 Updated my Pictures section for the first time ever, loads of new pics and 100s more to come when I get round to scanning them.

19th February 2004 Five new Fiver Boots added to selection for you to acquire at minimum damage to your wallet! 4 Seahorses CDs & 1 of The Rub. Click here to browse.

18th February 2004 New poll added, this time is about which of the recent John Squire events you enjoyed the most. Take part here.

18th February 2004 I thought it was about time that I updated my Family Tree, soon as it is a bit of a unique feature and I haven't touched it since I launched JSU (Sept 2002). So, I've given it a complete overhaul and now it's interactive, have a play, there's the odd gap in info at the moment. Any comments / missing info to the usual address.

16th February 2004 'Marshall's House' is, of course out today, released on Digipak CD and LP. Go buy it!!

15th February 2004 BBC LDN piece on John Squire's Art Exhitibion added. Click here for the full article and a link to the Brochure (which is also in my Discography). The exhibition itself was amazing for me, seeing all those pieces in the 'flesh' as it were, especially the likes of Double Dorsal Doppleganger One (Fools Gold cover), I knew that's how he made it but I've never seen under the dappled glass before!

13th February 2004 Just updated the info for the Glasgow King Tut's gig last week. Click here for the Set-list and a load of the photos, all courtesy of JBelieve, thanks for emailing them to me.

12th February 2004 As promised here's the JSU review of the ICA gig, along with the 7 best photos that I got off my disposable camera. If you have any pics of the night or the recent Glasgow gig that you want to share with the world then email them to me at the usual address. Click here for the full review.

12th February 2004 According to, three of Manchester's finest bass players are to come together for a project and it includes our very own Mani, Peter Hook and Andy Rourke. Click here for the full article.

12th February 2004 After seeing a photographer from The Guardian at the ICA, I was expecting a review with lots of nice pictures but here it is without a single photo, sadly - they looked impressive on his laptop at the time.

12th February 2004 I've uploaded the Manchester Online review of 'Marshall's House'. Click here for the full review.

11th February 2004 I've uploaded a very interesting interview of John Squire speaking to X-Ray magazine. He also provides them with a self-portrait and comments on it, his other artistic influences and his new album. For full details, click here

11th February 2004 It appears that Silvertone are still fleecing and releasing 'The Stone Roses', the brilliant debut album that we all know and love some 15 years after its first release. I came across a UK CD reissue today in Virgin Megastore with White Lettering. For full details, click here

10th February 2004 Superb John Squire gig last night. It was my first visit to the ICA, very impressed, I got right up close to the stage. A huge set list that featured all but one of the 'Marshall's House' tracks, 7 Stone Roses classics but only two from 'Time Changes Everything'. I'll write up a proper review in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's the Set-list and one of the photos that I took to keep you going.

8th February 2004 John Squire just misses a Top 40 entry again. 'Room In Brooklyn' failed to break the Top 40 today, it did however get in at No. 9 in the Indie Charts just behind Basement Jaxx, who entered the UK Top 40 at No.33, so it couldn't have been far off. Its sales were most hampered by a lack of airplay and to a lack of shops stocking both the CD and 7". I am sure that the album will do a lot better in the charts when it is released a week tomorrow.

5th February 2004 I've just typed up the transcript for the recent John Squire interview on Virgin Radio (1st Feb 2004), Find it here. You can also listen to the interview through the Virgin Internet achive, by clicking here.

3rd February 2004 According to a post on the Official Site's message board, John Squire will soon be selling signed prints and indeed there's a newly designed website up, John Squire Apparently, you can order 1 of 11 prints from John Squire's creations (1988-2004), these are yet unconfirmed but I'd imagine that 'Double Dorsal Doppelganger One', 'Sugar' (full), 'Waterfall', 'Bye Bye Badman' and 'Marshall's House' are pretty strong contenders. These prints are to be strictly limited, numbered and signed personally by John. They are to go on sale from the 13th February 2004.

3rd February 2004 I've just added the 'Room In Brooklyn' single (including b-side 'Nighthawks') to my lyrics section.

2nd February 2004 'Room In Brooklyn' is released today (on CD and 7" Picture Disc). Find the updated entries in my discography with full artwork. Go and buy it, help get John Squire a chart position that we can be proud of!

1st February 2004 Classic Seahorses article added, it's an interview with John Squire from 1999, shortly before The Seahorses recorded most of what was to be their ill-fated second album. It's a very interesting piece, retrospectively.

31st January 2004 Q Magazine is the latest to review Marshall's House, quite brief but here it is.

30th January 2004 At last! I've got it, the actual 'Marshall's House' piece by Edward Hopper, sent to me by visitor Santori. I'm extremely grateful as it was the only Squire album-related piece that I could not track down. Find a larger picture in my Lyrics section along with the other pieces.

29th January 2004 Could Reni make it back into our lives?! According to Teletext's Planet Sound, he's got a new (Solo) album ready to go. There are no plans to release it at the moment, hopefully a record company will pick it up and put it out there (possibly North Country Records?!!). Reni is certainly an accomplished Drummer/Singer/Guitarist, but I think that his songwriting is not as strong as the Brown/Squire combination. However it would be great to hear some new material from him after The Rub never made it onto CD and fell apart in 2001.

