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ian brown the world is yours 2007 - listen now'The World Is Yours' gets a full NME exclusive preview on their website. By visiting the site you'll be able to get your first listen to the album in full including tracks 'Sister Rose' and 'Save Us' which have been played on various radio stations this week. Click the "Ian Brown - Album 'The World Is Yours'" link (on the page) to launch the player - you will need to register for the site to listen to the tracks.

The album (out a week tomorrow - 24th September) can be preordered from Amazon, Play and HMV.

'Illegal Attacks' sees its release tomorrow (17th September) on CD, download and 2 x 7"s, the first a limited edition yellow 7" (numbered) gatefold sleeve designed to house the other 7" format. The second 7" includes a Free IA Artwork Stencil, all are available to preorder from Amazon and HMV.


john squire - time changes everything - 2002 - five years on...and of course with the 5th anniversary of the website comes the 5th anniversary of the release of John Squire's debut solo album 'Time Changes Everything' which hit the shops 5 years ago today on the 16th September 2002.

Time's certainly flown past but has it changed everything? Well John enjoyed a very successful tour of the album and a number of festival dates and everything looked great for a while, he played summer 2003 festival dates and debuted a couple of new songs that were destined for release on Marshall's House and b-side to the single.

There was even a lot of excitement around the release of the 2nd album tied in with John's first art exhibition ever, giving visitors their first look at Stone Roses original artworks that they had previously viewed for years as part of their record collections but sadly something went wrong and Marshall's House was not quite put out there, a number of visitors (to this site) claimed that they couldn't find it or the single in the shops, John and the band only played a handful of dates, in fact John played his last live date (to date).

From then on in John has taken time to concentrate on his prolific artistic career, apparently leaving a 3rd solo album in progress to create a 40+ strong collection of pieces that currently form his New Work exhibitions. John did tease us last May when some brand new instrumental tracks appeared alongside a new website, which were well received by all but were only ever to be an accompaniment to John's art and since then he's said in interview that that's it for music but lets hope that the lure of the guitar can bring him to back us musically at some point, in whatever form it takes.

Five years on, Time Changes Everything is still an album that I listen to often and am grateful for - it remains well and truly in my Top 10 albums of all time and shows some of John's most reflective writing, in a very different and possibly uneasy move for Squire, he successfully put together, what I consider a masterpiece.


robbie maddix and ian brown 2007Through a bulletin on myspace, (latter-day Stone Roses drummer) Robbie Maddix confirms that he is to support Ian Brown on his upcoming tour; "Ian Brown has asked me to be his special guest on his upcoming tour. I will be performing tracks from my solo album. It is gonna be a great tour dont miss it. Tour starts 27th Sept see you there."

To listen to a couple of Robbie's tunes, visit his myspace.


don't stop stone rosesWell, that's the half-decade done then... can't believe it's been yet another 12 months since my last post of this similar nature. Yes it was way, WAY back in 2002 when I first opened the doors to the then 'John Squire - The Unofficial Site', which of course mutated into 'JSU' before re-branding earlier this year into the Stone Roses design of 'Don't Stop' which you are all now familiar with.

Of course, I'd like to send thanks out to all the usuals for repeated visits, inspirational messages via email and myspace and the ever-so-rare emails requesting that I send them loads of bootlegs of gigs they've been searching for for years.

It was upsetting to hear John Squire say first hand (in interview) that that's it for him and music... I am hoping that he may go back on that decision as I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs one more live show and one more tune.

Still we have 'The World Is Yours' to look forward to and drool over, another album from Mani and Primal Scream sometime soon, perhaps and maybe even a little more from Freebass and here's hoping that after the monumental offer Ian made of having a coffee with John that he is quick enough with his response for the two to finally meet and begin the healing, even if nothing musical comes out of it... but how about a one-off Squire/Brown collaboration single for charity? Too much to ask?!

As for the 'JSU is 5' (as it would've been) gift, I've got an exclusive Seahorses video interview with John Squire and Chris Helme that should be new to nearly all of you as I've had it in my possession for a number of years but only very recently acquired some free software capable of converting it. Enjoy. To view the video interview in full, click here.


john squire - you're so easily amused - 2007The second leg of the new John Squire artwork exhibition kicks off today at The Dazed and Confused Gallery, London EC1V and runs until 4th October 2007.

A range of brand new works (different from those that appeared at the last exhibition) with titles such as: Arch Light, Burning Powder, Crashing Dreams, Islamic Ceramic, M105, Off To War and others making up around 22 which will be on show under the title - New Work 2.

All of the pieces from both New Work 1 and 2 are also now viewable on John's official site.


ian brown the world is yours 2007The formats for Ian Brown's forthcoming album 'The World Is Yours' (24th September) and single 'Illegal Attacks' (17th September) have been confirmed. The album is to be released on CD, Double LP, download and a limited edition 2CD version with bonus disc featuring the Orchestral Mix of the record.

The album can be preordered from Amazon, Play and HMV.

'Illegal Attacks' is to be released on CD, download and 2 x 7"s, the first a limited edition yellow 7" (numbered) gatefold sleeve designed to house the other 7" format. The second 7" includes a Free IA Artwork Stencil, all are available to preorder from Amazon but the best deal that I have seen is for all three formats for 5 from EIL.


