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the stone roses graffiti, 20113RD COMING IS... COMING

According to blog site The Stone Roses have signed an international record deal with Universal (signing to Columbia in the USA). This practically guarantees a new album is on the way and confirms that we are in for the biggest gift a reunion could bring; new music from the band.

The band are currently rehearsing and have apparently been working on new demos, hopefully they will debut some new material at the summer gigs from June 2012. If a new album was to be released late next year it will be 18 years since the release of Second Coming (released December 1994), making the five-year gap between the first two albums feel like a minor delay.

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the stone roses on stage, 2011JOHN & IAN ON STAGE FOR FIRST TIME SINCE 1995

John Squire & Ian Brown have appeared on stage together for the first time (this evening) since John's last gig at Wembley Arena in December 1995. The secret slot was at the Manchester Ritz for Justice Tonight in aid of The Hillsborough Campaign. The line up featured Mick Jones (The Clash/Big Audio Dynamite), Pete Wylie, The Farm plus special guests in the form of the Roses duo (not present were Mani or Reni).

Early rumours on the forum suggest that the pair performed 'Bankrobber' (by The Clash) and 'Elizabeth My Dear' though this has not been confirmed as no footage had appeared at time of writing.

Join in as events unfold on the Don't Stop Forum.

This secret event has softened the blow to fans who purchased tickets to Heaton Park expecting to see The Roses' first official live come back only to hear this week that the band confirmed a headline slot for Hultsfredsfestivalen in Sweden and The Northside Festival in Denmark (the first taking place between 14-16 June) - ahead of the Heaton dates.

Story update 03/12/2012: Confirmation then, in the form of video footage. Ian & John take to the stage to perform 'Elizabeth My Dear', they are promptly joined on stage by Mick Jones, Pete Wylie et all and perform Clash classics 'Bankrobber' and 'Armagideon Time'. Watch the pair's first return to the stage for 16 years on the video below.


the stone roses t-shirts, 2011OFFICIAL T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE NOW

The Stone Roses website opens a new official merchandise store with plenty of new designs to chose from; the tastiest of which being the new 'Heaton Park' style ones (as pictured right).

Visit the merchandise shop. T-shirts are priced at £19.99.


joshua twinn, wrote you a song, 2011NEW ARTIST - JOSHUA TWINN

Hi all, I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell you all about my good friend Josh. He and I am working to put his first demo CD together and I've built him a website and am looking after his online presence.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that you can finally listen to Josh's first complete demo track 'Wrote You A Song'. It's a fresh number, written in the Summer that proves to be an instant classic with a phenomenally catchy, toe-twitching chorus that will be rattling round your head for weeks. All instruments, vocals and lyrics are by Josh. We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing what you think.

Two further tracks will be available soon but for now please check out Josh's website at to hear the song in full.


the stone roses summer festivals, 2012FESTIVALS ANNOUNCED FOR SUMMER 2012

The Stone Roses announce international festival appearances for Summer 2012.

Shortly after completing their 3-day comeback residence at Heaton Park, the band will start fulfiling their internationally promises, with official anouncements made for appearances at Scotland's T In The Park, Spain's Bencassim Festival and Japan's Fuji Rock Festival.

More standard UK and International dates are expected to be announced soon.


the stone roses, the return, 201214 MINS TO SELL OUT GIGS / 1000% RECORD SALES

Well it's been a truly unbelievable week or so. First off, rumours starting building about a Stone Roses reform then it was officially announced at the press conference on Tuesday. On the day of the conference, Don't Stop (site & forum) saw record traffic, a high of 144 people (at any one time) stopped by the forum to watch the day's events unfold. The site hit 5,200+ unique visitors, 85,000+ page views and over 525,000+ hits for the day. The site even took to the 3rd placing on Google (on a search of "Stone Roses").

Next came to buying the tickets and the excitement and heartbreak caused by the two dates selling out in 14 minutes; making them the fastest ever selling UK rock act. The band then added a third date on Sunday 1st July which sold out less than an hour later, selling all 220,000 tickets in 68 minutes. Basic tickets sold at £55 meaning that the tickets for their first 3 gigs netted at least £12,000,000. Ian Brown described his and the band's joy for their successful return: "We plan on spending the rest of the day jumping up and down with our hands in the air."

