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john squire - rca secret 2006 piece 462As previously reported, John Squire contributed a piece of artwork for the RCA Secret 2006 exhibition/sale. As I mentioned on the forum, I had obsessively studied all 2,500 pieces and whittled down a shortlist, of which piece #462 (pictured right) was the only real piece that stood out as a Squire piece, for me.

Initally it looked very different to Squire's previous works, but it reminded me of enough of his other pieces; the striking yellow piece that was Oppenheimer, the recent mixed-media pieces from early 2006 (A Sixth Of The Earth, 404, And Some Held Butterflies Between Their Lips), the falling objects and border effect from Help: A Day In The Life, even the shapes had a pollocky-early Roses artwork feel to them (if anything I thought they made the piece feel a little too Squire-esque).

I did (have to) go to the exhibition on Saturday but, sadly, the piece was long gone by the time I finally got inside the building.

john squire - rca secret 2006 piece 462 (detail)I have now spoken to, who confirm that this piece was infact by John Squire. They also confirm that John has created a number of other pieces similar to '462' which will be added to the art gallery shortly. They now also have a consultant working with them putting together a plan for a commercial exhibition next year.

Lastly they say that the prints are continuing to sell well with over 1,200 sold to date and they expect to add one or two of the Roses-era action painting series next year.

For a large image of piece #462, click here.


sounds of the city exhibitionThe Sounds Of The City exhibition is still running at the City Of Manchester Stadium but it's planned to close at the end of the year if you've yet to get yourself along.

Stone Roses artifacts on display include: Reni's famous pollocked hat (that appeared on the 10th Anniversary edition of 'The Stone Roses'), John Squire's original artwork used on the 'Ten From Ten' compilation, an Ian Brown signed drum skin, Steve Atherton's gold TSR and platinum SC discs, a signed 'Reni' hat, a poem by Reni, Mani's original notes for Fools Gold and plenty more.

I have uploaded a number of photos that I took of the exhibition but you may not want to look if you're planning to go yourself but for everyone else who is unable to make it to Manchester, you can view the photos here.

Exhibition organisers (MDMArchive) have now launched their new and improved archive site, where you can sign up and add your Mancheser bands' artifacts to their virtual archive, I've already uploaded a few of my Stone Roses items.


john squire blue vase 2John Squire is to contribute a piece for this year's RCA 'Secret' exhibition. The annual event (started in 1994) exhibs and sells postcard-sized artworks from hundreds of artists (both established and up-and-coming) for 35 each (a maximum of 4 per person). All monies raised go to the Royal College of Art Fine Art Student Award Fund.

There is a twist to this particular event: "Each artwork has a number but remains a secret until the buyer has handed over their money and the artist's signature is revealed on the back."

Postcards can be viewed at the Royal College of Art on the following dates: 17-23 Nov (10am-6pm) and 24 Nov (10am-8pm) and can only be bought on the allocated sale days in person. The sale days this year are Saturday 25 Nov (8am to 8pm) and Sunday 26 Nov (10am to 4pm).

To read the full information on the exhibition, visit the RCA website.


Mani's elusive supergroup Freebass has finally revealed itself; providing the theme tune for the returning legendary music show The Tube.

Freebass, is of course formed of the three legendary bassists Mani, Peter Hook (New Order) and Andy Rourke (The Smiths).

The Tube returned after a 19 year absence on 3rd November, the first show (including the theme music, of course) can be heard in full on the Channel4 Radio website. It also includes a live track from New Order performing the Joy Division song, 'These Days'.

To read an article on the return of The Tube and a small bit of info on Freebass, click here.

"The producers, north-west-based independent UK1FM, have pulled off something of a coup in persuading Freebass, the collective name for Hooky, Mani and Andy Rourke of New Order, Primal Scream and the Smiths, respectively, to compose the show's signature tune, which, just to complete the name-dropping, has been remixed by the Utah Saints."


one love art has added 'One Love' to its list of John Squire artwork's available on limited edition, high quality prints.

This piece is strictly limited to a run of 150 prints and is available to preorder now (officially available from 13th November) and, as with all the prints is individually numbered and signed by John Squire.

