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ian brown the world is yours 2007 - listen nowIan Brown writes for Christmas: "I wish you all a HAPPY XMAS AND A HAPPY 2009 'cause its ALL about the HAPPINESS."

On his official site, Ian updates fans on his latest album: "I'm happy to let you know I'm working up a set of songs that are the best on all levels I've been involved with - ooh baby the music gets better with you! I'm looking to release these songs as an album in August. More news soon."

As previously revealed, by Ian himself again, he has re-drafted long time collaborator and co-writer of Music Of The Spheres - Dave McCracken for what will be his sixth studio album (as yet untitled). Ian intends to start recording in March 2009 at a friend's studio in Oknawa, Japan.

Ian closes to say, "Thanks for your support this year it means a LOT. I love you back. PEACE IAN BROWN X"

As previously reported Mani said that he wants to work on Ian Brown to warm him to the idea of a Roses reunion for the 20th Anniversary of the release of the Stone Roses' first LP but it will obviously be an up-hill struggle if he's to do it next year with Brown in the studio working on this new album, which may force 2009 out as a possibility.


the complete stone roses, 2009NEW WEB SITE PARTNERSHIP

With combined visits of over 1 Million to their sites, "PL Management & Paul Stevens" are pleased to announce a new partnership combining two of the most popular "Stone Roses" related web sites to give fans more choice and information than ever before - now, when you visit The Complete Stone Roses web site at you can visit the No1 fan site for The Stone Roses directy from the "archive" section of the new look site from the UK's leading tribute act.

"Don't Stop" located at is the most comprehensive website for The Stone Roses, run by life-long fan Paul Stevens who opened the site back in 2002. It features all the information you will ever need. Easily navigate through extensive sections including The Definitive Stone Roses Discography - the most complete Discography on the net, John Squire Gallery - a piece by piece analysis of all John's artwork and the Media Articles archive covering their whole career from their very beginnings (1984), through the peak of their success, to the band's acrimonious split (1996) and following their solo careers to date.

Shortly celebrating their 10th year in the business, The Complete Stone Roses have, themselves, become almost household names. Playing to critical acclaim and selling out venues nationwide along with major music festival appearances, they have firmly established themselves as the No1 live Stone Roses tribute band in the world. Releasing singles, making music videos, appearing on TV and touring internationally are what most signed original bands strive to reach as their goals and unfortunately most don't reach them so for The Complete Stone Roses it's a massive achievement to be doing this as a tribute act.

Visit their site at


the stone roses to reform, 2009Mani suggests that Roses should mark their 20th Anniversary with a reunion: "It's the ideal time for a reunion..."

Mani has always maintained that there is unfinished business with regards to the Roses and has always talked about how he hated how it all ended. He's always been up for a Roses reform but, due to the unwillingness to reform by his former band members, had admitted that it wasn't on the cards. But he's turned round two of the three in recent years after he, John Squire and Reni hooked up for the first time at an Arthur Lee & Love gig back in 2005 and now he's determined to turn Mr Brown around.

He told internet TV station channelbee: "Me, John and Reni are up for doing it and Ian just needs some working on. Next year is the 20th anniversary of the first album.

"It's the ideal time to do it. It's something I would love to do
before we are all fat and bald. Start the campaign."

Mani said he had been working on Ian when they had met up: "I've been seeing Ian at United when he's there with his kids."

Of course Ian Brown has always been the biggest stumbling block against any reformation; he's had a successful solo career since 1998, recorded 5 studio albums and is reportedly working on a 6th and feels that it was Squire that let him down when he left the band in early 1996. He's always maintained that a reformation will never happen and also claimed that he would rather stack shelves in a supermarket but then he also said that he'd never play Stone Roses songs live; a policy that he reversed after playing a full setlist of the Roses back catalogue at the Clarement Landscape Gardens back in July 2004.

the stone roses to reform, 2009And though the two haven't met up in over 12 years, his most recent replies to meeting up with John Squire have been: "I don't drink... but I would have a Starbucks with him. But only if he's buying." And on working with him again: "Well, he'd better have some pretty good tunes together. After this long, they'd want to be pretty great." John has also said that he'd "like to be friends again." so it shows that they're both open to some kind of healing.