Interest re-sparked around the band's reformation also saw the backcatalogue's sales rise by over 1,000% which saw the debut album re-enter the UK Top 40 album (albeit at #40). Sales of 'The Very Best Of The Stone Roses' are up by 1,074%, sales of the band's second album 'Second Coming' are up by 1,001%, while the special edition of their self-titled debut album have increased by 878%. Finally, sales of the compilation 'The Complete Stone Roses' are up by 477%.

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the stone roses, the return, 2012THE RETURN - THE 5 DAY JOURNEY FROM A FAN'S POINT OF VIEW

After a thoroughly mental day I have just written this up and finished this minute. I wanted to try and capture the rollercoaster ride that the last five days that this has been for me (and no doubt a lot of you).

It all started with a visit to my Don't Stop forum on Friday. I had taken a few weeks away from the site, scaling back my involvement in the site a little since my wife and I found out that we were expecting our first child together. But on this Friday, I found a thread entitled 'Brace Yourselves…!!!' (started by one of our forum moderators - candy_floss_girl). I had to catch up on the first couple of pages but the very first post read "Clash (Magazine) has learned that there is to be a major announcement next wee regarding the four original members of Manchester's indie legends The Stone Roses'.

After years of unsubstantiated claims, I was thoroughly and understandably sceptical and awaited the usual denial by a member of the band (usually Squire or Ian) but the first hours passed and it hadn't come. It made it worse that the main source of information was UK Newspaper, The Sun as so many of the previous rumours had started there and all had been destroyed by the Roses as they took turns to deny them and remind us of what we couldn't have but so badly craved...

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the stone roses, the return, 2012THE STONE ROSES REFORM - THE PRESS CONFERENCE

I may well have been one of the biggest supporters of a Stone Roses reunion in the 10 years that I have been running the site; 'Until The Resurrection...' had long been this site's greeting. But years and years of heartbreak took their toll after reunion rumours came and were denied pretty much every year since around the turn of the millenium. So you could forgive me for being sceptical of any truth in a genuine return of the greatest band of all time.

But that was before the Official Stone Roses Reunion Press Conference, when everything changed!

First details from the Press Conference then: The Stone Roses have reformed. They have confirmed two massive shows at Manchester's Heaton Park on Friday 29th June and Saturday 30th June 2012. Tickets go on sale at 9.30am this Friday, 21st October. The band have already been into a rehearsal studio to start work on new material and on the set-list that will form the first live shows.

The band plan to follow this up with a World Tour. No doubt there will be plenty of extra surprises along the way. The first could be the release of a free live track for fans.

Visit the Official Stone Roses website (!) to watch the fully filmed Press Conference and for all the latest Stone Roses details.


the stone roses heaton park, 2012FIRST DATES - HEATON PARK JUNE 2012

After an epic weekend fuelled by Stone Roses rumours, the likes of which we have never seen, the promised Press Conference took place today (Tuesday 14th October 2011) shortly after 3pm and thousands of fans flocked online to keep up with the minute-by-minute events.

All four original Stone Roses members were in attendance and revealed the band's plans for their third coming.

The band's first live debut will be in the form of three dates at Manchester's Heaton Park, 29th & 30th June and 1st July next year (2012).

Stone Roses Tickets go on general sale Friday (21st October) and will be available for sale through


the stone roses don't stop, 2012ROAD TO THE REUNION

A permanent fixture of this site's Forum has been my unique feature: 'Road To The Reunion' which has always mirrored by belief that a Roses reformation would happen one day and in light of recent events, I've decided to update it on a full web page.

The feature firstly breaks down the Roses' demise; starting with Alan 'Reni' Wren's departure on the eve of the Second Coming tour dates and tracks all the important events and rumours that point the way to the healing of the Roses and hopefully will end on Tuesday with an announcement of 2012 tourdates.

Visit the Road To The Reunion.


the stone roses to reform, 2012THE STONE ROSES TO REFORM IN 2012?