"In response to public demand we are adding the iconic 'One Love' artwork to our print portfolio. This is a unique item, the only true reproduction of the image ever made. The version featured on the front cover of the single of the same name showed the image torn to shreds. This print is bound to be highly sought after with copies limited to 150 worldwide."


jackson pollock no.5 1948A feature article in The Independent today reveals that the Jackson Pollock artwork, 'No. 5, 1948' was sold for a record $140m (73.35m).

The painting, of course, name-checked by the Stone Roses in b-side 'Going Down'; "Yeah she looks like a painting/Jackson Pollock's 'Number 5'" was owned by the Stone Roses former record label boss, David Geffen.

The previous record amount paid for an artwork was 70m ($135m) for the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt in June 2006.

To read the full article, click here.


famous reni pollocked hatThe City of Manchester Stadium hosts an exhibition of Manchester's legendary music scene. The Manchester District Music Archive has got together with Manchester City FC to explore the city's twin passions of football and music in the form of the 'Sounds Of The City' exhibition.

Items on show include the famous pollocked Reni hat (pictured, right) as worn in the classic 'Nevermind The Pollocks' NME cover photograph (Kevin Cummings) and featured on the 10th Anniversary edition of the debut album, John Squire's artwork that he provided for the Ten From Ten compilation (2004) and Mani's written workings on Fools Gold along with plenty of items from other legendary Manc acts.

The exhibition is open now until the end of the year at the Man City museum which is housed above the shop at the City of Manchester Stadium. Entry to the exhibition is 5 for adults and 3 for kids/seniors/students, visit the website for more info. The BBC Manchester site gives more info and photos.

If that wasn't enough, the organisers (MDMArchive) are building an online community archive in celebration of Manchester music which is set to expand as time goes on.


the definitive stone roses discographyIt's been a quiet time for Stone Roses news lately, but, as you must know by now, I like to keep myself busy... so I'm pleased to give you (yet another) upgrade to my Roses discography site, The Definitive Stone Roses Discography.

Most obviously I've given the front page a fresh new look (I liked the old one for about 10 minutes after I did it). I've also tidied up the format on the individual discographies and completely redesigned the item entries, putting all the information together in one place and spurred on by my recent work with Record Collector, I've added approximate values, rarity ratings and my own notes on each release and because I like to make work for myself, all extra images (inside, obi strips, booklets, etc) are getting their own pages rather than just being images to fit in with the whole style. For an example, check out this new entry with an old one.

Finally I've added dozens of new items to the discography, with plenty more to come, for a full list of new additions, click here, to visit the Discography, click here.


Great news for any Scottish fans of The Yards as the band plan their first visit next month.

Saturday 21st Oct, THE DOGHOUSE, 13 Brown Street, Dundee, DD1 5EG, 01382 206812 Tickets 6/7 Door

Sunday 22nd Oct, BARROWLANDS 2, 244 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G4 0TS, 0141 552 4601 Tickets 8

Tickets available from / 0141 204 5151

Full details on their myspace.

If you're new to The Yards and/or not sure of their relevance here, they are: Chris Helme (ex-Seahorses) vocals/guitar, Stuart Fletcher (ex-Seahorses) bass, Chris Farrell (guitar), Jon Hargreaves (keyboards/vocals) and John Miller (drums).


Can you quite believe it? I'm finding it hard but JSU has been going for 4 long years.

Yes, it was four years ago today that I officially opened the doors for the first time, since then we've had two classic John Squire albums, countless stunning artworks and not forgetting the sublime recent instrumentals. Solarized and The Greatest from Mr Brown as well as the classic gig at Claremont Landscape Gardens with its full Stone Roses set list. Mani and the Scream delivered us some rock'n'roll roots with Riot City Blues. The only Roses reunion that saw John, Mani and Reni meet up at a Arthur Lee (RIP) gig and get on like they'd never been apart and for a few brief moments there have even been the slightest indications of Ian and John building bridges, giving hope of that most essential of reformations. But alas, thus far and despite his best efforts, Mani hasn't managed to get them in the same room. I, for one hope (daily) that amends are made and that it happens in the site's (and my) lifetime.