Gatefold 7" Vinyl:
Illegal Attacks (Feat. Sinead O'Connor)
Illegal Attacks (Sway Soldier Story Remix)

7" Vinyl:
Illegal Attacks (Feat. Sinead O'Connor)
Keep What Ya Got (BBC Live Lounge Session Feat. Noel Gallagher)

Illegal Attacks (Feat. Sinead O'Connor)
Illegal Attacks (Sway Soldier Story Remix)

In other news, Ian Brown adds 2 extra UK dates to his already busy forthcoming tour: Monday 26th November at Sands Centre, Carlisle and Tuesday 27th November at Carling Academy, Oxford.


reform the roses - i am the resurrectionThe Reform The Roses myspace project to get the Stone Roses back into the charts has officially started this week. The man behind the project set up the page to ensure 20,000 Roses fans were on hand to mass download the Stone Roses classic tune 'I Am The Resurrection' and that's exactly what they've been doing since Monday (27th August) but there's still time if you want to help the Roses back into the charts.

The charts will, of course, be announced on the Sunday and so we'll have to wait until then to see how successful the project has been.

You can purchase the track simply from Woolworths or visit the Reform The Roses myspace for the full list of internet sources that count towards the chart.


ian brown illegal attacks 2007 sinead o'connorIan Brown's forthcoming single 'Illegal Attacks' (17th September) was debuted on radio stations yesterday evening and has since been put on his myspace page for your listening pleasure.

On first listen it's a lyrically-heavy wake-up call of a pop record which is a great follow on to 2005's 'All Ablaze', borrowing a little of the darkness that fuelled the track but here, delivering his more serious message. It also has a nice little melody 'steal' from (Golden Greats album track) 'So Many Soldiers' which all long-time fans will pick out instantly and if, like me, you weren't sure how the collaboration with Sinead O'Connor would work out on this track, rest assured that her voice only adds to Brown's message, especially the haunting vocal solo at the end.

The video for the single is rumoured to be premiered on Channel 4 on 17th August at 12.10am then again at 1.15am.

In other news Ian Brown will play Big Top at Phoenix Park, Dublin on Sunday 28th October. The Big Top has a limited capacity of 5,000. Tickets are priced 34.50 euro including booking fee and go on sale Friday 17th August at 9am from the following outlets: In person: From 99 Ticketmaster outlets Nationwide 24hr hotlines: Tel: (ROI) 0818 719 300 / (NI) 0870 243 4455 Buy online: .


ian brown illegal attacks 2007 sinead o'connorThe artwork for both the forthcoming Ian Brown album 'The World Is Yours' (out 24th September) and single featuring Sinead O'Connor 'Illegal Attacks' (out 17th September) was revealed today, both below.

Ian Brown - The World Is Yours

01. The World Is Yours
02. On Track
03. Sister Rose
04. Save Us
05. The Eternal Flame
06. The Feeding Of The 5000
07. Street Children (Pity The Child)
08. Some Folks Are Hollow
09. Goodbye To The Broken
10. Me And You Forever
11. Illegal Attacks
12. The World Is Yours (Reprise)

To preorder the album, click here.

click for full size image In other news Ian is to play Brixton Academy (Thurs 29th Nov & Fri 30th), Doncaster Dome (Sat 1st Dec), Aberdeen AECC (Mon 3rd), Glasgow SECC (Tue 4th), Wolverhampton Civic (Wed 5th), Manchester Central (Gmex) (Fri 7th).

Tickets are now available for both the English venues and Scotland venues.


ian brown world is yours newsAn article on Manchester Evening News' website today revealed that Ian Brown's first single from the forthcoming 'The World Is Yours' LP will be a track entitled 'Illegal Attacks' (due for release 17th September) which is one of two tracks on the album featuring outspoken Irish vocalist Sinead O'Connor. Brown revealed: "The song's about Iraqi and Afghan wars. I needed a woman singing the line, 'Soldiers come home', to give it gravitas." The other track featuring O'Connor is 'Some Folks Are Hollow'.

Later, when asked of a Stone Roses reunion, of course he denied it completely and added: "I haven't spoken to John in 11 years. He left me to drown but I ended up doing the butterfly." but when asked if he'd meet Squire for a drink he, unexpectantly, answered: "I don't drink... but I would have a Starbucks with him. But only if he's buying."

Brown also confirmed that the album was recorded at London's RAK Studios, was produced by New Yorker Emile
and features former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke, ex-Happy Mondays bassist Paul Jones and ex-Sex Pistols guitarist Paul Jones and drummer Paul Cook. He did once again mention the attempt to get Sir Paul McCartney on board but explains: "He had too much on, I got the impression he was flattered to be asked, but I got two Sex Pistols which is better than one Beatle!"

