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the definitive stone roses discography, 2009THE DEFINITIVE STONE ROSES DISCOGRAPHY

I've just completed yet another batch of additions to The Definitive Stone Roses Discography, adding over 45 new items/pages. Firstly I've added full pages for all the latest Stone Roses releases including the 7" singles & Boxset and promos, all the 20th Anniversary releases including an in depth look at the big one, The Collectors Edition.

I've also added the So Young 12" Promo (in Cartel sleeve), The UK Singles On Silvertone Label (GER CD, 1990), Standing Here (US Promo) One Love/I Wanna Be Adored/I Am The Resurrection/Love Spreads (various releases), Love Spreads (Green Mexico Promo), Fools Gold '95 (UK CD), Begging You (UK CD, UK Promo & Aus CD), Crimson Tonight (Aus CD, Jap CD) and many, many more. For a full list of the new stuff, check out the Last Updated page (found at the bottom of the TDSRD homepage).

Enjoy, right I'm off to get married in a few weeks, wish me luck! Hoping to give myself some more time off from the site now that the 20th Anniversary is all wrapped up. Catch ya soon x.

Visit The Definitive Stone Roses Discography for all new additions.


the stone roses, 20th anniversary edition, 2009THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY UK TOP 5

'The Stone Roses' 20th Anniversary Edition entered the UK Top 40 albums at the number 5 spot last week, bettering the former re-issue entries by 4 places and giving the debut album its highest placing to date.


Collectors Edition £79.98 Amazon (3CD, 3LP, DVD, Lemon-shaped 2GB USB & Memorabilia)
A super deluxe 12" album folder, slipcased with embossing and gold foil

Legacy Edition £24.98 Amazon (2CD+DVD)
Disc One - Album, Disc Two - Lost Demos, Disc Three - Blackpool Live DVD

Special Edition £8.98 Amazon
Standard UK Tracklisting (Bonus track 12. Fools Gold 9.53)

Vinyl Edition £21.98 Amazon
Gatefold Vinyl UK w/Pearl Bastard 7"


mark heaney, drum room, 2009MARK HEANEY 'DRUM ROOM'

Mark Heaney was the latter-day Seahorses drummer, the final replacement after the band worked with a string of drummers after parting company with original drummer Andy Watts in summer 1997. He provided drums on 'You Can To Talk Me' and the abortive 2nd album recording session tracks that have since surfaced.

He also 'jammed' with John Squire and Simon Jones in the collective that was ultimately to split, with John Squire going solo and the others going on to form The Shining (both their and John's albums actually ended up with the same release date). A couple of these lost jams have since appeared on various myspace pages, etc. one entitled 'Money In The Meter' and the other 'Carpet' (with the addition of vocals by Shining frontman Duncan Baxter). Mark also currently drums as part of Gang Of Four.

Mark Heaney has now put together his first solo album, entitled 'Drum Room' it is an incredible eclectic mix of drumming on a backdrop of beautiful and dark melodies on this first offering from this drumming virtuoso. The tracklisting is as follows:

Mark Heaney
'Drum Room', 2009

01. Electric Loop
02. Justice
03. Istanbul
04. Jazz 85
05. Tone
06. Get Around Them
07. Megera
08. Flying Kick
09. Succubus
10. Sacrifice

'Electric Loop' is a great opener, straight to the point and at 2:45 it's just long enough to grab your attention while second track 'Justice' is a much darker track with an atmospheric backdrop and voice clip samples; it reminds me a little of the experimental Seahorses b-side track '3 Wide' in places and 'Jazz 85' is a 12-minute long track with funky guitars and gritty basslines throughout.

If you've heard the two pre-Shining jams that escaped and can think back to John Squire's 2006 experimental instrumentals then upon listening to this album you might be tempted to imagine what a modern jam session between the two might churn up.

Standout tracks are 'Justice' and the down'n'dirty 'Megera'.

Official information: "This first solo recording by Drummer Mark Heaney is a low fi affair recorded at Pulse Studios in East London which involved Mark setting up a couple of room mics, pressing record and playing. Mark was responsible for all loops, programming, percussion, keyboards and production. This album showcases Mark's incredible creativity on the drumkit complimented by a backdrop of ambient loops and soundscapes."

'Drum Room' is available now on iTunes (£7.99) and CDBaby (£6.20). or visit Mark's official myspace page to listen to some samples and view videos.


ian brown my way, 2009IAN BROWN 'STELLIFY' EP

The first Ian Brown album tracks are available in the form of a 4 track download EP available on itunes. The full 'tracklisting' is as follows: 'Stellify', 'Crowning Of The Poor', 'For The Glory' and 'Marathan Man'. All four tracks are taken from Ian Brown's forthcoming album 'My Way' out 28th September.

The two standout tracks are, of course lead track 'Stellify' which is a fresh-breath of trademark Brownie pop and 'For The Glory' which is touching look back at the Roses: "and when the bombs began to fall I didn't do it for the Roses/As I was striding 10 feet tall/Well that's another story/For the glory."; a first for Ian - 2009 and the 20th anniversary seems to have made him nostaglic of the good times.

These two tracks along with 'Just Like Me' that featured on the Japanese Adidas compilation 'One By One' (which is also
to feature on the album) are the three best songs I've heard from Ian in 8 years. I was previously grateful to hear that he was once again to work with Golden Greats/Music Of The Spheres collaborator Dave McCracken and as an Ian Brown fan I'm thrilled by the results so far.

Download the Stellify EP from iTunes now.


the stone roses, pearl bastard, 2009'PEARL BASTARD'

I finally got to hear the full version of 'Pearl Bastard' today as the Gatefold Vinyl arrived with its White Label 7" of the track. On the first couple of listens it's sounding like a cross between 'Sugar Spun Sister' and another previously unreleased (and as far as we know, unrecorded) lost Roses track 'Your Time Will Come'; which the Roses performed live in '87 but obviously dropped before the album demo recordings.