Of course, we'll all be happy in the interim as long as John Squire returns to us musically, Ian produces a fifth album for his solo career, Mani and the Scream keep us loaded and Reni keeps on keepin' on. Anyway, thanks, as usual to everyone who has got in touch, shared their stories and continued to keep the faith.

To keep in with tradition and mark the occasion, it's my pleasure to present a rare John Squire gig, Fuji Rock Festival 26th July 2003. It's a classic too, the quality is excellent, the gig has already given us John's classic performance of Fools Gold (which is available to watch here). The gig, features 10 tracks including Time Changes Everything, Fools Gold, Summertime, Cape Cod Morning, I Miss You, Joe Louis and the only live performance that I've come across of Nighthawks.

I originally came across this gig a few months ago in a trade with a massive Roses fan from Japan (big thanks go out to them). To listen to the full gig, click here.


record collector rare records price guide 2008Record Collector releases its latest edition of its Rare Record Price Guide 2008 with over 100,000 entries featuring every UK single worth over 5, EP over 8, CD single over 8, LP over 12 and CD over 18.

The Stone Roses, Ian Brown and John Squire entries come courtesy of yours truly, I even earnt myself a little name-check in the front and a free copy of the hefty book. Big thanks to the editor for getting in touch and arranging that too.

It's in all good bookshops at 26.95. You can also order through their website.


I am pleased to present an exclusive interview with John Squire Keys' man John Ellis. John provided Piano, Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Clavinet, Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Snake Charmers Pipe on Time Changes Everything (2002) and Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Harmonica on Marshall's House (2004) as well as being a permanent member of the John Squire live band.

John kindly agreed to an interview with JSU to give some much needed insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of the John Squire project, how it got off the drawing board including how he got involved and early personnel changes and not to mention the existence of John's early demos (for both albums) that we'd all love to get our hands on. John's current band is Little Green, who you can catch all over the north, see their myspace page for latest dates.

Little Green's
latest single, 'Suffering'/'Cupid' is available now to hear/download at their official site.

Click here to read the John Ellis Interview.

18.08.2006 provides a brand new, in depth interview with Mani which is a very good read. Subjects covered include the making of Riot City Blues, how Mani joined the Scream/left the Roses and his latest thoughts on a Stone Roses reformation (which are sadly and unusually downbeat), click here to read it.

Mani's Revolution 96.2 show, 'Mani's Manic Mondays' is still on the radio/net every Monday 6-10pm. Visit Revolution Online to listen live.


The Yards come even closer to fulfilling their 2nd album duties, revealing two brand new demos (from their as-yet-untitled follow up album) 'Talk In Tongues' and 'Last High' via their myspace.


There is a nice interview with Mani from the Burnley Citizen where he talks about his DJing, a recent trip to Japan and how he is still loving it all, click here to read it. Mani's Revolution 96.2 show, 'Mani's Manic Mondays' is still on the radio/net every Monday 6-10pm. Visit Revolution Online to listen live.


As previously reported, Ian Brown is to work on the soundtrack of forthcoming Russian film, Paragraf 78 (Trailer). Ian is to write an original track for inclusion in the movie's soundtrack (read more info on the official MB Productions website - who are producing the film). As you will see, Ian's track Corpses In Their Mouths was also used in a previous film, Junk.

click for more ian brown photos There is also more info on Ian's visit to Russian along with some lovely photos of Ian out and about, getting interviewed, which you can find, here, all the info is in Russian, but thankfully we have a translation (below)...

"It says that Ian spent 3 days here. While in Moscow he happened to meet the producer and the director of "Paragraph 78", to give an interview to the radiostation 'Maximum', to party his ass off (including the birthday party of a famous Russian designer) and to meet the actor playing the lead in "P 78". He then popped over to St. Petersburg(!) to meet Russian musician Igor Vdovin. It says Ian appreciated his musical talent and suggested Igor would make a remix for one of the songs from the new Ian's album (hmmmm...Ian, I hope you know what you're doing :)). I can't believe Ian Brown was right here, in St. Petersburg, so close to me, maybe even on my street and I didn't know about it! I'm totally frustrated!!! Anyway... I go on: Making the video for the song is planned for this Autumn. And then in February 2007 Ian will go back to Russia to play gigs in Moscow & St. Petersburg (*fingers crossed*)."