To read the full article, click here.


ian brown world is yours live datesA provisional tracklisting for the forthcoming 'The World Is Yours' album has appeared on online retailers with 24th September pencilled in as the release date, both may be subject to change. The tracklisting currently runs as:

01. The World Is Yours
02. On Track
03. Sister Rose
04. Save Us
05. The Eternal Flame
06. The Feeding Of The 5000
07. Street Children (Pity The Child)
08. Some Folks Are Hollow
09. Goodbye To The Broken
10. Me And You Forever
11. Illegal Attacks
12. The World Is Yours (Reprise)

To preorder the album, click here.

In other news Ian Brown announces 7 UK new dates for November/December 2007. Ian is to play Brixton Academy (Thurs 29th Nov & Fri 30th), Doncaster Dome (Sat 1st Dec), Aberdeen AECC (Mon 3rd), Glasgow SECC (Tue 4th), Wolverhampton Civic (Wed 5th), Manchester Central (Gmex) (Fri 7th).

Tickets are available from 10am Friday 3rd August for the English venues and from 10am Thursday 2nd August for the Scotland venues.


mani with paul weller graham coxon zak starkey 2007Mani appeared as part of a one-off supergroup on this Friday's Jonathan Ross show. He joined Paul Weller, Graham Coxon and Zak Starkey on stage to perform the Weller/Coxon collaboration single 'This Old Town'.

The single, featuring This Old Town, Each New Morning and Black River, is available as a download. A 7" single, limited to 5,000 copies, will be released on July 30.

To view the full performance, click here.


john squire - crossing a rain slick street - 2007The brand new John Squire artwork exhibition is due to kick off tomorrow (Wedsnesday 4th July) at The Smithfield Gallery, London EC1A, where it will stay until 29th July before moving to The Dazed and Confused Gallery, London EC1V, 6th September - 4th October 2007.

As previously reported there is expected to be around 15-20 new pieces on show (although in interviews John has said that he's still working on new pieces, so there may be plenty more by the end of the exhibition) and they will all be available to purchase; according to The Sun: "TV chef JAMIE OLIVER also showed up and bought two of the 20 canvases that were selling for between 2,000 and 28,000."

And as John has mentioned in a number of interviews lately, he has worked on some sound installations to accompany the exhibitions.

A selection of new pieces and an interview with John (conducted by exhibition consultant Vivienne Gaskin) are all available to view on his website.


john squire - new work - interviewAccording to an email from Xfm DJ Dave Haslam, John Squire is to appear on the 'Music Response' show.

"Guitarist and songwriter from one of Manchester's most loved bands - John Squire of the Stone Roses - is talking exclusively to Dave Haslam on Wednesday 13th June. From the story of the Stone Roses to his days with the Seahorses, to his current activities as an artist, with two exhibitions lined-up - it'll be a unique and indepth hour. Don't miss the John Squire special on XFM Manchester. Wednesday 13th June. On 'Music Response', with Dave Haslam, from 7pm."

Tune into XFM Manchester 97.7FM in the Manchester area or Online at


john squire - 2007 - surveillanceJohn Squire's official website is back up and showing off his latest artworks.

The website, featuring a few black and white graphics of John working on pieces has a New Work foreward written by exhibition consultant Vivienne Gaskin, details of the forthcoming exhibitions, and an artistic statement from John Squire himself.

It also features a forthcoming 'film' section, which sounds very intriguing - perhaps it will show some footage of John working on the latest pieces or perhaps it will appear after the exhibitions have started and provide a virtual walkthrough, similar to those that appeared after the ICA and Deansgate exhibitions in 2004 - either one could come with a soundtrack of new material, I (optimistically) presume.

The site also shows off 6 of his brand new artworks (you can view more on the forum). Sadly the site informs that the previous signed art prints are no longer for sale.

The first day of the The Smithfield Gallery exhibition is 4th July. Full details on the website.


john squire - 2006 - hubrisJohn Squire has kindly donated a piece of artwork to Paint For Poverty.

"Paint 4 Poverty is a dynamic new initiative from Robin Hood Ministries (RHM) in partnership with Prime Arts. With your support, this unique venture will help us jointly to relieve poverty in the Third and Developing Worlds."

The piece John Squire contributed is the huge, 8ft piece Hubris, one of the spiraling designs from his late 2006 range of artworks. 'Hubris' according to its modern usage, is exaggerated self pride or self-confidence (overbearing pride), often resulting in fatal retribution.

You can bid on the piece by visiting the website and selecting through the many artworks they currently have at auction. The highest bid for each piece of artwork will be accepted as a preliminary bid and taken forward to the auction on Saturday 13th October 2007 as a commission bid and all
(100%) of the money raised goes towards poverty reduction
projects around the globe.

Click here for a larger picture of Hubris.


john squire - 2007 - priapismOne of the brand new John Squire artworks is revealed in an article from Manchester Evening News. The piece, one of many from a collection built up in the last three years (since he gave us his last musical offering, 'Marshall's House') is called Priapism (pictured right) which, I imagine would be one of the artworks on display at the forthcoming exhibitions. A quick wikipedia search of the term will give us the gist of it.

The article, obviously with some insight into the newest pieces, describes them:

"Working on large canvases, the paintings are often built up of layers of plaster, sand, glue and oil paint, which he cuts into, forming shallow pathways and trenches in the canvas, which are then marked with layers of colour.