29th January 2004 According to, and the advert released in the NME yesterday (see here for details) the release date for 'Marshall's House' is to be delayed by one week and should now hit the shops on the 16th February 2004. There is no official comment on any reason for this as of yet, the album is certainly 'all ready to go'.

29th January 2004 Seahorses '2nd Album Recordings' and 'Do It Yourself' lyrics added. Find them in my lyrics section.

29th January 2004 Now, I'd agree that 'Room In Brooklyn' may not be the best track of the album to release as the first single but I don't find it as offensive as the NME made out in their review today. I am looking forward to their review of 'Marshall's House' (next week?), since they rated 'Time Changes Everything' so highly and I believe this to be the much more commercial album.

28th January 2004 Three more articles for my Ancient Articles section. I know it's been a while but I was reading through my old stuff and stopped at Brown's first solo public appearance and thought I'd share it with you all! Enjoy.

27th January 2004 After requests for alternative methods of payments for Fiver Boots I can now accept Cheque & PO payments. For details Click here (and select Chq / PO payments at top of page).

27th January 2004 Sorry, another new Message Board / Forum. I wasn't quite happy with the other one, this is much better. Find it here.

25th January 2004 I've made The Stone Roses - 10th Anniversary Edition JAP CD my featured item. It's here in its entirity (all 58 scans!) for you to look at. Email me if you've got any comments that you want to add to the page or you've got a copy of it and want a namecheck.

24th January 2004 JSU can now to confirm the bonus tracks for the Japanese edition, they are 'Nighthawks' (b-side of 'Room In Brooklyn' single) and a demo version of 'People In The Sun'. For the full details, click here.

24th January 2004 Here's the HMV review of Marshall's House from their website, click here to read it.

21st January 2004 For those of you that have not heard any of the new Squire album, the official site has made 'Room In Brooklyn' available for you listen to.

21st January 2004 Grand Theft Auto Madchester?! According to the Computer & Video Games website, Shaun William Ryder, may have landed a vocal role for the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. "Fantastic news if true, then - now if only Rockstar can get Ian Brown to make an appearance, it'll be like the glorious days of '89". Click here to read the whole article.

14th January 2004 Three new gigs announced after the London ICA and Glasgow Kings Tut gigs sold out. The gigs will be as follows: Thurs 25th March Glasgow Academy, Fri 26th March Shepherds Bush and Sat 27th March Manchester Academy. Full details on my GIGs page. Tickets to go on sale from tomorrow for Registered Members and Saturday to the general public.

13th January 2004 New Year, New Album, New Tour... New JSU. Just updated the homepage for 2004, hope you like it. The 'John' logo took some time!

13th January 2004 You can now preorder 'Marshall's House' on LP and 'Room In Brooklyn' on CD from

12th January 2004 New JSU forum / message board opened for your convenience, I think it's a much clearer design than the last one.

9th January 2004 Sold Out!!! Both of Squire's first two gigs are now sold out, so if you've not yet got a ticket, you'll have to hope for a cheap tout at the venues!

9th January 2004 have now dropped the preorder price of 'Marshall's House' to a mere 9.99! So now there's no excuses not to buy it!

9th January 2004 It's been confirmed, the ICA has been booked for the John Squire exhibition Sat 14th Feb - Mon 16th Feb. Call the Box Office on 020 7930 3647 or visit the ICA website. See you there!!

8th January 2004 You can now buy Edward Hopper prints through JSU, if you wish to. I've put the Squire-related pieces on the first page. I really like a few of them now and am grateful to John Squire to introducing me to Edward Hopper. Access the prints through my Buy/Preorder page, or by clicking here.

8th January 2004 According to John's website designers (TeamPKD), the recent change in London venue to the London ICA (Institute Of Contemporary Arts) was to co-incide with the exhibition opening and album release date. The date of the exhibition is to be confirmed today or tomorrow but they're hinting around 14th/15th Feb.

8th January 2004 According to the Japanese site, the Japanese version of 'Marshall's House' is scheduled to have bonus material with the details still to be announced. 'Japanese edition of 2004 release from the ex-Stone Roses guitarist is scheduled to include bonus material. Details TBA. The album will feature songs recorded in 12 days at Bryn Derwen in Wales. Features the lead-off single, 'Room in Brooklyn'. Toy's Factory'.

3rd January 2004 Now, this is something I've been thinking about for a few months and have finally spent the afternoon setting up as I've had loads of requests for John Squire bootlegs. Basically, I'm offering you the gigs at minimal costs (Fiver Boots!) I've got five gigs available at the moment, so please have a look. Fiver Boots.

1st January 2004 I've made available my first interpretations of the Marshall's House lyrics. Find them in my Lyrics section, I've also included the Edward Hopper piece that relates to the songs. There's some gaps and errors but if you've heard TCE and seen the lyrics, you'll understand! I will complete/update these after more plays/suggestions. Enjoy.

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