Thanks to Russian visitor Eyra for emailing all the latest info and translating the Russian-only parts.

click for paragraf 78 trailer


One of the best un-signed bands (and a personal fave), The 88s have just uploaded three gorgeous, brand new tracks to their myspace page. The newest tracks are 'Can't Sleep', 'What I Need' and (4th one the list) the currently 'Untitled' track which is to be named in a competition... so name it and win something 88s-y... and why not, because with the quality of song-man-ship of these phat tunes it'll be worth more than slimfast shares some day soon. To listen to all their new tunes, check out their online presence.


Ian Brown is to provide the soundtrack for a Russian film entitled 'Paragraf 78'. Ian has been in Moscow recently working on the soundtrack and according to a Russian listener, he was interviewed on a breakfast radio show. A Lativan website, TVNET confirms this (allbeit in Latvian), providing photos of an interview with Ian. To view a trailer of the movie (which does have some music towards the end), click here. Ian was also recently spotted at the premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with wife Fabiola, see a larger picture of them, here.

click for paragraf 78 trailer click for larger image


It is my pleasure to unveil the relaunched and massively improved John Squire Gallery. There's been a slight delay, it's been about three months in the making but that's due to the new design, content and sections.

The Gallery now features piece-by-piece entries for all 113 John Squire artworks (split into five classic eras), new pictures, exhibition photos, commercial and other uses of artwork, John Squire commentaries, in depth studies and observations, a biographical look back at john's artist career, styles and influences, other artwork (inc. splattered items, illustrations, other roses covers, roses video art, ian brown covers, etc), influences & similarities, your art section, lyrics section with john's lyrics presented along with the artwork that inspired it/was created for it, bonus john squire - the artist video and all redesigned with a fresh, easy-to-navigate new look.

To visit the brand new John Squire Gallery, click here.

john squire gallery by paul stevens john squire gallery by paul stevens


Primal Scream released their latest album, 'Riot City Blues' yesterday. The single, 'Country Girl' reached #5 in the Singles Chart last week. The band are due to play the Jools Holland show this Friday (9th June) and recently announced live dates for November '06. To order the album, click here.


The Mail On Sunday featured an interview with Ian Brown, along with a cover photo (of Ian leaning on a Wurlitzer Jukebox with a beaming grin) in its Live Night & Day magazine today. The interviewer talks to Ian about his family life, more about his time in Strangeways Prison and how he first got inspired in the early 80s.

click for interviewThe interview also turned up a bit of a revelation, Ian reportedly received a backing track from John Squire recently and with the timely addition of John's brand new instrumentals added to his official site, we are left wondering if John considered a collaboration with Ian on these or other tracks as way of an olive branch. At the very least it suggests that John is still keen to make amends and is actively building bridges between him and Ian.

"Further evidence of Brown being at peace with the world emerged in 2004, when his live shows began to include a fair smattering of Stone Roses hits. With a massive pay packet in the offing, the almost annual rumours of The Stone Roses reforming (last year it was said they would play at Glastonbury) depend entirely on Brown's arctic relationship with Squire, who quit the band by phone ten years ago. Suprisingly, Brown reveals news of what could be construed as an olive branch. 'He actually sent me a backing track a few weeks ago,' says Brown, 'but that's the only contact I've had with him since 1996 - apart from a packet of Maltesers he sent me with a note telling me that he still loved me and that he hoped everything was cool. We always used to buy each other a box of Maltesers at Christmas...'"

To read the interview in full, here.


click for official site and new musicBrand New John Squire Music. Yes, that's right. John's recent art section update has been merged with his official music site in one big update. The new site features an additional 17 brand new artworks which on first impression look extremely impressive with yet more varied styles, some building on the line art theme, others taking the form of complex spiralling designs.

The biggest treat though, are two brand new instrumental recordings, recorded especially for this overhaul, simply listed as 'One' and 'Two'. The new tracks are something to get excited about, it sounds as if creating all of the new work has rubbed off on John and inspired him musically as well, here his guitar seems fresh, rejuvenated and with the confidence to be experimental again and challenge the listener and it's what we've been waiting for, I feel. And coming to us just over 2 years since his last recordings on 'Marshall's House'. Let's hope there is more of this on the way. Air your views of the new tracks and artwork on the forum. Visit the new site and listen to the new music, here.