"Abstract, often cellular shapes move across the canvas, with areas of bold colour buried beneath paler layers."

A definition which to me describes the process that was possibly used on the recent '462' RCA Secret artwork, albeit on a much smaller scale (the piece was postcard-sized; in fitting with the Secrets theme).

The two exhibitions are at The Smithfield Gallery, London EC1A, 4th - 29th July 2007 and The Dazed and Confused Gallery, London EC1V, 6th September - 4th October 2007. The official site remains underconstruction but it is believed that the new work will appear on the site in its new format within the next week or so.

Read the full article or see a larger picture of Priapism


ian brown new uk dates 2007Tickets for the forthcoming September/October Ian Brown UK tour are now on sale to the general public. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster, Gigs And Tours or by calling the 24 hr CC Hotline - 08712200260.

See you at the gigs!


robbie maddix and ian brown 2007Former latter-day Stone Roses drummer Robbie Maddix has set up a myspace page with a few new tunes.

The pick of the four available is 'Rivers Deep', which I really like and has a lot of different sounds/influences, it cries out Jimi Hendrix 'Hey Joe' to me with some Bob Marley with maybe just a little Lenny Kravitz thrown in served up with an almost 'My Star' drumming intro. Also available is the laid back, stripped-bare Ghetto Boy, the electro-R&B instrumental 'The Zone' and the last is a 19 second clip of Bob Marley talking about music, simply entitled 'Bob's Words'.

Robbie is also due to play four Italy dates in July (according to the page).

Visit his myspace for all his latest news and tunes.


ian brown new uk dates 2007Ian Brown finally announces new UK dates for 2007 ahead of his fifth studio album 'The World Is Yours' which is due out later this year.

Newcastle Academy (27th Sept), Hull City Hall (28th), Sheffield Octagon (29th), Middlesbrough Town Hall (1st Oct), Lincoln Engine Shed (2nd), Halifax Victoria Hall (3rd), Leeds University (5th), Warrington Parr Hall (6th), Dundee Caird Hall (8th), Motherwell Civic Hall (9th) Edinburgh Corn Exchange (10th), Llandudno Venue Cymru Arena (12th), Preston Guildhall (13th), Derby Assembly Rooms (15th), Nottingham Rock City (16th), Reading Hexagon (18th), Birmingham Academy (19th), Cambridge Corn Exchange (20th), Southampton Guildhall (22nd), Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall (23rd), Bristol Academy (25th), Liverpool University (26th).

Manchester and Brixton dates are still to be confirmed.

Tickets go on sale to the general public at 9am on Friday 18th May here 24 hr CC Hotline - 08712200260.

A presale link will be made available on Thurs 17th May and that link will be announced on the Official Ian Brown forum on Wed 16th May in the evening and will be available to registered forum members only.


strawberry studios blue plaqueStrawberry Studios is to be recognised with a blue plaque. The studios were founded by Peter Tattersall and Eric Stewart in 1967 and were used by artists including The Stone Roses, Paul McCartney, Joy Division and The Smiths. The studios finally closed in 1993 and have been used as offices since.

The newest heritage sites were nominated by Stockport Heritage Trust and Stockport Council in November 2006, who asked the public to vote for 10 new blue plaques for Stockport.


mani answers your questions uncut june 2007Mani is Uncut Magazine's interviewee this month - as usual - answering questions sent in by fans and readers of the magazine.

Mani is showing mixed feelings on a Roses reunion at present, when answering a question on whether he'd be the catalyst for a reunion he firstly responsed: "I'm the only person who could bring it back together again. John Squire knows how to craft a tune, Ian Brown knows how to craft a tune. I don't know if any of us are powerful without each other. The magic was the power of four." but continued to say: "But at the end of the day I'm not going to lose any sleep over a reunion, because those days are gone. It's disrespectful for Bobby and Andrew and Duffy for people to say, 'When are the Roses reforming?' Why bother? I'm in Primal Scream. It would be nice to do, but I've got my family now."

He also answers questions on when he realised the Roses were over (he mentions hearing Love Is The Law coming from John's studio), the early days before the Roses, favourite between Bobby/Ian, a bit on Freebass which he describes as being "just a matter of finding the time to finish it" and surprisingly asks anyone reading who's able to write a good tune and sing it to get in touch, which is contrary with reports from Peter Hook last month that state that they've found their man and he answers many more questions too.

Uncut's June issue is now in the shops.


seahorses love is the law 10 years agoCan you believe it? it's now been 10 years since the Seahorses released their first single Love Is The Law (the actual release date was 28th April 1997).

I can't believe it was that long ago, I remember waiting so long to hear that song for the first time... infact, here's an excerpt I wrote (for what-once was intended to be my Stone Roses book) on the single release.

Where are they now? we are still waiting for John Squire's musical return (after he promised a ferocious guitar-fueled album and teased us with some very tantalising instrumentals last year), he remains the prolific artist, presenting a commericial exhibition coming later this year.

Vocalist Chris Helme now fronts The Yards (2nd album due out this year) and still plays the odd acoustic gig too, Stuart Fletcher provides bass for both The Yards and Rick Witter & The Dukes (debut album released this month).