With the quality of the track, both recording (for a track lost for over 20 years) and performance, it's surprising why this hasn't escaped before on any one of the many re-releases since the album's 1989 original release.

Seeing the track on 7" makes me think that if Sony had of wanted a Stone Roses number one, they would've stood a much better chance if they'd released Pearl Bastard (as
something new to the listener) on CD/7", it still probably wouldn't have made the top spot but I'm sure it would have made more of a dent than Fools Gold did - entering the UK Top 100 at #95 (according to

The only thing that would've made this 7" any better (for me) is if it has been backed with a remastered version of 'The Sun Still Shines' demo (which is another great unreleased track).

The 7" of 'Pearl Bastard' comes with the Vinyl Edition £21.98 Amazon


the stone roses, 20th anniversary edition, 2009THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITIONS

The four 20th Anniversary Editions are finally released this Monday (10th August) and are all available to order online. I've already seen a couple of formats which look very nice (I can't wait to unwrap the Collector's Edition though) and heard the full version of 'Pearl Bastard' - see above.


Collectors Edition £79.98 Amazon (3CD, 3LP, DVD, Lemon-shaped 2GB USB & Memorabilia)
A super deluxe 12" album folder, slipcased with embossing and gold foil

Legacy Edition £24.98 Amazon (2CD+DVD)
Disc One - Album, Disc Two - Lost Demos, Disc Three - Blackpool Live DVD

Special Edition £8.98 Amazon
Standard UK Tracklisting (Bonus track 12. Fools Gold 9.53)

Vinyl Edition £21.98 Amazon
Gatefold Vinyl UK w/Pearl Bastard 7"


ian brown my way, 2009IAN BROWN 'MY WAY'

Ian Brown's forthcoming album 'My Way' tracklisting and artwork are revealed. The artwork, which I have to say I took an instant disliking to (assuming that this is the final artwork) as it looks more like a Year 7's 'Photoshopped' homework piece than something fitting a Godlike Genius' 6th studio album (which is a shame after seeing the quality of design to be used on single 'Stellify'), but hey-ho it's all about the tunes and speaking of which, below is the full and final tracklisting.

I'm glad to see that 'Just Like You' made it on there as it's a great tune that gets better with every listen, although listening to the clip on the official website, it may be a slightly different version than the one that appeared on the Japanese Adidas 'One By One' compilation (released earlier this year).

ian brown my way, 2009 Ian Brown
'My Way'
Released 28th September

01. Stellify
02. Crowning Of The Poor
03. Just Like You
04. In The Year 2525
05. Always Remember Me
06. Vanity Kills
07. For The Glory
08. Marathon Man
09. Own Brain
10. Laugh Now
11. By All Means Necessary
12. So High

Click here to preorder the album (currently £4.95 on


the travelling band, waterfall, 2009THE TRAVELLING BAND COVER 'WATERFALL'

Manchester 6-piece The Travelling Band have announced details of a new single, 'Waterfall', an interpretation of The Stone Roses classic, to be released by Sideways Saloon on next week 10th August (the same date as the 20th Anniversary releases).

The band's version is a sweet and heartfelt reworking of the classic which is respectful to the original. The new folky guitars, big bass drums and additional percussion are fresh and warming and collectively produces a reflective lookback, an ode-to-Waterfall if you will - if they ever told the story of The Stone Roses in film then this would have be on the soundtrack. This is surely a tune that any Roses fan could learn to 'Adore' and is certainly the best cover of a Stone Roses song that I've ever heard.

The Travelling Band's cover version of Waterfall was originally conceived as a track to be played on a Clint Boon Xfm Session to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Stone Roses classic debut but this acoustic was so popular with listeners that the band went into the studio to record a full 'electric' version. Clint Boon had this to say of their version: "An absolute glorious re-interpretation of one of the greatest songs ever. Not a song you'd normally mess with, sacred even. The Travelling Band take it to another (unworldly) place".

The band's debut album 'Under The Pavement', released November 2008 is still available on CD, LP and download.

To view a video of the preforming Waterfall, click here. To hear more material from the band and for upcoming dates, check out their myspace.

'Waterfall' will be released next Monday from all good digital stores (including iTunes) and through the band's website.


the stone roses, one love, 2009THE SINGLES COLLECTION 2009

The fifth and final of the remastered 7" singles is out today. One Love was originally released in July 1990 and gave the Roses their first UK top 5 single, entering the charts at #4. It comes backed (as always) with 'Somethings Burning'.

It's priced as £4.99 delivered on HMV, get it to complete your Collector's Box Set!

The Download package on iTunes also features 'Untitled 5' - one of the previously unreleased reversed tracks.


the yards, imperial measures, 2009THE YARDS 'IMPERIAL MEASURES'

Two albums that landed on my doorstep this week came from Chris Helme and The Yards and just in case you're not familiar with The Yards, they are Chris Farrell (guitar), John Miller (drums/percussion), Jon Hargreaves (vocals/keyboards/string arrangement) and one-time Seahorses Chris Helme (vocals/guitar) and Stu Fletcher (bass).

Officially released 21st March 2009, their 2nd album 'Imperial Measures' follows on from their 2005 eponymous debut. If you are a fan of the band, no doubt you will recognise two of the track titles; 'Last High' and 'Talk In Tongues' first appeared as demos on their myspace and retain glimpses of the first album's sound but the oldest track on the album is 'Minus A Million' which they were playing in Summer 2004 when I caught them live.