Primal Scream appeared on the Jonathan Ross show on Friday night performing their forthcoming single, 'Country Girl' (released 22nd May). To view the performance, click here.


After yet another browse of the internet I came across this image which I had never seen before. Obviously it was an alternative design for the 2000 compilation 'The Remixes', which was rejected for the cover we're all familar with. Apparently the design was handled by Irrational Design who were also responsible for the enhanced elements of the 10th Anniversary edition of The Stone Roses. For more details, click here.


I also came across a couple of Mani bits about his involvement in the cult Brit flick '24 Hour Party People'. Click here for his comments about his participation and props used including his Rickenbacker bass with Squire artwork.

29th April 2006 Well, Ian Brown's Carling 24 gig was supposed to be shown last night on Channel 4 but thanks to T4 muppet Steve Jones conducting a pre-gig interview more suitable for the likes of McFly or Son Of Dork and getting Ian's back up in the process, Brownie decided to pull the plug on the Channel's plans and refused to let them film his gig.

Things started off amicably enough (as you can see in the first two shots below) but Ian soon lost interest in the interview after being asked if he and Clint Boon found themselves writing songs that they'd already written and not being as inspired.

Things went from bad to worse, climaxing with Ian answering a martial arts' question, a topic close to his heart as we all know, and being cut-short by the out-of-his-deep Jones asking for a demonstration, Brown informed him that he was answering his question, Jones half-heartedly apologised and Ian carried on, followed by Jones sarcastically asking Ian if he had then finished talking and suggesting that Ian should give a demonstration on the table that he started to clear.

The interview was terminated in true Roses style after Ian made it clear that it was ending one way or another. To watch the (highly-edited - by Ch4) interview, click here. Despite the gig filming being cancelled, the gig went ahead without a hitch and early reports of fans in attendance suggest that it was up to the usual standard that we've come to expect from Brownie, view the full set list.

25th April 2006 Two brand-new, never-before-seen Stone Roses videos have been discovered and uploaded to video share site Seemingly pro-shot, most likely for Japanese TV the two videos are of 'Daybreak' and 'Breaking Into Heaven' performed at Club Citta in Kowaski, Japan (11th September 1995) and it was previously thought that only audio footage was ever recorded for this gig. Watch the videos on youtube Daybreak and Breaking Into Heaven.

25th April 2006 According to a TV commerical, Channel 4 will be screening live footage from this year's Carling Live 24 gigs based in London this Friday (28th April) and Saturday (29th). Tune in this Friday from 11.35pm to see artists including our very own Ian Brown (the programme is advertised as starting with Ian Brown). To see the Channel 4 details, click here.

photo - Dirtmunky

20th April 2006 Since it's been two years since I launched it, I've decided to start working on a complete re-design and update of the JSU Art Gallery, just in case you didn't feel you knew enough about Squire's art. JSU Gallery v2.0 is pencilled in for the next month or two, depending on how fast it progresses, of course. New content will include all new artworks, sharper commercial-use pics, new additional pics, more links to discography and lyrics items (where available) and all new studies/comparisons for all items.

Here's the difference in the Elephant Stone item as a preview, new and old. The below scans show the new engine that I'm designing and you can just make out the background/content window. To view the existing gallery, click here.

14th April 2006 Columbia Records have made the full promo for the forthcoming Primal Scream single 'Country Girl' available to view, click here. The single is also Radio 1's record of the week on the Zane Lowe show. And finally, NME has an exclusive interview (video) with Mani and Bobby, which you can view here (though you must be registered to access it).

12th April 2006 The Observer reviews Primal Screams' recent successful gig at the London Astoria. To read the full review, click here. The Independent also provide a review which you can read here. The first single off the album, 'Country Girl' is released 22nd May. A new official website is also on the way.

12th April 2006 Any fans of The Yards' self-titled debut album will be pleased to hear that work on their as yet untitled 2nd album is coming on, speaking to The Yards recently, they say they've got 8 or 9 new tracks demo-ed with maybe 6 or 7 more still to come and they've played 7 or 8 of them live, click here to visit their official site. Bassist Stuart Fletcher's other band Rick Witter And The Dukes are also about to embark on their first UK tour starting 16th April, full dates and details on their myspace page.