Drummer Andy Watts is still writing songs, enjoying playing solo and recently appeared on Stuart Staples' (Tindersticks) album 'Songs for the Young at Heart' and latter-day drummer Mark Heaney who was also in The Shining and provided some drums on Time Changes Everything is currently working with Gang Of Four and also on a solo CD.

Click to view the band perform the track on MTV, Later and at Glasto 97.


stone roses covers ben clarkeThe current Youtube phenomenon has given rise to all sorts of bizarre clips of home footage, mostly leaving us with a bizarre expression on our faces. Other videos that appeared in great number ranging for intriguing Spike Islands (no doubt the best Japanese Stone Roses cover band out there) to the downright perplexing.

Thankfully though, the best stuff (for this category) are the numberous self-shot recordings of fans displaying their guitar skills, performing alongside the songs penned John Squire and The Stone Roses. One chap though stands streaks ahead of the rest: Graffiti Maze man Ben Clarke. I'm sure most of you will have already come across a few of his videos, but those that haven't should check out his youtube page.

As well as recreating Squire near-flawlessly on earlier tracks like I Am The Resurrection and One Love, he's also perfected Second Coming tracks like Tears and pinned down the most complex parts of Seahorses' Love Is The Law solo, he's also impressively recreated the Daybreak / Breaking Into Heaven combo live from the Feile Festival 1995 (Crimson Tonight live EP). He even produced a video of him jamming along with Ian Brown's brand new On Track (instrumental) which I personally quite like and think that it even almost touches Squire-esque-ness at times (particularly around 02:35-03:20) which shows how the two styles could still come together with an Ian Brown penned track, almost...

And if that doesn't make you sick enough on its own, he's also penned a number of his own songs, which are available on his website. Personal favourites for me are Chase The Sun, Don't Feel Sorry For Yourself and Take You Away for its gorgeous guitar work.

Don't Stop caught up with the man behind it all, Ben Clarke, to find out just where he got his enviable talent and how he goes about writing his out material, read the interview.


magic man - ian brownThe Sun reported today that new track, taken from forthcoming The World Is Yours, 'The Magic Man' was written about up and coming magician extraordinaire, Dynamo (real name Steven Frayne).

The track and its inspiration was first revealed last October by the official Ian Brown forum when it became the answer to a competition to win an exclusive art print.

Apparently Ian was so blown away by the magician that he decided to write the track, shown by the chorus lyrics: "Magical offerings the suspension of time/Some like bending spoons/ Dynamo'll bend ya mind." and another line which reads: "At the greatest show on earth/Folks are slack-jawed by The Magic Man."

Ian debuted his song, The Magic Man, at a showcase for Dynamo's Concrete Playground DVD before Christmas.

Dynamo told The Sun: "Me and Ian hit it off. He was interested in my magic and we kept in touch. I get on well with his kids. We all went to London Zoo recently to check out the monkeys.

"I was properly delighted when he told me he was writing a song about me. I opened a gig for him at the MEN Arena in front of 14,000 screaming fans.

"I went to his studio and he gave me the lyric sheet with a note to me on the bottom. He's a legend."

The DVD 'Dynamo - Concrete Playground' also seems to have a chapter called 'Underground Magic: In Town With Ian Brown', which you can download here (purchase), there's a 30-sec preview that you can watch.


rick witter & the dukes - the year of the ratRick Witter & The Dukes release their debut album 'The Year Of The Rat'.

The Dukes are: Rick Witter (vocals, ex-Shed Seven), Rob Wilson (guitar), Stuart Fletcher (bass, also The Yards, ex-Seahorses) and Matt Lunn (also The Officers, ex-Colour Of Fire). The album was produced by the band and Will Jackson (Pigeon Detectives, Embrace, The Music).

The album, which is available to order now, through the band's website in the form of a limited collector's tin, with card slip case and fold out lyric poster, which is strictly limited to 1,000 copies.

The band have a downloadable full version of title track 'The Year Of The Rat' along with samples of 3 others and full tour dates for April/May on their myspace.

The Year Of The Rat

01. The Year Of The Rat
02. He Was The Boy Who Waited So Long He Forgot What He Was Waiting For
03. The Other Way Around
04. The Devil Will Be Waiting For You
05. Flying Blind
06. Sleeping In Airports
07. Sky Falls Down
08. Forever Gone
09. Torn Up Memory
10. Pull Together
11. Dead On Arrival

For the Don't Stop review, please click here.


This month's Q's The Jury podcast sees Mani and Stereophonics front man Kelly Jones join The Jury and review and rate the month's latest releases which featured the Manic Street Preachers, Kings Of Leon, Bright Eyes, Avril Lavigne, Maximo Park, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Modest Mouse (now featuring Johnny Marr).

Mani chats a little bit about what he's currently upto in Primal Scream about halfway through and suggests an album would be released next year which as yet could fall under the guise of any genre.

You can download the podcast by visiting the Q music website.


john squire - rca secret 2006 piece 462John Squire announces two new art exhibitions which are to be held in London this year.