There's plenty of other treasures too: first track 'Cars' is a great opener, well-paced and bass-driven it sets things up nicely. 'Turn And Run' is a step down in pace which builds to a gorgeous mid-section where the band come together followed by lashings of strings followed by twangings of backwardsy guitars, a glorious track. 'Centre Of Gravity' is a bare, near acoustic track but packed full of soul whereas 'See The Lights' could be 'Up Til Dawn' (sublime closing track from 'The Yards') Part 2.

Overall it's a smoother blend of songs that flow together much more than the first album, occasionally I miss the pick'n'mix moments, there is no 'Devil Is Alive' or 'California' but returning to the first album after a few plays of 'Imperial Measures' and it's instantly clear that the latest is my favourite of the moment and a definite recommended purchase to any visitor of Don't Stop.

Highlights for me are 'Last High', 'Turn & Run' and 'Broken'.

The Yards - Imperial Measures
Industrial Erotica Records

01. Cars
02. Turn & Run
03. Last High
04. Centre Of Gravity
05. Tattoo
06. Let It Go
07. Talk In Tongues
08. Minus A Million
09. Broken
10. See The Lights
11. Cold Shoulder
12. Rollin


The other album is Chris Helme's debut solo album 'Ashes', officially released May 2008. Chris Helme has always ran his solo efforts alongside The Yards, performing solo sets and running an acoustic club (called The Little Num Num Club). You may spot a couple of tracks ('Last High' and 'Broken') that appear on both albums as well as a couple of previous Yard's tunes 'Pure' (The Yards) and 'Moonbeams' (B-side) but what you're getting is an entirely different take on these. 'Holding Heaven' is one of the songs Chris debuted immediately after the Seahorses split and I believe it was one of the tracks that he wanted including on the cancelled Seahorses 2nd album. Other tracks include the sweet 'Yellow Lights' and ubercool 'Lorali'.

The tracklisting is officially only 9 tracks long but skip to the end and there's an extra reward in the form of Chris' solo take on the Seahorses' classic, 'Blinded By The Sun' which is a nice touch and sees him belt out the classic like never before and why not? afterall it was solely penned by Helme (written some years before The Seahorses) and of course provided him his biggest selling release to date, having earnt a UK #7 entry in 1997. It's a warm and nostalgic trip back to my 18th year on the planet for a just a few minutes.

chris helme, ashes, 2008Chris Helme

01. Morning Sun
02. Last High
03. Holding Heaven
04. Yellow Lights
05. Lorali
06. Melancholy Lullabies
07. Moonbeams
08. Broken
09. Pure
10. Blinded By The Sun (Hidden extra track)

Highlights for me are the sweet tones of 'Yellow Lights', Chris' solo version of 'Pure' and of course hidden track 'Blinded By The Sun'.

Both albums represent differnet sides of the Chris Helme coin both solo and collectively with The Yards (a group of guys that just work well together) I am sure that Chris Helme must be pretty pleased now that his talents were not fully appreciated back in the days of The Seahorses since he now has free reign to produce the music he wants.

Purchase The Yards 'Imperial Measures' and Chris Helme 'Ashes' (£10 each) and visit their myspace pages to listen to samples: The Yards and Chris Helme.


freebass, peter hook, 2009FREEBASS FINISH ALBUM

Regulars to Don't Stop will have followed the progress of the very much elusive-to-date Freebass project. The band is collectively made up of Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order Bassist), Mani (Stone Roses/Primal Scream Bassist) and Andy Rourke (The Smiths Bassist). The band was formed out of friendly rivalry between the three over who was the best bassist in 2005. In an interview with NME, Peter Hook described the basis for all of the songs (that feature three bass parts); "Mani does the low part, Andy Rourke in the middle and I do the high bit... it works out quite well".

The band made their debut, providing the theme song for the Channel 4 Radio program The Tube which went on air in November 2006. The theme was an instrumental track called "The Tower". Hooky also went on record around this time saying that most of the album was completed but the band were looking for suitable vocalist(s).

But now, some 4 years since the band's inception, two new tracks have appeared online. The first, entitled 'Sugar Daddy (Rejected Demo)' is a 6 minute instrumental track, complete with the drum machine and sounding prodominantly New Order-esque but you can certainly pick out all three individual basslines and their respective bassist. The 2nd is a full version of 'The Tower' with the addition, for the first time of vocals/lyrics. The myspace page also adds Gary Briggs and Paul Kehoe to the list of permanent band members.

The blog is also full of new info including the mixing of the album and provides the full tracklisting as below:

01. Not Too Late............
02. Secrets And Lies
03. The Only Ones Alone
04. Lady Violence
05. The World Won't Wait
06. Kill Switch PT141
07. Stalingrad (Vocals By Hooky)
08. Plan B
09. The God Machine
10. Sister Surrender
11. Bury Me Standing
12. I'm A Believer
13. You Don't Know This About Me (Feat. Tim Burgess)
14. The Milky Way Is Our Playground (Feat. Pete Wylie)
15. Dark Starr (Feat. Howard Marks)
16. Live Tomorrow You Go Down (Feat. Peter Hook)

Visit the official myspace page for demos and more info.


ian brown my way, 2009IAN BROWN 'STELLIFY'

Ian Brown has been busy promoting his forthcoming album 'My Way' which, for me is shaping up to be his strongest since (my personal high-point) 'Music Of The Spheres'.

He recently recently took to the streets of Manchester with the 40-strong Northern Star marching band to film the video for his new single 'Stellify'. Ian's new website is also on its way, at the moment it's simple got the message (pictured right) and a loop of 'Just Like You (A.D.I.D.A.S) - albeit a slightly different sounding version than that featured on the 'One By One' Adidas Originals Japanese compilation - playing in the background.