22nd March 2006 As previously reported, John Squire is preparing to launch a brand new website to accomodate his extentive artwork collection and provide images and information of both brand new artworks (created 2005/06) and his classic artworks of his Stone Roses/Seahorses/Solo career record covers. The site also includes all information on the two 2004 exhibitions at the London ICA and Manchester's Great Northern, including video walk-rounds of the two. To preview the stylish new site, click here.

20th March 2006 Primal Scream have finally given their (finished) forthcoming album a title, 'Riot City Blues' is scheduled for a 5th June release and the full tracklisting runs: 'Country Girl', 'Nitty Gritty', 'Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar', 'When The Bomb Drops', 'Little Death', 'The 99th Floor', 'Boogie Disease', 'Dolls', 'Hell's Comin' Down', 'Sometimes I Feel So Lonely'. The first single off the album, 'Country Girl' is released 22nd May. A new official website is also on the way.

14th March 2006 The best Stone Roses (and related) Tracks Database on the 'net has just got even better. I have just given the section a complete overhaul, giving it brand new icons to make it easier to navigate, added all the latest tracks, Stone Roses demos and now unofficial pseudonyms (from the old Garage Flower demos, etc). You can now also split the four main artists (Stone Roses, Ian Brown, John Squire and Seahorses) into 6 new categories (Basic, Official, Demos, Live, Remixes and Unrecorded). Full instructions on the entry page. I hope the new Tracks Database v3.0 is of use to some.

10th March 2006 Primal Scream are set to go back to basics with a less experimental, more live-band feel to their forthcoming still untitled 8th studio album (due out 5th June). Bobby Gillespie describes it as, "an album of euphoric rock'n'roll songs". The first single from the album, 'Country Girl' is due out 22nd May and the band have announced a small UK tour ahead of the summer festivals, they are to play London Astoria (6th April), Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall (26th), Manchester Ritz (27th), Glasgow Queen Margaret Union (28th). To read an article on the album so far, click here.

10th March 2006 Rick Witter And The Dukes (also featuring Yards, ex-Seahorses bassist Stu Fletcher) have announce their first full UK tour and have a specially recorded full demo version of new track 'The Other Way Around' available for download on their myspace page. They are to play, Liverpool Barfly (April 17th), London Garage (18th), Brighton Concorde (20th), Cardiff Barfly (21st), Middlesbrough Empire (22nd), Sunderland Manor Quay (24th), To Be Announced (25th), Bedford Esquires (26th), Leeds Cockpit (28th), Sheffield Leadmill (29th), Stoke Sugarmill (30th), Manchester Academy 3 (May 2nd), Nottingham Rescue Rooms (3rd), Aberdeen Moshulu (5th), Glasgow King Tuts (6th), Edinburgh (7th), Oxford Zodiac (9th), Northamption Soundhaus (10th), Norwich Waterfront (11th), Wigan Club Nirvana (13th) and To Be Announced (14th). For full info and tickets visit

In other news Stu Fletcher says that the writing for the Yards' follow up album (to their 2005 eponymous debut) is now complete and they are looking to record very soon. Whereas 'The Dukes already have around 11 tracks under their belt, only being together for 5 months. So we may see an album from them before the year is out too.

28th February 2006 This week's NME (out tomorrow, 1st March) sees yet another Ian Brown front cover, this time pictured with his Godlike Genius award. Also included is a free 12 track Winners CD featuring Ian Brown, Strokes, Oasis, Babyshambles, etc. For details, click here.

26th February 2006 There was a possibility that Damien Marley was to join to Ian Brown on stage at the NME Awards for a guest appearance on F.E.A.R. which for one reason or another didn't come about, but according to The, it seems like he still intends to work with him. To read the article, click here.

26th February 2006 Ian Brown picked up his Godlike Genius award at last Thursday's (23rd Feb) NME Awards. As well as his acceptance speech and an introduction video, performances of 'F.E.A.R.' and Stone Roses classic 'I Wanna Be Adored' were televised. To watch all the footage, including a T4 backstage interview with Ian, visit Ian Brown Whispers. NME's write up about Ian's acceptance can be read here and lastly, from The Daily Record there was an in depth interview with Ian cementing his thoughts of a Roses reunion and chances of making things up with John Squire, which can be read here.