The information appeared on John's website after it went down yesterday and now claims to be under construction, when it returns it will no doubt have all his latest pieces including the series similar to the '462' piece (pictured) that I revealed after the RCA Secret 2007 exhibition.

4th - 29th July 2007, John Squire New Work:, The Smithfield Gallery, London EC1A

6th September - 4th October 2007, John Squire New Work: Dazed and Confused Gallery, London EC1V

The 'John Squire New Work' suggests that possibly you won't be able to view his back catalogue of legendary record cover artwork on this occasion but as I was previously told that these would be commerical exhibition, there may be an opportunity to purchase prints of the new pieces.

31.03.2007 (updated story 01.04.07)

ian brown versus cancer gig march 2007Last night's Versus Cancer event featured a star-studded line up with many unique collaborations throughout the evening.

Noel Gallagher teamed up with Andy Rourke to perform The Smiths' 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', whilst Paul Weller and The Charlatans took on The Jam's classic, 'Town Called Malice'. Paul Weller also joined Noel onstage to perform The Jam's 'The Butterfly Collector'.

Ian Brown's set ran: 'Golden Gaze', 'Dolphins Were Monkeys', 'Time Is My Everything', 'F.E.A.R.' and new tracks 'On Track' and 'Goodbye To The Broken'.

Videos are already turning up, these videos uploaded by KC include clips of: Golden Gaze (0:58), Dolphins Were Monkeys (1:36), Time Is My Everything (1:28), F.E.A.R. (1:18), On Track (1:41) and Goodbye To The Broken (1:09).

The most talked about collaboration, surely, was Ian Brown joined on stage by Mani and original vibemaster Cressa for a one-off performance of 'I Am The Resurrection', which you can view in full, here: I Am The Resurrection (10:13).

Mani was also questioned about the posibility of a full Roses rendition, he told the NME: "When he (John Squire) stops painting and picks up a guitar again, who knows? I'd be a nice thing to do, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. Manchester City will probably win the Premiership before it happens."

Click here to read write ups of the night from NME, Manchester Evening News and Telegraph.


ian brown esher gig july 2004Footage has finally been uncovered from the legendary Ian Brown gig at Claremont Landscape Garden in Esher, Surrey on 25th July 2004 where Ian played a full set of Stone Roses tunes to a captive audience of around 5,000 in the picturesque surroundings on that warm summer's evening.

The set-list on the night ran: I Wanna Be Adored, Sally Cinnamon, Sugar Spun Sister, Waterfall, Mersey Paradise, Made Of Stone, She Bangs The Drums, Where Angels Play, Elizabeth My Dear, I Am The Resurrection, Fools Gold, My Star, Dolphins Were Monkeys, Golden Gaze, F.E.A.R., Time Is My Everything and while there were as many as four cameras recording on the night (it was hoped that the gig may one day see a DVD release) nothing has ever emerged and it was looking doubtful that it ever would... but thankfully four videos have turned up on

The four recently uploaded videos are of I Wanna Be Adored (5:01), Sally Cinnamon (2:57), Waterfall (4:34) and I Am The Resurrection (1:13) and capture some of the magic from that night.

The videos were uploaded by youtube user Woodman1977 and first spotted by DaveCTFC.

Click here to read my Esher review from back then.


stone roses fan survey 2007Just to let you know that the Stone Roses Fan Survey 2007 results are still on the way, I've slacked a little after a week away and had some more back throughout March, that said I have officially closed it now to give me a fighting chance of processing them all.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, it is really interesting to read through all your results and in some cases (thanks to the myspace links), put your comments to a face. This has certainly been one of the best responses that I've ever had for something like this.

I am currently processing all 675 completed surveys received, which is a very lengthy task, as I'm having to enter them manually into an Excel spreadsheet that I created but hopefully the results will be posted in full by mid-April (I have fully processed 120 forms so far). Please keep checking back.

As I've processed all the ages so far, I can reveal that the average age of the Stone Roses fan is, perhaps surprisingly, 26 years old (26.1363 to be precise).


freebass - hooky, mani and rourkeCarrying on the story of the missing frontman for the Freebass collective, the Wigan Today reports that the search is over and that Rich Lawson has turned up safe and well.

Hooky had gotten in touch with the newspaper to hopefully locate the singer who they had spent time in the recording studio with before he seemed to go missing. Luckily, nothing sinister was afoot and he has now been in touch with them.

Hook told the paper: "He phoned up on Tuesday. The whole family has moved to Edgeley in Stockport so that's why we couldn't get hold of him. Thankfully he is still well up for it."

So, with that behind them they are now intending on getting back to work in the next week or so, Hooky has also comfirmed some of the guest vocalists drafted in for the album: "We've been working with some great singers. Tim Burgess has done a vocal for us. Liam Gallagher, I believe, is doing one, (as are) Ian Brown and Bobby Gillespie.

"We're going to get them up on stage as well. It's nice that Mani and I can call in a few favours."

Read the full article.


stone roses provinssirock festival, finland, 3rd june 1990Here for your viewing pleasure is the rarest of rare Roses gig footage from the Provinssirock Festival, Finland, 3rd June 1990. I've seen it requested a few times lately and as it's yet to surface, you can enjoy it here. Check out the updated audio/video page for all the videos.