And it looks as though the recent Stone Roses remastering work has gotten Brownie all nostalgic, especially with the album being recorded at Manchester's Battery Studios (where The Stone Roses signed to Silvertone in 1988).
Brown told the NME: "It wasn't the same room because that studio's gone now. But the actual room where I made it was the same room that I signed the Zomba record deal in."

ian brown stellify, 2009 He reveals the artwork for first single 'Stellify', very clearly a 'Rosey' theme (click for larger image). The album also features a track called 'For The Glory' which Ian says is "about the Roses".

Other tracks on the album include: 'Just Like Me', 'Own Brain' (another anagram of Ian Brown/Born Wina!), 'Always Remember Me' (collaboration with mulit-million selling Japanese guitarist Naoto and a cover of Zager & Evans' 1969 hit 'In The Year 2525'. 'My Way' (out 28th September) was recorded with producer Dave McCracken (F.E.A.R., Music Of The Spheres) and will include lead single 'Stellify', which is out the week before - 21st September.


the stone roses, fools gold to #1, 2009MAKE FOOLS GOLD #1 IN JULY

The fourth of the remastered 7"s is out today and it's the big one, 'Fools Gold', backed as always with 'What The World Is Waiting For' it was originally released in November 1989 and was the first non-album single. Fools Gold also sees a CD release, which features the artwork presented in a brand new way and a nicely-coloured Gold CD.

And of course there's the campaign to get Fools Gold to #1, started on facebook. You can show your support this week and buy Fools Gold in any of the following ways:

It's priced at £4.99 delivered (and in HMV stores) on 7" and CD, priced at £1.99 delivered and available for download - for only 79p - from iTunes so you can do you bit in the attempt to get The Stone Roses their first #1 for under 80p.

The Download package on iTunes also features
'Untitled 4' - one of the previously unreleased reversed tracks.


ian brown my way, 2009IAN BROWN MJ-INSPIRED 6TH ALBUM

It's surprising that Ian Brown had the time to take out and re-master The Stone Roses debut album with John Leckie when he's been busy working on his forthcoming 6th studio album 'My Way' (due for release 28th September).

Brown exclusively revealed to that the inspiration behind it was Michael Jackson's seminal 1982 album 'Thriller' – and that the final day of mixing took place when the late singer died, on 25th June.

"... 'Thriller' was our blueprint. Every time we wrote a song we didn't think was strong enough, we scrapped it. We mastered it on the day that Michael Jackson died too, so I'm taking that as a good omen."

'My Way' was recorded at Manchester's Battery Studios with producer Dave McCracken, and will include lead single
'Stellify', which is out 21st September.

There's a full Ian Brown interview in this week's NME (out tomorrow) with more album details and an exclusive new picture.



The best Stone Roses tribute band The Complete Stone Roses are all set to release a single. 'Tell Me Moses' - an original song written by the band and composed purely of existing Stone Roses song titles. The tribute band have a big following, selling out gigs in their own right, had original Rose Mani join them on stage and warm up their gigs as DJ and previously recorded their version of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'; releasing it for Cancer Research UK in June 2008. The Completes have been playing both songs live for a number of years and even released their own live performance DVD in 2007.

They of course are not the first indie tribute band to release a single, Oasis tribute band 'Nowaysis' released 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing' in 1996 (who even preformed the song on Top Of The Pops).

The band release the official press statement:

With the 20th anniversary of the release of the debut, self titled album "The Stone Roses" fast approaching (10th August), and with Sony Records planning a special anniversary edition release of this now legendary debut from a UK band, The Complete Stone Roses have decided to mark the occassion with the release of a song in tribute to the original madchester godfathers, The Stone Roses, and after having discussed various options of what to release after their version of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart (Stone Love version)' hit the stores last year, the decission was taken to release a song that not only pays homage to the original band but also uses ONLY song titles from their catalogue of songs, making it the ultimate tribute song by a tribute band.

'Tell Me Moses' (a tribute to The Stone Roses), due out on 10th August - the same date as the anniversary release hits the shops - will be a free download for any fan who registers on the bands mailing list at mailing list members (both old and new) will get the single, the artwork and exclusive access to the music video currently being worked on.


the stone roses, 20th anniversary edition, 2009THE SINGLES COLLECTION OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE

Seminal Manchester pop group The Stone Roses set to bombard the singles chart...

If you're going to reissue "the greatest album of all time" (NME), you might as well do it in style. The Stone Roses debut album is re-released on August 10th in 4 deluxe formats to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of it's release. Prior to that, their Silvertone singles will be reissued - one a week - on 7" vinyl and digitally with their original sleeve artwork. Starting with 'Elephant Stone' on the 6th July, the set culminates with the bands first top 5 hit, the epic 'One Love', and due to demand Sony will also release 'Fools Gold' on CD.

A rapidly growing facebook group has formed by fans already to campaign to get Fools Gold to No.1 on release: comments here include: "Everybody should know - it's a right of passage!!", "Let's do it for the kids. They need to know.",
"A brilliant summer no 1 is on its way."

Each iTunes bundle will also feature previously unheard recordings from the band.

A highly collectable 7" numbered box will be made available with limited, and individually numbered, copies of the first single 'Elephant Stone'. This will contain art prints of the John Squire paintings for each of the reissued 7's and collectors can store the following 4 singles in it.

A must have for all fans and the perfect starting point for new converts, The Stone Roses singles are perfect snapshots of one of the most treasured and most missed rock'n'roll bands this country has ever produced on an almost vertical ascension.