24th February 2006 Here's your chance to really get into Andy Watts and get your mitts on some quality tunes. There are now a whopping 20 songs on site including 9 brand new recordings, all available to download for the first time... perfect iPod-fodder. Andy also announces 4 upcoming dates, Ivy House (1st March), Pop (7th March), 333 Club (16th March) and The Borderline (3rd May) all in the London area. For full gig details and all the new tunes, visit Andy's site

16th February 2006 Coinciding with Ian Brown receiving the NME Godlike Genius award this year, BBC OneMusic has put together a documentary, presented by Edith Bowman about Ian Brown and his Stone Roses story and how he went on to become a successful solo artist. It's about 30 mins long and includes some early Ian/John clips, interview throughout with Ian Brown with comments from Mani, Noel Gallagher, James Lavelle, John Robb and others. To listen to the full Ian Brown - King Of The Jungle documentary, click here.

16th February 2006 Ian Brown may not have won a Brit Award last night (he was up for the Best Solo Male category but that 'honour' went to James Blunt - no surprises there)... but he did perform an amazing and surprising set list for fans at the Koko in London including the phenomenal 'I Am The Resurrection' (his one and only Roses song played), Bob Marley classics 'Three Little Birds' and one-time Roses rehearsal rarity 'Redemption Song'. For the full set list, click here.

photo - Dirtmunky

15th February 2006 Primal Scream are set to make their London comeback, revealing details of a one-off gig at the Astoria on 6th April, of course debuting new material from their as yet untitled forthcoming album; the first single from which is expected to be 'Country Girl'. The 'Scream have also confirmed summer festival appearances at Isle Of Weight (10th June) and T In The Park (9th July).

15th February 2006 Ian Brown announces that he is to play the HiFi Festival in May (Sat 27th & Sun 28th). The festival is to play simultaneously in Hampshire (South) and nr Newcastle Upon Tyne (North). Tickets will be 55/day, 100/wkend for South and approx. 55 for the Saturday for North. For more info see the Official site and for an NME article on it all with current line up, click here.

6th February 2006 Just uploaded a few photos that I took at the recent Andy Watts gig at Dirty South in Lewisham on Saturday night, where Mani wrapped up the evening with a full DJ set. To have a browse, click here

1st February 2006 It's at short notice but Andy Watts is to play Dirty South, 162 Lee High Road, Lewisham, London SE13 this Saturday (4th Feb), also on the bill are The History who are launching their new EP and later on our Mani takes things over, providing a full DJ set, so it will be a night not to be missed. For tickets and details visit Andy's site.

28th January 2006 As previously reported, The Stone Roses debut album 'The Stone Roses' was ranked in as The Greatest Album Of All Time by the NME. As well as the countdown there were new comments from both Squire and Brown, quite brief but interesting all the same. To read their comments, click here.

25th January 2006 According to Ireland Online, The Stone Roses 'The Stone Roses' has once again topped this year's NME Top 100 Greatest Albums Of All Time poll. The Top 5 ran, 1. The Stone Roses 'The Stone Roses', 2. The Smiths 'The Queen Is Dead', 3. Oasis 'Definitely Maybe', 4. Sex Pistols 'Never Mind The Bollocks' and with a rather more-than-dubious NME placing, the brand new 5. Arctic Monkeys 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not'. For the full article and Top 20, click here.

24th January 2006 Just added to the Discography is a rare and interesting John Squire item. It's the 2003 UK Tour Itinerary that I've told a few people about already... which is for the whole Jan/Feb '03 UK tour, it features a great Izal 'Medicated Strong Toilet Tissue' cover and includes info on all the venues/personnel/travel, etc (I've had to remove some info but that'll be obvious why when you see it)... quite an interesting read. For the full discography entry, click here.

24th January 2006 Ian Brown has made the shortlist for the NME Awards 2006. He is nominated for the Best Solo Artist category, along with Anthony And The Johnsons, Richard Ashcroft, Graham Coxon and Kanye West. In addition, Jo Whiley revealed today (on her Radio 1 show) that Ian Brown was to receive the prestigious God Like Genius award, last years' winners were fellow Mancs, New Order. For the full nominations list, click here.