The gig has been out there for a while but has remained a rare addition to those outside of the trading circles, so here it is in it's entirely, somewhat of a belated site re-launch pressie and while I've taken the time to convert the vids from the DVD, thanks must surely go out to KN4995 and thejammybastard who arranged its appearance in the first place, love forever their names in your heart.

The full recording includes 'Shoot You Down', 'One Love', 'Sally Cinnamon', 'Standing Here' and 'Fools Gold', perhaps a short recording, but what a selection!

24.02.2007 (updated story 25.02.07)

ian brown moscow gig 23-02-07Footage and photos have already surfaced from Ian Brown's trip to Moscow.

A number of photographs have appeared on the Paragraf 78 website from their press conference and after party (Thursday 22nd Feb), which Ian performed at but as it's a tad difficult to negotiate for us English visitors, I've set up a page with all the pics I've come across (thanks to mystar for the original links).

Also, from Friday night's (23rd Feb) gig at the B1 in Moscow a full video of Ian's classic 'Set My Baby Free' (from Golden Greats) with a slightly different sound.

And since then another video has surfaced which definitely has some of Ian performing new song 'On Track', which you can view here.

Other tracks performed on the night definitely include 'I Wanna Be Adored', 'Dolphins Were Monkeys', 'Made Of Stone', 'Set My Baby Free', 'Golden Gaze', 'Time Is My Everything', 'Keep What Ya Got', 'She Bangs The Drums', 'F.E.A.R.' and 'On Track' (I'm not 100% sure on the running order yet).


freebass - hooky, mani and rourkeAccording to Manchester Online, Freebass have at last found a vocalist that they've been working with on their songs for their much-talked-about, almost mythical project, only for him to go 'AWOL'.

Peter Hook, Mani and Andy Rourke had been looking for a suitable vocalist for some time when they came across 23-year-old Rich from Wigan (apparently his last name is not known, even to the band but he was previously in a local band called 'Exist'). They were working with him but took a short break to fulfil other commitments and now are eager to get back in the studio, only to find that they are unable to get in touch with the singer. Hook confesses to be "desperate to find him" and adds: "He was really good and we don't want to have to start looking for a new singer again when we were so impressed with Rich.

"He clearly has a lot to live up to, with us all working with the likes of Ian Curtis, Ian Brown, Bobby Gillespie and Bernie Sumner before, but I just want to hear from him.

"We have a few guest vocalists like Ian Brown, Tim Burgess and Bobby Gillespie just to freak Rich out, but if he's still up for it then please get in touch."

Read the full article.


ian brown on track soundtrack for paragraf 78The brand new Ian Brown track "On Track" can at last be heard on the official Paragraf 78 movie website (at least the instrumental version - as it is titled there).

Once you work out how to get in and it loads up you will see a pop up window with news (in Russian), close this and you should see a player... if it's not the first track on there, select next (you have to wait for each to load fully) until you get there, it's titled as IAN BROWN - ON TRACK INSTRUMENTAL.

Ian is to headline the Paragraph 78 Fest Festival on Friday (23rd February) along with Richard Feerless (Death in Vegas), Happy Mondays feat. Bez (UK). 8pm. Visit Paragraf 78 website.

Update 21.02.07 - "On Track" has now been added to Ian's myspace profile.


don't stop stone rosesHello and welcome to the all new look Stone Roses site 'Don't Stop : JSU'. Firstly, apologies to all those who F.E.A.R. change but things move on, websites start looking old and compulsive webmasters have new ideas.

For a long time now I'm been moving the site away from being a mere 'John Squire only' site, covering anything and everything related to The Stone Roses so the last thing really to do is redesign/rebrand it with a spanking new Stone Roses look.

So, what's changed for you? On the whole not a lot, you'll still find this site your best source of Roses news on the net and I hope that you will find the new look easier to navigate and cosier. It'll take a while to update everything and bring it all over to the new look, so that'll be a work-in-progress for the next month or so.

One section to have a major overhaul is the Media Articles, which was one of the oldest sections on the website, articles are now listed chronologically and split by year and now open in a tidy window for your ease. I'm planning to add a huge number of articles in the coming weeks. Another section to get upgraded is the Audio/Video which is getting tons of new videos links and footage and I'm hopefully completely re-working the Pictures section too (which I think is the oldest page on here at present).

One other change is that I've swapped around some of the website urls. This site is now accessible from / or and The Definitive Stone Roses Discography is now located at (I thought that was a great name and had to get it! - for those that don't work it out immediately, it's The Stone Roses debut LP cat no).

I'd love to hear what you make of the new site, so feel free to contact me by the usual email and forum.


The NME annouces its plan to award this year's NME Godlike Genius Award to Primal Scream at next month's Shockwaves NME Awards (1st March).

"Bobby Gillespie's band will pick up the top honour for a career that has spanned three decades and seen the band confidently and continually evolve their sound from the psychedelic beginnings, through 'Screamadelica''s acid house beast in 1991 to the rock 'n' roll, adrenalin blast of last year's 'Riot City Blues'." - from

Bobby Gillespie said: "About fucking time, we've known it for years. It's a great honour to get the same award as a band like The Clash."