6th July - Box/Prints/Elephant Stone
7" Elephant Stone / The Hardest Thing In The World
iTunes Elephant Stone / The Hardest Thing In The World / 'Untitled 1'

13th July - Made Of Stone
7" Made Of Stone / Going Down
iTunes Made Of Stone / Going Down / 'Untitled 2'

20th July - She Bangs The Drums
7" She Bangs The Drums / Standing Here
iTunes She Bangs The Drums / Standing Here / 'Untitled 3'

27th July - Fools Gold
7" Fools Gold (4:15) / What The World Is Waiting For
CD Fools Gold (4:15) / What The World Is Waiting For
iTunes Fools Gold (4:15) / What The World Is Waiting For / 'Untitled 4'

3rd August - One Love
7" One Love (3:35) / Something's Burning
iTunes One Love (3:35) / Something's Burning / 'Untitled 5'


the stone roses, 20th anniversary tv advert video, 2009BE AN EXTRA IN THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY TV AD

As part of the 20th Anniversary campaign, the record company is planning on filming a brand new TV advert and place the below advert looking for fans and extras:

"We will be shooting The Stone Roses TV Advert for the 20th Anniversary re-release this Thursday (23rd July) and we need extras, and Roses fans to appear in the Ad!

If you are interested then please email your applications to: Please include all of the following details:

Full Name
Date Of Birth
Recent Colour Photograph
Mobile Telephone Number
Email Address

We will need you for most of the day for this.

*NB.* Only those in the London area should apply to the production as travel, food and drink will not be provided by Production."


the stone roses, she bangs the drums, 2009THE SINGLES COLLECTION 2009

The third of the remastered 7" singles is out today. She Bangs The Drums was originally released in July 1989 after the release of the debut album. It comes backed (as always) with 'Standing Here'.

It's priced as £4.99 delivered on HMV.

The Download package on iTunes also features 'Untitled 3' - one of the previously unreleased reversed tracks.


john squite, postcard boxset, 2009HEAT, LIGHT, DEATH & INDUSTRY

John Squire's current exhibition 'Heat, Light, Death & Industry' is currently on display at The Gallery Oldham, Oldham Cultural Quarter, Greaves Street, Oldham, OL1 1AL. The exhibition will run until 5th September 2009 and is billed as Squire's first 'Major Solo Show'.

This new work is described: "John Squire brings his obsessive and meticulous studies of consumer packaging together with this series of works made during 2008 – 2009. The work includes monumental rusting steel box structures frozen in various states of disassembly. Scorched canvas silhouettes, stamped lead and work in wax and oil continue the exploration of the humble cardboard box. The works can be read as signifying the excesses of consumer packaging, whilst equally seeming to celebrate the intricacies of the packaging form."

All the pieces are for sale of course but if, like me, you can't afford to shell out the £2,750-£13,500 that the pieces range from, John has commissioned a limited edition Postcard Boxset for a very reasonable £14 delivered. This box set contains a collection of 18 prints of new work by John Squire, along with a set of 5 images by photographer Antony Crook of Squire, his studio and working processes. Supplied in custom made box, made in Stockport and hand finished with blind embossed euroslot made from Squire’s original design.

In an interview with the BBC last week John also confirmed rumours (reported by Don't Stop at the time) that he did indeed leave a third solo album unfinished, abondoning music to pursue his artistic career: "I was playing some of the best guitar I've heard myself play," he offers. "But just the thought of packaging it for public consumption, touring it, putting a band together, didn't appeal to me."

To purchase the Postcard Boxset, visit Polite Shop. For full info on the latest John Squire exhibition and to download a catalogue of works, visit


the stone roses, made of stone, 2009THE SINGLES COLLECTION 2009

The second of the remastered 7" singles is out today. Made Of Stone was originally released in February 1989 ahead of the debut album. It comes backed (as always) with 'Going Down'.

It's priced as £4.99 delivered on HMV.


the stone roses, single collection, 2009THE SINGLES COLLECTION 2009

The first of the remastered 7" singles is out today. Elephant Stone was the first single on the Silvertone label and first with the completed Brown/Squire/Mani/Reni line-up back in 1988. It comes backed (as always) with 'The Hardest Thing In The World' and as the first of the collection, comes packed with the Singles Collection box that will house the set and 5 colour John Squire artwork prints.

It's priced as £9.99 delivered on HMV.


the definitive stone roses discography, 2009THE DEFINITIVE STONE ROSES DISCOGRAPHY

I've just completed yet another batch of additions to The Definitive Stone Roses Discography, adding over 30 new items/pages. Firstly I've added all the latest Stone Roses releases including the 7" singles that are released this month, of course only basic info for the moment but the rest of the items feature individual full page entries with rarity rating, value and commentary. Everything new is listed on the Last Updated page (found at the bottom of the homepage).

Visit The Definitive Stone Roses Discography for all new additions.


the stone roses, 20th anniversary edition, 2009THE STONE ROSES. THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION. £79.98 DELIVERED. GO BUY!

Collectors Edition £79.98 Amazon (3CD, 3LP, DVD, Lemon-shaped 2GB USB & Memorabilia)
A super deluxe 12" album folder, slipcased with embossing and gold foil

Legacy Edition £24.98 Amazon (2CD+DVD)
Disc One - Album, Disc Two - Lost Demos, Disc Three - Blackpool Live DVD

Special Edition £4.98 Amazon
Standard UK Tracklisting (Bonus track 12. Fools Gold 9.53)

Vinyl Edition £23.49 Amazon
Gatefold Vinyl UK w/Pearl Bastard 7"


the stone roses, fools gold to #1, 2009MAKE FOOLS GOLD #1 IN JULY

A new Facebook group has been launched to do just that. Started by a member of the Sony Music Entertainment network, the group outlines its agenda as below:

"The original Stone Roses singles have been re-mastered by John Leckie & Ian Brown and are set for weekly re-release from July in the lead up to the album [the 20th Anniversary Editions] being re-released on 10th August.

Fools Gold is the 4th single to be released in this series on 27th July.

Remarkably, this British masterpiece from the band that produced 'The Greatest Album Of All Time' (NME) never made it higher up the charts than No. 8.