23rd January 2006 Please disregard the previous update, Andy Watts will still be on the bill at Pop gig in Soho, London, W1 Tues 31st Jan. He has pushed back his rescheluded 333 club gig in Old Street, London, EC1V 9LE to Thurs 16th March. Full details available on his website.

20th January 2006 Andy Watts announces two new dates to start off 2006. He is to play Pop in Soho, London, W1 on Tues 31st Jan, onstage 9.15pm with the brilliant Roger Goslyn... also in the line up are The Weight (featuring ex-Mozer band mate Paul Dawson). The second gig is the rescheluded 333 club gig in Old Street, London, EC1V 9LE. Andy's got another limited edition CD to give away at both gigs to and will debuting plenty of new material too so it'll definitely be worth stepping out for. Full details available on his website.

16th January 2005 Just a reminder that the Mani's Manic Mondays show is well and truly back for 2006, it's on right now, infact. For those who haven't tuned in yet, check out Revolution 96.2 FM (if you're in the Manchester area) or online if you're elsewhere. It's a great four-hour show packed with all the tunes you wanna hear and none of the ones you don't... txt Mani direct in the studio and you might even get a mention on the show! Tune into Revolution 96.2 every Monday 6pm-10pm for Mani's Manic Monday.

11th January 2006 There is more award news for Ian Brown. He has just been nominated for a Brit Award under the Best British Male Solo Artist category. Also up for the award are Anthony (And The Johnsons), James Blunt, Robbie Williams and Will Young. For the full nominations list, click here.

10th January 2006 As I mentioned on the forum, I received an email back from the John Squire peeps again yesterday who confirmed John was well and on form. Their artwork print drive was successful too and they shifted over 40 prints in the run up to Xmas alone... the official site is also to receive an Art update within the next month/two. A new section will house all artworks, plus press and commentary - more details will be sent out to the mailing list nearer the time.

They also confirmed that John is still busy writing new material but say that they haven't heard anything yet and after I put to them some of the recent rumours they added...
"Your sources appear to be pretty well informed as i was told that any recording to be released is likely not to be under the 'john squire' name. What exactly this means is unclear but it seems John and Simon Moran, his manager and label boss, have an action plan and this at least is positive news."

While this immediately may not the best news for the most loyal Squire fans who approve of a John Squire solo career and want to see John Squire live with a full-set of his songs, it is still unsure as to the nature of this new project and whether John will still provide vocals on a 3rd LP... ideas could range from a shake-up/re-branding (getting a new bunch of session musicians in and giving it a band name, etc) to the formation of a supergroup or even something else. What is clear is that Squire's return remains definite and that we will have a 3rd John Squire album in some shape or form and it is in the work-in-progress stage.

They finish to say that while John is a private fella but he does care about his fans... which is nice. I'll keep you informed on all fronts as and when it comes my way. For now I guess we can speculate over the new format that a John Squire album might take... I've just worked out my latest odds on over on the forum.

5th January 2006 According to the NME, Ian Brown revealed plans for his as yet untitled fifth studio album. As previouls reported Brown hinted at a move back toward the 'Music Of The Spheres' sound whilst taking it into yet another new direction and he seems true to his world promising to bring in the orchestra to the recording process. According to Brown he's got "four or five rough tracks" and says the album could be released as early as this summer. For the full article & details, click here.

3rd January 2006 Ian Brown is to start off his 2006 in the same style he left '05 by already pencilling in a busy start to the year... he's the latest act to confirm for the ShockWaves NME Awards 2006 show, which according to the NME site has now sold out. For the full article & details, click here.

3rd January 2006 Welcome back! I hope you all had good Xmas & New Year celebrations. First news of the year then, Rick Witter & The Dukes (also featuring ex-Seahorse and current Yards bassman Stu Fletcher) have been busy recording brand new material for their as yet untitled debut album and have clips of four tracks to listen to here. The four tracks are titled, 'The Devil Will Be Waiting', 'Pull Together', 'He Was The Boy Who Waited So Long He Forgot What He Was Waiting For' and 'The Other Way Round'.

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