And of course we've already seen two Stone Roses on stage together when Ian Brown was joined on stage by Mani for the one-off performance of 'I Am The Resurrection' that was the climax of 2007's Versus Cancer. Which you can still view in full, here: I Am The Resurrection (10:13).


the definitive stone roses discography, 2009Right, as I previously mentioned, I've had a bit more time on my hands lately so I decided to work on an update for the Discography.

It comes in the form of a complete overhaul with the addition of dozens of new items including recent releases like Ian Brown's The World Is Yours-era and brand new Stone Roses Japanese SHM-CD [Super High Material CD] releases, other UK re-issues and also a very rare cassette from The Mill (1984 - Mani, Clint Boon and Chris Goodwin). Every individual discography has had a makeover, which gives a fresh-look to the place and each individual item gives all the basic info that you'll need: Title, Release Date, Format, Country of Origin, Cat No, Rarity Rating, My Approx Valuation and whether full info is available. Where it is you'll find many scans of an items - usually a minimum of Cover, Reverse & CD/Vinyl, a full track listing and in a lot of cases, my own commentary on the item.

I've also added Basic Discographies for The Stone Roses, Ian Brown, John Squire, The Seahorses & The Yards which are great for more casual fans that just want the basic Singles, Albums and Compilations shown along with Release Dates, Chart Positions, Format, Cat No, Tracklisting, Other Formats available. I've also tidied the front page, added a Band Selection page with some basic info on just who the bands are and a great new icon-driven navigation system which makes switching between discographies even easier.

Head over to The Definitive Stone Roses Discography to check it out - right now the update's at around 95% overall so changes will continue to occur over the next couple of weeks.


paul stevens, she bangs the drums, dec 2008Season's greetings all! Hope everyone's had a good year, I certainly have had one of the best in my life albeit away from the site scene.

This is only a test really to see if everything works the way it should still. I am currently working on a complete overhaul of The Definitive Stone Roses Discography including the addition of dozens of new items and a complete re-design of individual discographies and navigation, which you can see in progress, but I'll post a proper update when it's all complete.

I've also recently updated all the site's domain registry so you can rest assured all the archived info here will be available to you when you need it for the next two years and hopefully long after.


paul stevensHello all, firstly I hope you're all having a good start to 2008 - no doubt you will have noticed the lack of updates on the site lately which is why I've taken (the strangely somewhat easy) decision to make this my last update for the foreseeable future.

Due to some rather large changes in my personal life back in September-December last year, updating the site became difficult and because of the nature of the changes, I had to concerntrate on the real world. Since things have settled down now a little I find I don't have the same passion I once felt and don't feel the need to spend my free time keeping the best Stone Roses website on the net the best.

Thanks to everyone for the repeated visits, comments and support over the last 5 years or so, it's made it all worth while. I would've prefered to have finished the Discography 100% to meet my new design but I guess it was always a massive project for just one man, I would've liked to have added all the latest John Squire art to the gallery too, I may do if I miss updating the site at any point.

I've met some great people through doing the site a number of which I still talk to today on msn, email and that and I've been able to talk to people around the world that I would not otherwise been able to and of course trading my way to an almost complete set of Roses/Brownie/Squire bootleg gigs.

Have no fear though, all the sites will remain and I will maintain them from time to time but at present there is no plan to add any new content, I've finally escaped the Stone Roses world of the internet and since I'm enjoying life so much right now, I have no desire to get as caught up as I was in the past. Of course I might be tempted to make a few posts if some really tasty Roses news came my way - you never know. The forum will of course stay open, so keep posting your Stone Roses memories.

Hopefully I'll bump into some of you at a gig at some point, a Stone Roses one in the not to distant future would be nice... but I'm not gonna start saving just yet!

Take it easy, Paul x

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