It's that time of year again! There's certainly been plenty of Stone Roses reformation rumours over the years but this latest one (that first starting appearing earlier this evening, originated by newspaper The Sun) appears to be going viral, with stories appearing on all the main sites (NME, The Sun, Clash Music, Daily Mail as well as the usual flurry of tweets and facebook activity).

These latest rumours are centred around the band reforming for two hometown gigs next year. A major music PR has called a press conference in London on Tuesday to make a "very important announcement" and although they have refused to confirm or deny the name of the artist making the announcement it is heavily rumoured that it is the Roses that are about to break the news.

The Sun follows up their story of three of the four original members meeting in tragic circumstances with John Squire and Ian Brown putting their issues aside to honour the memory of ex-bandmate Gary 'Mani' Mounfield's mother. The paper suggests that the two main songwriters have been in further contact since the funeral and have decided that now is the time to again share the stage.

At time of writing the NME suggests that they have been contacted by original drummer Alan 'Reni' Wren who suggests that he is not involved in any such reunion; messaging the NME: "Not before 9T will I wear the hat 4 the Roses again".

In other news, the band are to tell the story of their generation-defining debut album, their disappointing and delayed follow-up and their acrimonious split for the first time, with an authorised biography due out next year. Call me cynical but this may or may not be relevant to this latest reform rumour (depending on the response from Ian Brown/John Squire when it comes).

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john squite, josef fritzl, 2011JOHN SQUIRE CELEBRITY UPDATE

I am pleased to present my 'Celebrity' update to the John Squire Gallery, adding all 25 new pieces and the 'Study For Celebrity' piece that he created 'live' on video. The new section adds images, commentary, quotes from John and studies for all pieces.

Right now the section is at about 90% completion, I wanted to finish it before uploading but due to some extreme (in a good way) life changes and other commitments, I've lost some momentum and wanted to just get up everything I've done so far as I put a lot of time into it.

Visit the John Squire Gallery. Go to the to top section 'John Squire - The Gallery' and scroll down to the very bottom to find the new 'Celebrity' gallery.


john squite, lady gaga, 2011JOHN SQUIRE SIGNED PRINTS

As part of the current Idea Generation Gallery exhibition, the gallery has three new limited edition signed art prints for sale of pieces: 'Tracey Emin', 'Lady Gaga' (pictured right) and 'Woody Allen', all from the 'Celebrity' series.

All prints are signed and numbered by John Squire, measure 15.5" x 23.4" and are Giclee prints on 310gsm Hahnemühle paper. All 3 are a limited edition run of 50 (with around half of each sold so far - so be quick!), are priced at £336 (inc vat) and can be purchased from the Gallery's online shop.

The exhibition runs: 10th June - 3rd July 2011

The Idea Generation Gallery
11 Chance Street
E2 7JB

Open Mon-Fri 10-6pm
Sat & Sun 12- 5pm
Nearest Tube Shoreditch

Visit the Gallery's shop to purchase prints.


the stone roses jukebox, paul stevens, 2011STONE ROSES JUKEBOX

After discussions on the forum and the rise of the YouTube revolution, I have thought of a way of completely overhauling the old tracks database to include direct links of alternative versions of tracks that will take you instantly to the audio.

The new section, simply entitled 'Stone Roses Jukebox', fits in with the site's overall purple design and will feature a full track database, listing all of The Stone Roses tracks, demos, live recordings and remixes (and later related bands, like Ian Brown solo, John Squire and The Seahorses - as the old section did).

Of course some videos will get taken down from time to time, so this will be a bit of an experiment in the first instance and very much a work-in-progress.

Visit the Stone Roses Jukebox for the brand new section, to contribute visit this board on the forum and add any links to versions not listed on the Jukebox or to correct wrong or broken links. Thank you, enjoy.


the stone roses, second coming, 2011ONE MORE FOR THE DREAMERS

Clash Magazine features an article on the making of the lesser discussed Stone Roses album; Second Coming intercut with rare insight from Paul Schroeder and John Leckie who talk about the band's inner struggles in their most difficult time between escaping the Silvertone contract to releasing their second album and some of the recording processes involved.