It's time we showed our appreciation of this amazing record,
and this time around, we get it to No. 1 in the UK charts. Fools Gold is one of the greatest records to come out of the history of Bristish music, let's make this happen.

I will update with details on the release as they unfold. This will be a huge campaign!"

In other news Episode 4 of the Official Stone Roses Podcast (featuring Noel Gallagher, Brian Cannon, Ian Tilton, Matthew Priest) is now available to listen to.


the stone roses, the making of the remastering video, 2009MAKING OF THE REMASTERING VIDEO

A new group has started on Facebook to get Fools Gold to #1. As well as this there has also been a 5 1/2 minute video posted on 'The Making Of The Remastering' of the album and features John Leckie and Ian Brown talking about the process. View the Video (on the group pages), here.


john squite, statement, 2009John Squire is auctioning his 'Statement' artwork through reknowned auctioneers, Christie's.

John created the piece to display his current views on a reformation. He made this image his homepage shortly after the last Stone Roses rumour emerged (March 2009) which was an elaborate hoax, stating that the Roses were getting back together and had 21 Summer 2009 gig dates booked.

The lot is described as: Statement, 2009, Corroded, 10 gauge steel, with hand-written statement in white paint 'I HAVE NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER TO DESECRATE THE GRAVE OF SEMINAL MANCHESTER POP GROUP THE STONE ROSES 18.3.09', signed and dated in black felt pen John Squire 2009 on the white perspex mount 12 x 16 x 3½in. (30.5 x 40.5 x 9cm.), encased in a perspex box frame

The estimate for this piece is £6,000-£8,000.

To see a supersize image, click here



According to The Sun today Mani has spoken out yet again on his thoughts on a Stone Roses reformation, stating that the band would reform, if only someone would offer them enough cash.

"Ian and John have to get it sorted out and take it from there," Mani told The Sun but later went on to talk money.

Well having already been offered several million pounds to date, it's hard to think how much would be enough, especially when the main parties have maintained that it must never be a reformation for monetary reasons but Mani contiuned:

"For all the morals and principles that people have, you wave fucking £20m in front of somebody and they change
their mind. You'll see how their philosophies soon change."

His latest comments come only 3 months since the last Stone Roses rumour and Ian Brown and John Squire denying them swiftly (Brown through his usual record company outlets, Squire choicing to change his official homepage to a custom piece of art stating that he now has now interest in ever reforming the band).

Despite remaining a big Stone Roses fan himself and having always been the Rose most keen to get back together and give the band the proper ending they deserve; Mani admitted he's "very nearly given up" on trying to orchestrate a reunion.

But reflecting on his 12+ years (and 5 studio albums) with the 'Scream: "If it doesn't happen, it's no skin off my nose as I'm in Primal Scream and having the time of my life."


the stone roses, 20th anniversary edition, 2009THE STONE ROSES 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Online retailer is the first to price-down the forthcoming 20th Anniversary Editions, quite substantially too. You can now pick up all 3 formats for under £110 delivered (a mere tenner more than you originally expected to pick up the Collector's Edition alone)

Collectors Edition £79.98 Amazon (3CD, 3LP, DVD, Lemon-shaped 2GB USB & Memorabilia)
A super deluxe 12" album folder, slipcased with embossing and gold foil

Legacy Edition £24.98 Amazon (2CD+DVD)
Disc One - Album, Disc Two - Lost Demos, Disc Three - Blackpool Live DVD

Special Edition £4.98 Amazon
Standard UK Tracklisting (Bonus track 12. Fools Gold 9.53)


the stone roses, 20th anniversary edition, 2009THE STONE ROSES 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION

A brand new Official Stone Roses website is launched at celebrating the release of the 20th Anniversary Editions and packed full of information on the various release formats including a newly announced 4th format - a Limited Edition Gatefold Vinyl re-issue that will contain the re-mastered LP on heavyweight vinyl plus a bonus while label 7" of Pearl Bastard (the last lost Stone Roses song).

In addition to all of this, the five classic singles, 'Elephant Stone', 'Made Of Stone', 'She Bangs The Drums', 'Fools Gold' and 'One Love' will be released as re-mastered 7"s, and digitally on iTunes, weekly throughout July and into August, in the lead up to the album release. More details below.

The website also features 2 episodes of a podcast so far.
To read an official Press Release on the 20th Anniversary releases, click here


Full details of the singles to be re-released have emerged!

All of the below singles will be released on LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR's 7". Elephant Stone will come in a John Squire artworked box, with the re-mastered version of this single and b-side, plus 5 x 7" artprints for the following singles:

6th July 2009
A. Elephant Stone
B. The Hardest Thing In The World

13th July 2009
A. Made Of Stone
B. Going Down

20th July 2009
A. She Bangs The Drums
B. Standing Here

27th July 2009
A. Fools Gold (4:15)
B. What The World Is Waiting For

3rd August 2009
A. One Love (3:35)
B. Something's Burning

The singles will also be available digitally with a previously unheard additional track. 'Untitled 1' will accompany 'Elephant Stone'; I would take an educated guess and suggest that this is one of the 5 Previously Unheard Backward Tracks that are to appear on the Lemon USB stick and that Untitled 2, 3, 4, 5 will accompany the following Digital Download released singles.

Collectors Edition £99.98 Amazon (3CD, 3LP, DVD, Lemon-shaped 2GB USB & Memorabilia)
A super deluxe 12" album folder, slipcased with embossing and gold foil

Legacy Edition £29.98 Amazon (2CD+DVD)
Disc One - Album, Disc Two - Lost Demos, Disc Three - Blackpool Live DVD

Special Edition £11.69 Amazon
Standard UK Tracklisting (Bonus track 12. Fools Gold 9.53)


the stone roses, 20th anniversary edition, 2009THE STONE ROSES 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION

More details are starting to surface for the forthcoming 20th Anniversary release of 'The Stone Roses'. According to shopping websites HMV and it's due out on 10th August 2009 and will see three release formats: The Standard Version (coming in at the £9 mark) - no real details other than it's the UK tracklisting with Fools Gold 9.53 as a bonus track 12.