Other previous winners include our very own Ian Brown (2006) and New Order (2005).

Visit the NME site for the full article.


stone roses fan survey 2007I've decided to set up and run a survey to take a snapshot of the current Stone Roses community and those that call themselves fans. With all the seemingly 100s of people aged 14-20 appearing on myspace listing the Roses as one of their favourite bands/biggest inspirations, I thought it would be interesting so see how they fit in with the older Stone Roses fans, many of which were there at the gigs and saw their rise to power and compare and contrast the views across the boards on key issues.

So we'll be able to see finally if all the new fans and the longest fans seem to prefer the debut album, whereas those in the middle (getting into the band at the time of its release) generally prefer Second Coming. And if everyone who saw the Roses first time around really doesn't want a Roses reformation for fear of damaging the legacy while those of the younger generation (some of whom not born til after '89) would want to see it happen and experience some of the glory days for themselves.

I hope you can take a few mins out to complete it, obviously the more people that take part, the better picture we'll be able to get. I'll post full results and statistics on the site in March.

Take part in the Roses Fans Survey 2007.


ian brownIan Brown was interviewed tonight by Steve Lamacq for his BBC 6Music radio show. Ian was in high spirits throughout and more than happy to discuss what he's up to at the moment and no doubt got everyone's pulse racing when he announced that his forthcoming album could be completed as early mid-March, seeing a possible May '07 release.

Ian explained that he started seriously thinking about which songs to use as far back as February 2006 and started working with producers, Black Ops, in the July. He also revealed that he's just finished recording with a full 30-piece orchestra conducted by Simon Hale, who had previously scored strings on the Jamiroquai track 'Cosmic Girl', among others. He confirmed that Andy Rourke and Paul Ryder will indeed appear on the record (no mention of Sir Paul McCartney on this occasion though) that he thinks will end up entitled 'The World Is Yours'.

He corrected the title of 'Goodbye To The Broken'; which he explained is about saying "goodbye to the broken, all them that are broken up, goodbye to them."

When asked whether the album had an upbeat feel to it, like his others, Ian said: "It is, I think my biggest tune at the moment is a tune called 'Soldiers Come Home' where I'm writing directly about UK involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, like I don't see why these young guys have got the bottle to do it or they don't wanna do it or they're just blanking but to me it's like a major thing, someone's got to address it. So at the moment, it sounds like Star Wars with all the music I've got going, all the orchestration. But the lyrics of 'Soldiers Come Home', it's a direct appeal that this war's all wrong, stop it, let's have it right, y'know.

"I'm trying to do my own 'What's Going On' so it's socially conscious but beautiful at the same time, that's me brief to myself."

Ian also let us into a little secret: "Well each LP that I make, me own working title is 'The Victory's Already Been Won', I call them all that until I think of the title."

Ian spoke about the soundtrack for Paragraf 78 again and said that he would be attending the premier of the film in February and also playing a show and a club while he is over in Russia. He finished to say that he is hoping to play a few new tracks at the forthcoming Manchester Versus Cancer gig (30th March, MEN Arena).

For the full transcript of the interview, click here and to listen again to the show, check out the 6Music website.


manchester versus cancer - ian brownIan Brown has been confirmed for this year's Versus Cancer concert at the MEN Arena, Manchester on 30th March 2007 (starting at 6.30pm). Other acts confirmed so far are The Charlatans, Echo & The Bunnymen and New Order's Peter Hook (with more to be announced in the next couple of days).

Tickets are priced at 40 and go on sale Friday 12th January at 9am. More more info, visit their website.


ian brownHappy New Year and welcome back to another year at JSU. Starting the year off in the right direction is the first real update of the new Ian Brown album in absolutely ages.

Ian is hoping to work with some big names on what will be his 5th studio album, which has the working title, 'The World Is Yours' and is pencilled in for a late 2007 release. Two tracks name-checked for inclusion are 'Goodbye To The Badlands' and 'Some Folks Are Hollow' and apparently 6 tracks in total have been completed.

According to the NME he has already spoken to Paul McCartney's assistant about the legendary Beatles' bassist appearing on the album. He is also set to work with Manc bassists ex-Smiths Andy Rourke and former Happy Mondays (and 2005 live guest) Paul Ryder.

Ian is also rumoured to be looking to work with irish singer Sinead O'Connor, he told the NME: "She's the best female soul singer in the world." Of course, it was about a year ago that the official Ian Brown website rumoured that Brown was, at one point, to write a song for the vocalist.

Ian has been working with a production team called Black Ops and young New York hip-hop producer and Snoop Dogg collaborator, Emile.

On the sessions so far he said: "It's sounding like this LP is going to dwarf the others. I know everyone always says their latest is their best, but I really feel that this time.

"I've really gone all out with the lyrics and melodies. I'm trying to make my own What's Goin' On (seminal Marvin Gaye LP).

"It's going to be something really beautiful, with violins, dead sharp beats, socially conscious lyrics this time around, I'm trying to bury everything I've ever done."

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