An interesting quote from the article discloses the film Zulu as an influence on the intro track: "It was that Sixties war film set in South Africa, with Michael Caine. And we were really getting off on the music," Leckie recalls. "It was the Zulu war dance thing, and we said, 'Hey, we should use that!'" Having started work on an ambitious track entitled 'Breaking Into Heaven', Leckie resolves to record the mesmerising tribal drum pattern directly from the TV with a microphone. "That was the drumbeat that comes in and fades up in the introduction. No one has ever said it, but that's exactly what happened. The drums and the atmosphere are an epic thing from an epic film. We'd use anything that inspired us."

There are also a few unique photos from that era. To read the full article, click here


the definitive stone roses discography, 2011THE DEFINITIVE STONE ROSES DISCOGRAPHY

I've just completed yet another batch of additions to The Definitive Stone Roses Discography, adding over 50 new items/pages.

Firstly I've added full pages for all the latest Ian Brown releases from 'Just Like You' to his latest collaboration 'Open Your Eyes' and added his latest three Vinyl LPs, 'The Greatest', 'The World Is Yours' and 'My Way'. Two very scarce early company promos of 'My Star' and the Koch US Deluxe re-issues

I've also added the latest re-release of The Stone Roses debut (22nd Anniversary special enough to mark? - Probably not, but hey), early editions, including the embossed and 1991 Silver-lettered Ltd Edition. A very nice US promo cassette of the debut, the classic Fools Gold US 12" Gold Vinyl and the Seahorses cassette singles.

Finally I've added a brand new discography for the 6 years in the making but extremely short lived Freebass and all the items I've come across so far.

Visit The Definitive Stone Roses Discography for all new additions.


john squite celebrity exhibition, 2011JOHN SQUIRE 'CELEBRITY' EXHIBITION

John Squire: Celebrity will reveal an illuminating collection of completely new works examining how modern Western society's idolisation of celebrity culture has devoured our traditional symbols of salvation and replaced them with new gods. The exhibition offers an opportunity to see these 'modern idols' in a completely new light – as simply names and patterns in place of faces. All of the works have never previously been exhibited.

John describes the latest body of work: "It's a brief respite from the endless bombardment of celebrity images. It asks: How often do we really need to see copies of complete strangers' faces, and why do we collectively choose those particular people?"

Using patterns and symbols inspired by the ancient and mythical eight pointed star, John Squire has created a series
of abstract artworks as reinterpretations of famous and recognisable subjects; from Keira Knightley, Lindsay Lohan and David Beckham to Joseph Fritzl and Harold Shipman.

The exhibition runs: 10th June - 2nd July 2011

The Idea Generation Gallery
11 Chance Street
E2 7JB

Open Mon-Fri 10-6pm
Sat & Sun 12- 5pm
Nearest Tube Shoreditch

Visit the Gallery's website for full information.


ian brown, alex metric & steve angello, open your eyes, 2011'OPEN YOUR EYES' NOW AVAILABLE

'Open Your Eyes' by Alex Metric & Steve Angello, which features Ian Brown is now available to download on itunes and amazon downloads, the itunes version including the original (pre-Brownie) instrumental version and several remixes.

Let the Roses Community know what you think of this new track on the Ian Brown board.


ian brown, alex metric & steve angello, open your eyes, 2011IAN BROWN TO PERFORM 'THIS IS THE ONE'?

According to Gary Neville's twitter page Ian Brown to perform at Gary Neville's Manchester Utd testimonial and the tweet hints at a performance of the scarcely-played-live Debut LP track, 'This Is The One'.

Ian Brown is set to perform live before former Manchester United and England full-back Gary Neville's testimonial. As Neville himself tweeted: "Big news! The legend that is Ian Brown is singing the teams out at my testimonial! Wow! Honour for me! This is the one!"

'This Is The One' is a club favourite, which Manchester United run out to when they play home games at Old Trafford. Optimisticall, all this hints that Brown will be performing it before the match.