The Legacy Edition (2CD & DVD) (which is listed on HMV at £29.99) is presented in deluxe slipcase hard-backed book packaging with a 28-page booklet including comments from Ian Brown, Reni, Mani, John Leckie, liner notes by John Robb + previously unseen photos of the band. Disc One is the UK album, Disc Two is The Lost Demos (tracklisting here) including previously unreleased track 'Pearl Bastard' and DVD of Blackpool Live.

The third format is the bumper The Collector's Edition (3CD, 3LP, Lemon-shaped 2GB USB & Memorabilia) on HMV for a hefty £99.99. It features a super deluxe 12" album folder, slipcased with embossing and gold foil wrapped in classic John Squire artwork throughout, 48-page bound book crammed full of unseen photos and brand new notes from the band, 180 gsm heavyweight vinyls, John Leckie and high profile fans and 6 x 12" John Squire single art prints of 'I Wanna Be Adored', 'She Bangs The Drums', 'Elephant Stone', 'Fools Gold', 'I am The Resurrection' & 'Made Of Stone'.

The Lemon-shapped USB stick also contains The Album, The Extras and The Lost Demos as well as 5 previously unheard reversed tracks as well as promo videos, previously unseen John Leckie home video footage of the recording of Fools Gold, ringtones, wallpapers and a digital version of the booklet. The complete details of this package, click here.

Collectors Edition £99.98 Amazon (3CD, 3LP, Lemon-shaped 2GB USB & Memorabilia)
Disc One - The Stone Roses
Disc Two - The Extras
Disc Three - The Lost Demos
Disc Four - The Stone Roses (Vinyl)
Disc Five - The Extras Part 1 (Vinyl)
Disc Six - The Extras Part 2 (Vinyl)
Disc Seven - Lemon Shaped 2Gb USB

For the complete details of this package, click here.

Legacy Edition £29.98 Amazon (2CD+DVD)
Disc One - Album, Disc Two - Lost Demos, Disc Three - Blackpool Live DVD

Special Edition £11.69 Amazon
Standard UK Tracklisting (Bonus track 12. Fools Gold 9.53)


the stone roses 20th anniversary, 2009Mojo Magazine's May issue features a two-page article on the 20th Anniversary edition of the album and reveals some very interesting details of the bonus material.

The article is centred around John Leckie and Ian Brown working together on the remastering of the original tapes, with the goal of truly bringing the sound and feel of the original vinyl release to CD for the first ever time.

The biggest treat for Roses collectors will be the 3rd CD which consists of a set of 16 demos that were reportedly found in John Leckie's loft. One of the demo tracks named is the previously unissued 'Pearl Bastard' (which has only ever been name-checked on a scan of a master tape that's appeared in the past). On the demos, Ian said: "It's just me and John [Squire] on most of them, and the guitar parts are totally different to the finished ones. We did the melodies first, John on an acoustic guitar and then we did the vocal melodies on a plug-in wind organ, so everything
just sounded like hymns."

And just when John Squire's closed the door on a Roses reunion, Ian opens it back up a crack by offering even more evidence that he's mellowed in recent years: "When John Leckie phoned me up to get involved I thought, maybe I'll get there and everyone will already be there. If they had have been we'd have probably all just slotted in, got on with it."

He closed to say, "A promoter friend offered me a million pounds last week to do it. But not yet, I've still got a lot of work to do first."

May's issue is on sale now, visit the website for more info.


the stone roses 20th anniversary, 2009This week's NME hails itself as the 1989-2009 Collector's Edition and features the same Kevin Cummins-shot Pollacked Band photo that graced the mag's cover back in 1989.

Inside the mag features a 5-page spread on the making of the debut album, featuring commentary from artists inspired by the Roses.

This week's Issue is on sale and in the shops, visit the website for more details.


the stone roses 20th anniversary, 2009Cool Magazine (formally known as Square Magazine) releases its fourth issue and coinciding with the 20th Anniversary of The Stone Roses debut album, they've decided to dedicate most of the issue to the Roses.

As well as lots of memories by the main writers it also features a large picture of one of Squire's most recent work as well as a review of his recent exhibition and a free Lemon fabric patch to top things off.

Issue 4 is on sale for £3, visit their website for more info.


john squire - warchild heroes 2009John Squire's original artwork that he produced for the cover of the Warchild Heroes album was auctioned on ebay and generated an outstanding £5000 for the charity. A number of hand-signed prints of the artwork also sold for over £200 each.

For full info on the Heroes project visit the Warchild website.


the stone roses not to reform ever, 2009Squire: "I'd rather live my life than attempt to re-hash it."

John Squire permanently closes the door on Stone Roses reformation rumours. Squire appeared on last night's BBC Newsnight Programme denying the latest rumour and saying that he has no desire now to ever reform the Roses. When the presenter double-checked, asking: "Never means absolutely never?" Squire, smiling replied: "I'd rather live my life than attempt to re-hash it." He also said that it would be pointless to go back to that time.

When asked a third and final time, Squire plainly said "yeah, that's the whole point of the visit to your studio." Adding only in humour, "I'm trying to stop the phones ringing." He also confirmed that he still hasn't spoken to Ian Brown since he left the Roses back in 1996, he added that: "Even if Ian and I were still double-dating as we did in our teens then the prospect of a reunion wouldn't interest me at all". John Squire describes this latest rumour as 'particularly
virulent' which lead to him posting the image on his website recently.

