Unofficial Recording Sharing / etc - PLEASE READ

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Unofficial Recording Sharing / etc - PLEASE READ

Post by paul » Sun May 21, 2017 4:46 pm

Just because this seems to be a popular area of discussion lately, I feel more comfortable to re-state my policy on sharing/linking to material.

Don't Stop has always maintained that no commercially available material (i.e. anything that appears on any album/rare single b-side/official live recording/etc) shall be shared or linked to on this website/forum.

Any links that link to any commercial material will be deleted. Any members attempting to share any such recordings on these public boards will have their offending posts deleted, may receive a warning and persistent offenders may be banned from posting here and have their account deleted and/or their email/username banned.

Don't Stop supports The Stone Roses and invites you to purchase their back catalogue (including that of their solo projects) if you are looking for rare/older official releases.

Please refer here for links to official releases.

Thank you,

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