Ian is well known (as well as John and Mani) as a big
Manchester United fan and is a regular at their games. Neville's testimonial will take place on 24th May against Italian side Juventus at Old Trafford, with proceeds from the game being donated to sustainable project charities.


ian brown mani together at last 2011IAN, MANI & JOHN TOGETHER AT LAST

If you look to your right, you may see something that you didn't expect to. When I first heard about this story (I was, of course saddened and felt for the entire Mounfield family) I wouldn't believe that Ian and John had actually met, when I read people close to them confirm it, I couldn't believe it and I am still shocked that a photograph has actually made it out there.

So there can be no doubt now, for the first time in 15 years, Ian Brown and John Squire have met up and at the very least, put years of hurt aside and been amicable to each other.

Let's hope that out of these tradgic circumstance, the three of them can maintain/rebuild their relationships, regardless of any possible future collaborations.

I say well done to both of them for each putting their differences aside as while it's their private relationship, we know them both through the music and their current careers and owe them both for soundtracking our lives and inspiring us daily.

Above everything, it just felt like they should make up and this is a great start. We'll butt out now and let you fellas get reacquainted.


john squire ian brown bury the hatchet 2011BROWN AND SQUIRE BURY THE HATCHET

There have been another healthy batch of rumours flying about again this week. Apparently some good might have come out of the tradgic loss of Mani's mother with Ian and John both in attendance at her funeral last month. The first to publish the story is The Sun, according to which: "Frontman Ian broke the ice over a cuppa at the wake - and before long they were hugging, back-slapping and reminiscing about the good times."

Of course there's a source and this one has this to say: "Ian has been mulling over reaching out to John for a while now. A lot of water has gone under the bridge and everyone has grown up. Ian has just gone through a tough time with a divorce and then Mani's mum's funeral brought everyone back under the same roof.

"It was an emotional reunion. There were no harsh words. It was a heartwarming breaking of bread.

"They had a lot to catch up on and have been in regular contact since."

The newspaper even went so far as to compare the makeup to that of Take That's Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams! So how much of this is going to be put down to just another reunion rumour? Well that will depend on whether the two were indeed both in attendence, did break the ice and really have started making amends to re-building bridges. That said, I don't think the first thing either would have been thinking of if they really have shared a first hug would've been "man, at least now I can get the Roses back together" not if they truly are decent people at any rate.

I also think it would take much more catching up and re-building of trust even before Ian invited him on stage at one of his gigs and for John to reverse his art career principles (of giving up music for good) and accept.

But there you have it, we will have to await some official news, I truly hope that the two old friends have buried the hatchet at long last, it's been far too long and it just feels like it should happen. I very much look forward to reading the next interview with Mani as he will not doubt spill the beans on the whole story.

Thoughts ultimately go out to Mani and family though in their time of loss.

Story Update - Former Inspiral and Manchester XFM DJ Clint Boon confirms Squire/Brown meeting:

(Tweeting from "It's true that Ian and John met recently. It was at [ex-Stone Roses bassist] Mani's mum's funeral. We all went back to a pub in Failsworth. Ian and John got on great."

He added: "They spent a couple of hours chatting. All very relaxed, and that. Apart from that, I know nowt else. As a friend and a fan I do hope it happens."

Story Update - Mani angrily and understandably snaps back at reformation rumour-mongerers:

"I'm disgusted that my personal grief has been invaded and hijacked by these nonsensical stories," he said, referring to the fact that Brown and Squire met up at his mother's funeral.

He added: "Two old friends meeting up after 15 years to pay their respects to my mother does not constitute the reformation of The Stone Roses. Please fuck off and leave it alone. It isn't true and isn't happening."


ian brown, alex metric & steve angello, open your eyes, 2011IAN BROWN GUEST VOCALS ON NEW TRACK

Ian Brown has provided additional vocals to Alex Metric and Steve Angello's new song 'Open Your Eyes'; originally released an an instrumental track earlier this year.

The new 'Brown-ized' single is set for release on 1st May and Brown is said to be "made up to be on board".

An album from Metric, also entitled 'Open Your Eyes', will be released in the summer.

Let the Roses Community know what you think of this new track on the Ian Brown board.

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