Asked about the fans who want the Roses to get back together John briefly acknowledged the fact but moved on to say that there is a market to exploit and that he "suspects that this has been driven by people with a vested interest".

He was asked if there was anything that he missed from that era but he replied "I think music is a young man's game and I don't think us old fogies should get in the way."

I must say that I found it almost bizarre to hear John Squire say that he has no interest in a reunion whatsoever and that there will NEVER ever be a time when he wants to as he's always maintainted that there would be such a time. Maybe that time has passed now. I believed him when he said he would never play live again and wanted to concentrate on his artwork but I always assumed that the one thing that could pull him from musical retirement would be a reformation.

Maybe he's gone over-the-top with this because of the nature of this rumour and how far its spread and wants to quash anyone's hope that something is happening this time as this surely isn't at all likely at this point but never, never-ever? That's going to take some time to take in as even Reni's said "never say never" in recent years. I want to hear from Mani to make me feel better again!

Well there it is. 'It's never going to happen' from Ian Brown and John Squire's mouths. Video footage. For now I will have to take him at his word.

To watch the full, painful, interview, visit the BBC Newsnight website.


the stone roses not to reform, 2009John Squire adds his own touch to deny the latest Roses reformation rumour. His spokesperson had previously told the NME that he was not involved in reunion of The Stone Roses, describing the reports as "unfounded from John Squire's perspective" and that "John is not initiating a reunion or tour."

Today he has concreted his current views on a reformation by making the image to the right (which reads "I have no desire whatsoever to desecrate the grave of seminal Manchester pop group The Stone Roses 18.3.09") his homepage entry to his official site.

It is a somewhat unexpected move by John Squire, who although in recent years hung up his guitar for good (reportedly leaving a 3rd solo album unfinished) has always been second to Mani as the Rose most keen on a reform stating that he would be keen for it to happen at some point; making several cases for a reform since the very early 2000s.


the stone roses 20th anniversary, 2009To coincide with the 20th Anniverary release of the debut album, many magazines are doing a feature on the band and the album this month.

One mag to pick up the story is Uncut which features an exclusive interview with Mani talking about the early days of the Roses, giving a new perspective on the events that lead up to its release in a very nicely put together article. In shops now.


the stone roses to reform, 2009Well it was inevitable as we were waiting for Ian's usual shoot-you-down of hopes on the subject and it comes in the form of a short quote from a spokesperson: "We know nothing about a reunion. Ian is working on his new studio album which is due out later this year."

Although this rumour had some tantalising information, it was still from an unnamed source but it certainly provided the busiest day in a few months on this site. But Stone Roses rumours, whilst remaining frequent, just don't last as long as they used to!

My view is that rumours are always good (it's a bit cruel to provide us with 'solid' information in this case though). If it keeps the Roses up there in the fans' hearts and minds, sells another couple-a-hundred CDs. And you never know, considering everyone's reaction when they do crop up, it may show the decision makers that it's something that we'll always want and may allow it to happen ONE DAY.

Until the resurrection...


the stone roses to reform, 2009Is this the one?...

The Daily Record prints the story today: Ian Brown has finally agreed to Reform The Roses for a 21-date summer tour. It reports that the original four intended to announced this tour in May to coincide with the 20th Anniversary release of their debut album.

A source said: "It's taken a lot of time to get Ian to agree but he's finally signed on the dotted line.

"The rest of the band were really up for it, especially when they realised the amount of money on the table." Squire who left the band in 1996 to form The Seahorses has always stated openly that he would one day want to get back in contact with Ian Brown and reform the band.

There has yet to be any response from the Official Ian Brown website, but one would expect one promptly. This will decide
the story as usual. Ian Brown's last comments on a reunion came in December 2008 where he told The Guardian "[There was] no chance, not in the next three lifetimes [that the Stone Roses would get back together]". Ian Brown is also working on his 6th studio album and intends its release and tour this year, while John Squire announced another exhibition commencing in July.

The story seems to be spreading Daily Record, MSN Entertainment, The Guardian, NME so if it does turn out to be just another rumour, which it may well do, it'll probably the best one to date. Visit the Don't Stop forum to discuss.


ian brown - Just Like You A.D.I.D.A.S 2009Ian Brown has written a brand new track for a Japanese Adidas compilation project entitled 'One By One' put together by KZK (Kazuki Karaishi). Kazuki is the Adidas Creative Product Manager for Japan and has collaborated with Ian Brown in the past, creating some of the artwork used on recent albums.

The compilation features 14 songs including (Track 1) an original song by Ian Brown called 'Just Like You (A.D.I.D.A.S)'.

'One By One' is due for release on 25th February, only in Japan at this time. For more info visit the official website.


the stone roses, 20th anniversary edition, 2009THE STONE ROSES 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Sony BMG intends to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of The Stone Roses 1989 self-titled debut LP with a Box Set version, set to be released June this year (exact date to be announced).

John Leckie, who produced the album, has re-mastered the record for the Box Set release.

There is also mention of a smaller 'Legacy' edition though further details are expected to be announced.


john squire - warchild heroes 2009John Squire has once again contributed to Warchild's latest musical project, creating a unique a piece of artwork for the cover.

'Heroes' will be released in the UK on Monday 16th February on CD and digital download as well a limited 7" boxset (pictured below). It features 15 exclusive cover versions by artists including Beck, Lily Allen, Elbow, Estelle and The Kooks covering a range of songs like 'Live And Let Die', Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition' and 'Heroes' by David Bowie.

The original John Squire design has been produced as a T-shirt and has also been redesigned by fashion designer Paul Smith to produce a unique kaleidoscope-esque design (available in three colours).

For full info visit the Warchild website.

To watch a short video of John Squire talking about creating the artwork, click here and for the official TV advert (featuring the artwork), click here.

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